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  • buggrit 27 Mar 2012 16:36:36 5,178 posts
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    Thanks genesisknight, used: P3YFK-KGYKD-JKMD6-C7PPX-RH4RZ :)
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    Used K4DJ2-DHX3P-WFVJ7-3H299-2Q2CZ, awesome stuff! :p
    Oh, first two there look to be already used also:


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  • Deleted user 11 April 2012 16:40:55
    So picked this up last week, ( don't know why it took me so long, AA is probably my fav game of this gen) and finished it this afternoon.

    Its a real fine game, but something is missing. i can't quite put my finger on it. It plays really well, its just feels a little off, it just a shade of what AA was. I think the open world nature of it jars it a bit.

    AC actually really reminds me of Metal gear solid, which i didn't get in the first one when playing it, but logically AA was more akin to it. The build up to meet the bad guy, beat him, new gadget, was better done, it was probably more linear but it was more focussed.

    Meeting the bad guys in AA was more enthralling.

    Ac is more challenging though i have to say. But loved the last bit - taking down the snipers was a great little puzzle - not hard but really well exceuted, and i enjoyed the clayface fight

    The lack of clear direction i think as i said at the top jars it, i didn't really know when to step aside and do some side quests, i felt i wasn't given a breathing space to do it. so only done a handful of them. Also i wasn't as compelled to read bios and that.

    I enjoyed it alot, and the above may seem negative, but i'm judging it against AA which was fantastic. Perhaps i will play this agian soon, and it will all click.

    The atmosphere was fantastic, the world was alive, the graphics really impressive. Stuff like the radio chatter, and the OST was fantastic, and catwoman played really well.

    Its an impressive game, just not quite right. But def worth a play and its a lot of fun.

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  • Syrette 24 Apr 2012 12:58:33 49,847 posts
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  • Ultrasoundwave 16 May 2012 09:35:21 5,724 posts
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    Nice little interview over at Games TM with the Harley Quinn actress.

    Really looking forward to the DLC, just hope Rocksteady have a few more in the pipeline too!
  • minky-kong 16 May 2012 23:15:04 13,576 posts
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    You only have to tap B to stun them then double tap A afterwards (basically doing the same as a dodge move) to do the shield enemy takedown. Pressing B and A together does the multiple batarang takedown move.
  • caligari 22 May 2012 23:25:23 17,924 posts
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    Hmm, I can't work out if I'm actually enjoying this game.

    One thing that is really tiresome is having to make your way back out of a location after 'defeating a boss / found whatever you're looking for' etc. I'd much rather they just spawn you back 'outside'.

    Also, were there this many long-winded boss fights in Arkham Asylum? The Al Ghul fight just felt 'wrong' - a feeling which increased dramatically when I realised that I had to take him out twice.

    I'm now fighting Freeze - does it get much better after this?

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  • minky-kong 23 May 2012 12:29:31 13,576 posts
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    The boss fights in City are a big improvement from Asylum. So if you don't like them so far you probably won't like the rest of them.
  • gelf 23 May 2012 16:37:52 188 posts
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    I'd go as far as saying that the boss fights are the only thing I enjoyed more in city then asylum. Mr Freeze is up there with my fave boss battles ever.
  • MrE26 29 May 2012 10:46:20 2,035 posts
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    Harley's Revenge is up now on Xbox Live, 800pts. Not on the dashboard yet but you can set it away downloading from the website.
  • minky-kong 29 May 2012 11:13:53 13,576 posts
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    Eager to hear people's views of it, particularly the length of it.
  • MrE26 29 May 2012 15:11:43 2,035 posts
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    And done. More of the same really, it's about 2-3 hours worth at the most.
  • minky-kong 29 May 2012 17:26:38 13,576 posts
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    Fuck that for 800 points then. That's a deal of the week purchase.
  • MrE26 29 May 2012 21:38:01 2,035 posts
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    Probably wise. I got a bunch of free points from the rewards scheme that paid for the majority of this, i'd probably feel short-changed if i hadn't. It's a decent enough little continuation but that's about it.

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  • Feanor 29 May 2012 22:15:32 14,273 posts
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    MrE26 wrote:
    And done. More of the same really, it's about 2-3 hours worth at the most.
    What about if you want to get all of the Achievements, or at least most of them?
  • MrE26 29 May 2012 22:31:29 2,035 posts
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    I think I'm only missing 3 from my initial playthrough. 2 combat ones which should be easy enough to get, & a one for finding all of the collectables. The achievement list isn't the most creative in the world.
  • Syrette 29 May 2012 22:59:59 49,847 posts
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    Oh for fuck's sake. Didn't realise the DLC was out this week. Forgot to put the title on my Lovefilm rental list.

    /first world problems
  • Whizzo 29 May 2012 23:28:18 44,765 posts
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    Annoying it's not out on the PC until some point next month but after reading Kotaku's take on it I'm not sure I'll bother until it's on sale at some point.
  • minky-kong 30 May 2012 11:36:02 13,576 posts
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    That Kotaku article doesn't make it sound too promising.

    By the way are all their articles so poorly written? It reads like a school child's book report!
  • theguy 7 Jun 2012 16:11:19 946 posts
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    The DLC seriously isn't that good. It's short and really adds nothing to the story. Not worth the 800 in my opinion. Anyone thinking of buying should probably wait for DOTW
  • Bombonera 7 Jun 2012 18:19:07 412 posts
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    I now have 100% completion including all medals on the combat and predator campaigns as Batman. Not bothering with the DLC ones as Batman's were a massive grind. Some of the challenges were hellish, but I felt enormously satisifed upon finally completing them.

    For what it's worth, I enjoyed the game but found it to be a slightly lesser achievement overall than Akrham Asylum. I'd give it an 8.5/10. I think reviewers who gave it 9 and 10s must be easily impressed. I didn't think the game improved much on AA, if at all. The DLC has been disappointing too.
  • Deleted user 9 July 2012 22:55:13
    Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big bad Bat!

    Loving this game. Reminds me so much of the Burton Batman films. Er, disregard the above quote!

    I have two Deadshot crime scenes on my map, and I want to pursue the side quest, but I don't know where to go? Is it a case of stumbling upon the next victim?
  • AaronTurner 14 Jul 2012 08:20:25 9,782 posts
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    Hmm, bought this yesterday but I'm finding that it's no where near as good as the first one. It's not as tight and I'm a few hours in and still wondering what the hell is going on. It just all feels quite messy.
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