Getting Live - With what?

  • skalmanxl 2 Mar 2003 19:44:30 982 posts
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    Well, Xbox Live is out next friday, so what are the lot of you gearing up with to play online?

    As I already have Mechaslut, that will of course be a given choise, I might suck, but at the playtest at the Microsoft party the other week, I kicked fellow onliners metal arses, ending up with a nice little 14-2. Not that suprising as I played with the Prometheus mech.

    Capcom vs SNK 2, I'm leaving out the EO title in the end, let's face it, only loosers would use that function. A great fighter really, aged sure, but still great. I suck large billy goats at it, but still find it extremely fun to play, online should be a blast as well. Just wait until I get that arcade stick from Gamester that ssuselid recomended.

    I'd like to get Ghost Recon as well, but as I have that one on the PS2, it feels quite pointless in getting. I'll just wait for Island Thunder instead.

    And you?
  • terminalterror 2 Mar 2003 21:26:28 18,931 posts
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    deja vu? ;)
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