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  • Deleted user 4 March 2013 19:48:17
    Fair enough
  • RyanDS 4 Mar 2013 19:50:59 11,777 posts
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    higgins78 wrote:
    bitch_tits_zero_nine wrote:
    Mario galaxy would have been a better game imo without the starbits. It was a work of art despite the motion functionality.

    Zelda I really tried to like, but it bored the piss out of me within an hour or so.
    You really shouldn't have gave up so early on, but what the hell...anybody who gave up on Skyward Sword so early on is even more jaded than I am fast becoming or devoid of a soul.
    Or they realised it was a mediocre game.

    What is it with the standard nintendo fanboy response of IF YOU DONT LIKE A NINTENDO GAME YOU HAVE NO SOUL WAAAAGGGHHHHH
  • Deleted user 4 March 2013 20:12:34
    Brilliant game. That development studio has real talent.
  • Deleted user 4 March 2013 20:16:58
    Rabid posting style.
  • nickthegun 4 Mar 2013 20:23:39 73,305 posts
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    bitch_tits_zero_nine wrote:
    Rabid posting style.
    Isnt it? Its genuinely like the ravings of a lunatic.
  • Doomspoon 20 Apr 2013 23:04:25 2,893 posts
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    I've been borrowing a Wii and got this on rental. I wasn't having too many problems with the controls bar low shots not registering and the flight going wonky until the boss of the first dungeon. The emo queen/girly boy emo thing.

    What the fuck is that Mickey Mouse shit with the stupid controls? I died twice and decided to look for advice online. "Fake him out by pointing the sword to one side and then slashing in the opposite direction" ok, nice in theory but the stupid bloody controls don't seem to recognise when I'm trying to cut from the opposite side.

    When I move the Wiimote to the other side to strike it registers that itself as a slash.

    That's shit. I was rather enjoying playing a Zelda game again up to this point. Please tell me there's no more of this bollocks. If so they can shove it up their arse. What the fuck is wrong with proper controls in the first place?
  • Youthist 20 Apr 2013 23:38:29 13,127 posts
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    The controls work just fine.
  • mrpon 20 Apr 2013 23:44:02 34,290 posts
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    Ha ha.
  • Jazzy_Geoff 20 Apr 2013 23:44:55 8,068 posts
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    No they don't, they are utterly shite
  • mikew1985 20 Apr 2013 23:53:26 14,512 posts
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    Huh? I really don't get what your point is there.

    Anyway the controls are shit. Sure, They're fine 95% of the time. Which is pretty shit really.
  • Doomspoon 21 Apr 2013 00:03:12 2,893 posts
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    @sajasanman yup, life's too short. I couldn't be arsed to flail the controls, which is essentially what it boiled down to in the end as they just wouldn't register what I was doing with them properly. Long story short, with an adequate control system that first boss fight would have been a 2 minute job, not the 20 minutes of arsing about with hits not registering/the bastard grabbing the blade over and over and over.

    Trying to replicate sword movement to a weak motion control seems a stupid move, seeing as sword control comes from the wrist and in oft cases the sword hand is kept about a forearms length in front of the solar plexus.
  • mikew1985 21 Apr 2013 00:05:21 14,512 posts
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    sajasanman wrote:
    If you mean me, I meant the depressing expectation for instant gratification. Not handling being stuck after a few goes is...sad.
    That's what I thought you might have been alluding to buy I gave you the benefit of the doubt by not assuming you were being a bit mental.

    Why should you give a fuck how anyone plays a game.
  • Doomspoon 21 Apr 2013 00:11:53 2,893 posts
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    @sajasanman To further explain. I'm borrowing both the machine and game, playing it on a shared TV as I don't own one, my 360 and PC, both with huge backlogs of games (which at about that point I figured I'd rather have been playing) are plugged into monitors so the only place that Wii can be used is on that TV. Nobody else was using it at the time so I had a slot. Also the Wii is being returned to it's owner in a fortnight, I'm not about at all next week so won't get to play so yes, I'd rather just see as much of the game as I can in the short time I have available with it rather than arse about being hamstrung by iffy controls thanks.

    Regarding the controls, it has a hard time registering a horizontal slash as anything other than from left to right rather than the other way around, likewise it registers a vertical slash as only downwards regardless of which vertical motion I use. At which point flailing seems the only adequate description of what was happening because it sure as hell wasn't any reflection on what I was doing with the controller.

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  • mikew1985 21 Apr 2013 00:14:04 14,512 posts
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    Yea all of the people who disagree and think that the controls aren't very good are just "playing it wrong".

    I'm glad it was perfect for you but it clearly wasn't for everyone else, ergo the controls are the issue.
  • Doomspoon 21 Apr 2013 00:23:49 2,893 posts
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    Ok I appreciate that motion plus is an improvement over the standard Wii controls and Wii sports isn't cutting edge but case in point...

    A few years back I'd just gone around to a friends place after a regular kung fu lesson, half of which was spent punching bags and other students. I have a go on the boxing in Wii sports and half the time the guy on screen is doing weird movements that don't reflect what I'm doing. My somewhat limp wristed friend whose Wii it was starts doing these feeble little gestures like he's playing air drums and gets a way better score. Seemingly despite spending about an hour previously punching I somehow don't know how to punch.

    For the most part I've played Skyward Sword the controls are ok, cumbersome at times but manageable. A boss fight that requires the need to make clear distinctions between what attacks are being made shouldn't be scuppered by a control system that fails to recognise the distinctions itself.
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