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  • Salaman 18 Feb 2014 12:33:19 23,036 posts
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    The plastic that comes on your gadget's screens when they're new are just to keep them scratch/dust free until it reaches you.

    You're meant to take it off.
  • Tonka 18 Feb 2014 12:51:31 27,684 posts
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    You seem like a really hip cat Walter.
    You should go and hang with these to pumas:

  • DodgyPast 18 Feb 2014 16:29:32 9,271 posts
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    I do use a film on my phone screens which means my phones end up quite dinged but the screens are perfect.
  • phAge 11 Mar 2014 19:26:04 25,487 posts
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    Rooted my Galaxy S2 and installed CyanogenMod last night. Piece of piss to do, and already I'm having a hard time wondering why I didn't do it ages ago.

    Immediately noticeable effects are: Much improved battery life as well as a major boost in speed - and of course all the cool stuff the mod enables you to tinker with. I was seriously considering upgrading, but now I'm in no hurry. Awesome stuff.
  • Deleted user 11 March 2014 19:36:46
    I'm travelling for work next week and thought a tablet might be a good way to get my media fix, so web, netflix that kinda thing. I don't care much about playing games, if I did it'd probably be catan or something relatively undemanding anyway.

    I know the Nexus is well received but 7" seems a little small, I have a Galaxy S3 which isn't much smaller than that and the 10" is out of stock at 16gb (don't need 32gb).

    Kindle Fire HD seems like a decent option too but I don't fancy rooting it straight away to get Google Play on there and voiding warranty.

    Galaxy Note would be ideal because I could draw on it but it's super expensive and touchwiz... never again.
  • mikew1985 11 Mar 2014 20:45:36 14,512 posts
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    Xperia z 2 tablet is coming soon. No touchwiz and looks like a nice piece of kit. Think it's what I'm going for. The nexus 10 is nearly 2 years old now with no announced replacement. Wouldn't buy it now. Battery life is supposedly not great.

    There is the lg tab 8.3 if you want something bigger than the nexus7. Though I can tell you it is way bigger than your s3 which is significantly smaller than it in reality. I own both so speaking from experience, the nexus is a great tablet but I now travel so much I really want to upgrade to the ten inch screen.

    For occasional travel the nexus 7 is a fine piece of kit.

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  • monkehhh 11 Mar 2014 21:57:01 4,818 posts
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    Factory reset on my Note 2 did wonders for the battery life, an upgrade along the way totally killed it for a while (losing 40% overnight). It's a bit sketchy after owning it since launch though, very tempted by some sort-of large, metal HTC when I can upgrade in August.
  • Deleted user 11 March 2014 22:24:00
    Maybe I was a being a bit hasty to discount 7" tablets, still the Nexus 7 is 200 and the Kindle Fire HD 9" is 159. I'm sure it's really snappy and the lack of Play store on the Fire is still an issue but I'm not sure I'd want to spend more for less screen size.

    Anyway, cheers.
  • mikew1985 11 Mar 2014 23:14:56 14,512 posts
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    I get where you're coming from. Perhaps the lg 8.3 tab is a good option.

    There is even a Google play edition that is just stock Android. Worth considering. The size would be less of an issue and you'd have some good specs there too.

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  • Deleted user 12 March 2014 09:31:27
    I remember those deals, sadly they're long past now. A good suggestion though PenguinJim.

    I think I'll see how I get on with my Vita, Phone and old e-ink Kindle. If it's not enough then I can get something over there, or get something delivered.
  • brokenkey 12 Mar 2014 10:10:43 9,563 posts
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    Staples had Nexus 7 for 40 off. I'd avoid the Kindle tablets, I've got one as well as a Nexus7, it's shit.
  • Deleted user 12 March 2014 10:55:13
    @PenguinJim I spend all day in front of a PC, I've grown accustomed to a level of technological interaction!

