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  • Blaketown 2 Jun 2010 10:55:23 5,658 posts
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    Well I guess I'm the only one enjoying this.

    Fair enough it's not exceptional in the ways The Wire was, but if The Wire is a great novel Luthor is like a great B-Movie. Sure knock yourself out pointing out the cliche and melodrama if that makes you feel superior but it's been about as entertaining a TV program as I've seen in a good while.

    Elba has been great, it looks pretty and the criminals have been as mad as a bag of squirrels.

    Has pride of place next to House on my guilty pleasures list.
  • KingOfSpain 2 Jun 2010 11:01:41 5,289 posts
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    I'm also enjoying this.

    It's not AMAZING, but it is at good.

    People have slated his relationship with the woman from episode one for being too unbelievable but I find it quite interesting and I'm sure it's all going to end in tears (not seen this weeks yet).

    It is *very* cliche (cop who's living on the edge, lives by his own rules, will do anything to get his man, including going aganst direct orders!!) but at the same time it feels quite fresh too.

    I'm really interested to see what they do for a 2nd series. (if there is one of course)
  • andywilkie35 2 Jun 2010 11:03:17 5,327 posts
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    I really like it, to the point that I almost ran home from work last night to make sure I was in on time. Made it too.
  • KingOfSpain 2 Jun 2010 11:05:56 5,289 posts
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    Luther encourges healthy living F.A.C.T!!

  • andywilkie35 2 Jun 2010 11:17:48 5,327 posts
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    Haha I don't really watch much TV, Luther and The Apprentice are basically the only things I watch and the bank holiday threw me off yesterday so I stayed at work until around 8:15, thinking it was Monday and thought "hang on...its Tuesday.....shit!"

    Then the Central Line was delayed so encouraged my power walk home further! I feel the exercise means I can treat myself to a curry tonight :)
  • WrongShui 9 Jun 2010 15:07:21 6,781 posts
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    I used to think the brit way of doing TV shows was better, 6 episodes a season, no filler and shit happens.

    Now I'm thinking the yanks have it right with their 20 odd episode seasons, since if Luther had been running for 6 months the pay off would of been much more rewarding, as it is, it's just too much too fast.

    Still good though.
  • Alastair 9 Jun 2010 15:14:56 23,567 posts
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    Venkman90 wrote:
    They got Idris in to try and grab some of the "Wire credibility" but he seems a little mis cast to me.

    Did you watch any of the credits? He was also exec-producer or something.

    Saying that, isn't 'exec-producer' what Ant and Dec claim to be on their shows when it doesn't really mean anything?
  • jellyhead 9 Jun 2010 15:19:36 24,346 posts
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    I thought 'Executive Producer' meant you'd contributed money or ideas to the project.
  • agparrot 9 Jun 2010 15:24:47 11,901 posts
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    I believe he was associate producer, rather than executive.

    Enjoyed it, in the end, it was a bit cliché-ridden in places, but thought the darker stuff was fairly well handled, and the resolution was suitably open-ended for more tales.

    Who gets to keep The diamonds though?
  • KingOfSpain 9 Jun 2010 15:25:26 5,289 posts
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    20 odd episodes is far far too long. At the same time, 6 is a little short for big drama. I guess it depends how it's done.

    Doctor Who for example is 12 -13 episodes long an this feels right. I remember it was the same for the Battlestar. The better seasons where those which where only 12 episodes. Deadwood was only 12 too I seem to remember.

    For some dramas, where there is no big storyline over the whole season, such as House, Bones, Lie To Me, ER ect, 22 episode can be ok. In these cases they could just go on forever.

    Having said that, I really enjoyed Tourchwood last year when they had 5 episodes over a week. It really added a sense of occasion.

    EDIT - in reply to WrongShui
  • Deleted user 9 June 2010 15:28:38
    13 episodes would have been good for Luther, I think. It's definitely the sweet spot for long-form story-arc drama. I agree that some shows can do the whole 22 episodes and get away with it.

    The two part finale of Luther was half decent but it would've been so much better had the psycho's character had a few more episodes to bed in.
  • -lorien- 9 Jun 2010 15:28:44 33 posts
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    I enjoyed the series, hoping for a second. As the OP said, good but not amazing, certianly better than a lot of the guff on BBC at the moment.

    I think at times Idris has crossed the line from 'burnt out / close the the edge' cop to hammy OTT actor but on the whole it's been pretty decent. I like the weird relationship he has with the girl from the first episode, seems to work ok IMO.
  • Alastair 9 Jun 2010 15:31:08 23,567 posts
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    I enjoyed it too. The missus said as the final credits rolled that it should be left at one series. I'm inclined to agree. His missus is dead, his best friend was corrupt and is now dead, and his new mystery bird will surely now be banged up too.

    Spoilered in case anyone's not watched the final episode yet.
  • matt6666 9 Jun 2010 15:39:50 2,620 posts
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    Wow, getting a lot of love.. Thought it was a shower of shite, but entertaining in a daft way I guess..
  • Deleted user 15 September 2010 22:26:44
    Just catching up with this now. It gets so much better towards the end of the series. Episode 5 was great.

    BBC have commissioned a new series, but it'll be a few 2-hour episodes rather than 6x one hour episodes.
  • Blaketown 16 Sep 2010 07:59:25 5,658 posts
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    Three 1.5-2 hour episodes seems to be the way they are going with everything. Looking forward to this returning.

    I thought once you got over the "I've seen a shouty detective with a dark past a million times before" part of it, it had an awful lot going for it.
  • andywilkie35 14 Jun 2011 21:11:20 5,327 posts
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    Fuckin' love a bit of Luther

    (new series on BBC now)
  • Deleted user 14 June 2011 22:57:28
    I hadn't watched any of the first series, but I quite enjoyed that.
  • CosmicFuzz 14 Jun 2011 23:25:36 32,585 posts
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    Yeah that was ace. Enjoyed it more than the first series, although I've yet to watch the last episode.

    Jumped a few times, great atmosphere and Elba is ace in anything.
  • Blakester 15 Jun 2011 14:13:53 4,729 posts
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    This was my first episode of Luther and I rather enjoyed it.

    It was a 'by-the-numbers' cop thriller raised by the performance of Elba. Nothing original to see (how many times has the bogey man popped up in the back seat of a car?) and one glaring plot hole (expecting the audience to believe Luther would have a hunch that a standing spectator was the actual murderer), but it had a high quality feel to the production and I especially enjoyed the framing of London.

    Shall be tuning in again next week.
  • ModishNouns 15 Jun 2011 15:08:53 4,986 posts
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    Yes I only saw a couple of the first series but I really enjoyed this. I love the new angle with Alice the psychopath. Would!

    Series record.
  • Whizzo 29 Jun 2011 09:10:12 44,793 posts
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    I'm not a regular watcher, I just keep forgetting it's on or I'm not about but I decided I'd watch last night after some TF2.

    Fucking hell! :-O
  • mrpon 29 Jun 2011 09:33:15 35,223 posts
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    Yeah watched it last night, jesus it was brutal wasn't it?!
  • Blakester 29 Jun 2011 09:52:50 4,729 posts
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    I was very surprised just how graphic it was for a BBC drama. Gripping stuff for sure.
  • Deleted user 29 June 2011 23:26:34
    Really enjoying this, having not seen the first series I'm a little lost as to why he's doing this stuff on the side.

    Could someone give me the jist of it?
  • spamdangled 29 Jun 2011 23:35:18 31,738 posts
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    Is it me or is this current story going down the "RPGs will make you evil" route?
  • Deleted user 29 June 2011 23:37:25
    No. The nutter just happens to be playing it like an RPG.
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