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  • DrStrangelove 9 May 2014 23:20:11 12,327 posts
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    Does that come from "Hitler"?
  • Deleted user 9 May 2014 23:25:06
    DrStrangelove wrote:
    Does that come from "Hitler"?
    Erm... No... It's because they don't miss, (missiles), they "hit" (hitiles).
  • ILoveThrashMetal 27 May 2014 12:31:38 1,066 posts
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    Anyone in the Surrey area know why there has been apache gunships buzzing about?
    Up until a month ago I had never seen one in the flesh, now I'm seeing 3or4 a week. All going or coming from the same direction.
    I work not to far from Headley court so used to seeing/hearing the odd chinook.
    Am paranoid
  • BillMurray 27 May 2014 12:53:16 9,149 posts
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    I'm glad I live near RAF Coningsby. See plenty of Typhoons flying pretty low over my house. Should see all kinds of planes during the D-Day Remembrance stuff.
  • Salaman 27 May 2014 13:54:14 23,037 posts
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    I used to live in Epsom and there were choppers passing overhead, heading in roughly the same direction, all the time. I think there's some heliport nearby.

    Don't recall seeing any gunships though.
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