Bond and how he relates to gaming

  • Deleted user 28 February 2003 13:07:53
    So just for the sake of it, here is how James Bond refers to the gaming scene of the moment from my point of view.

    Sean Connery - PS2, brought console gaming to the forefront and is very charismatic.

    Roger Moore - XBox, got one or two really excellent features but is actually quite shallow and there are those little things which piss me off.

    George Lazenby - Retro gaming, fun for a white now and again but can't really be taken seriously in comparison to newer flashy incarnations.

    David Niven - Macs, for select audiences, not necessarily any better or worse but just different.

    Timothy Dalton - PC, the largest range of all but stuck with just the one style and it's the only style that seems to be successful. Needs to take itself less seriously and add a bit of fun.

    Peirce Brosnan - Gamecube, lots of charm, is equally accessible for the old and the young but he just hasn't done enough in his role to impress everyone.

    Halle Berry - GBA, neat little package that is a bit dim but it doesn't half look attrative.

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  • DocX 28 Feb 2003 13:10:27 1,963 posts
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    Jimmy Bond? Sacrilege! Makes him sound like a Yank. Bill Gates would be Blofeld I guess.
  • Dirtbox 28 Feb 2003 13:11:10 91,447 posts
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    Post deleted
  • terminalterror 28 Feb 2003 13:39:22 18,931 posts
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    Halle Berry isn't bond

    *this has been a TT public service broadcast*
  • pistol 28 Feb 2003 13:40:38 13,018 posts
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    Dirtbox wrote:
    You forgot David Niven, he was Bond in Casino Royal, I think (?)

    You're right, but Casino Royal wasn't seen as a proper Bond movie. More of a spin-off.
  • Deleted user 28 February 2003 13:41:03
    terminalterror wrote:
    Halle Berry isn't bond

    *this has been a TT public service broadcast*

    You obviously haven't watched the latest movie ;)
  • otto Moderator 28 May 2007 11:16:19 49,322 posts
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    For an awful moment I thought this thread was going to be about Bond games.

    Sean Connery is obviously the Gamecube because he's the best looking and because his pants in Zardoz look a bit like something out of Animal Crossing.
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