    But yeah, I realised it might be a tad excessive to have all those and a tablet. I'm still not sure how much free time I'll have anyway, so maybe I'll just see what this 'outside' thing people go on about is like.
  • mikew1985 12 Mar 2014 11:23:25 14,512 posts
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    You'll spend most of your time either in a hotel or a restaurant/bar depending on how many people you're travelling with/how much you don't hate spending time with them.

    Outside is not a thing that is likely to happen and people will look at you like the weirdo you are if you start going off sightseeing on a business trip :p
    Most weeks that I travel I struggle to get the free time to watch a couple of shows and a couple of gym sessions.

    I also still bring everything with me - 3DS, Vita, Nexus, Laptop and two Android phones. Could be slight overkill :D

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  • Razz 18 Mar 2014 17:40:06 63,428 posts
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    Finally a smartwatch I'm interested in:

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  • THFourteen 18 Mar 2014 17:42:17 47,937 posts
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    hey that does look nice.

    People are finally cottoning on to the fact that we we don't want to wear something that looks like a phone on our wrists.
  • Razz 18 Mar 2014 17:48:46 63,428 posts
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    Definitely, I hope the specs and features are as inspired as the design.
  • Dizzy 18 Mar 2014 17:51:46 3,639 posts
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    @Razz probably has a 15 hour battery life.
  • Razz 18 Mar 2014 18:33:02 63,428 posts
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    Google reveals Android Wear, an operating system for smartwatches

    More sensible dev preview

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  • DrStrangelove 18 Mar 2014 18:39:42 12,324 posts
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    How are the newer XPerias, actually?

    I have an XPeria S (2012), it has nice hardware, Sony's take on Android is stylish and non-intrusive, but... it's slow, laggy, and awfully unresponsive.

    So much so that I wouldn't buy another Sony mobile again. Are newer XPerias on par with the Nexus/Galaxy/One competition?
  • Alastair 19 Mar 2014 08:22:14 21,933 posts
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    Dizzy wrote:
    @Razz probably has a 15 hour battery life.
    Yeah, charging a watch is not something I ever think about.
    Current watch is a Casio G-Shock with solar charging. Plus it picks up the time signal daily so I never need to think about the battery or setting the time.

    That Android watch does look nice though.
  • Alastair 19 Mar 2014 08:34:13 21,933 posts
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    So, do these watches have to be paired with your phone, or will they connect solo via 3G/4G?
    If the latter, will there be some kind of subscription model like a phone contract?

    I'm quite interested in the idea, but wary of the cost...
  • THFourteen 23 Mar 2014 21:45:59 47,937 posts
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    Installed a new ROM on my phone. So far so good, it's an AOSP one, first I've tried. Seems a LOT snappier than fecking touch wiz. Might save my android experience.
  • THFourteen 27 Mar 2014 23:39:04 47,937 posts
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    My new extended official samsung battery arrived today.

    Mildly thicker but not noticeable enough for me.

    Will be interesting to see how much of an effect it has on my battery life as its been decent since flashing the new ROM, about 3.5h screen on time with GPS turned off and WiFi most of the day.
  • gareth886 28 Mar 2014 00:51:28 2,870 posts
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    The HTC One (M8) has really caught my eye and I'm due for an upgrade. I'm considering either that or the Galaxy S5. The only thing that is putting me off the S5 is touch wiz. It was so bad on my S3, when I pressed the dialler icon it would take anywhere between 3 - 5 seconds to open. I have since flashed CM11 on it which is vastly improved.

    Whats the general feeling here about the 2 devices?
  • DodgyPast 28 Mar 2014 04:15:12 9,271 posts
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    I generally feel safer with Samsung devices in terms of future support both from Samsung and the community.

    Though there'll probably be Google versions of both.

    My S4 is very snappy just with a custom Samsung based ROM and kernel plus Nova.

    HTC usually don't have SD card slots which has always been a deal breaker for me. Plus the 2 years of 50gb of Dropbox storage is very valuable to me.
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