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  • estoo 19 Aug 2011 20:57:26 2,879 posts
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    Just finished watching season 1 and loving it. The scene in the final episode where he's in the nightclub I had to watch through my fingers, reminded me of myself a few years ago!
    I wish the networks would do more things like this where they put faith in one man's vision rather than comedy by committee. Big risk, I know, but what a gem this is.
  • RichieTenenbaum 26 Aug 2011 12:45:10 2,736 posts
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    Holy shit on a dogs tits. Last night's hour long episode was amazing.
  • Razz 7 Sep 2011 01:17:14 63,427 posts
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    craigy wrote:
    Get a grip? How about you get a grip buddy!!!
    He's not your buddy, guy!
  • Razz 7 Sep 2011 01:20:02 63,427 posts
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    Just watched the first 2 episodes, loving this show so far!
  • RichieTenenbaum 9 Sep 2011 19:11:40 2,736 posts
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    The last mini ep of the season absolutely killed me. GOD. Louie. I know. I have a Pamela. I've felt the same way. I GET IT SO BAD.

    This is very quickly becoming my favourite tv show ever.
  • localnotail 17 Sep 2011 22:44:37 23,072 posts
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    The episode with his mum made me cry. Too horribly funny.
  • localnotail 10 Oct 2011 23:30:29 23,072 posts
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    Watched the church one on Sunday. That was pretty harrowing. The one where he stalks that black girl was really squeam-inducing. I know that's the joke. I've really enjoyed it though, he's got a good style. Still prefer Doug though, for the darkness.
  • BuiltToLast 11 Oct 2011 00:47:32 28 posts
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    As far as comedy shows go this one has been excellent, not always laugh out loud funny but incredibly watchable. I hope it gets commissioned for a 3rd.
  • estoo 10 Dec 2011 21:08:05 2,879 posts
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    Louie taking a risk by making his latest show available for direct download from his website:


    $5, no drm, no middle men. Hope more stand-ups go this route.

    I bought it on principle, hope it's a successful venture for him.

    ..and also because he's really funny.
  • asha 10 Dec 2011 21:22:09 2,023 posts
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    Thank you for the heads up estoo, I'd not heard about this until now. I wish more stand-ups would take this route too, but it's unlikely too happen when releasing overpriced DVDs are so profitable.
  • Kostabi 10 Dec 2011 21:24:31 5,915 posts
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    Cheers for the heads up. I really enjoyed the first two seasons of his show so I'm happy to fork over money if it keeps the funnies rolling.

    $5 is my instant impulse buy price point, just ask Steam.
  • craigy Staff 11 Dec 2011 16:34:32 9,285 posts
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    I bought and watched the $5 show last night. Hope he makes a shitload of dough from the enterprise, as he absolutely deserves it.
  • figgis 19 Dec 2011 10:51:42 7,707 posts
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    Just read about this, a decent stand up show for the cost of a pint. I'll get it tonight.
  • estoo 19 Dec 2011 17:17:16 2,879 posts
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    I got an email from him a few days ago saying the venture's been a success... lets's see... it's worth a read:

    Hi. This is LOuie. It seriously is me. Im even going to leave
    the O stuipdly capatalized because who would pay an intern to do
    that?? Okay so you bought the thing with my fat face on it and
    you clicked the button that said i could email you. And i know
    that now you are thinking "aw shit. Why'd i let this guy into my
    life this way?". Well dont worry. Because i really swear it that
    i wont bug you. I will not abuse this privalage of having your
    email. You wont hear from me again... Probably, unless i have
    something new to offer you. The reason i'm writing now, in the
    back of a car taking me to the Tonight Show set, is to let you
    know that as of now there is some new and cool stuff on my site,
    related to Live at the Beacon Theater. Theres a thing where you
    can download and print a dvd box cover and label so you can burn
    and make your own dvd of the video. And theres a new option where
    you can gift the special to as many people as you want (for 5
    bucks each) and they'll get a nice gifty email from you with a
    link to the video.

    Also, some of you may know, i recently made a statement (that
    sounds so dumb. Like i'm the president or something) about how the
    video has been doing online. Im pasting it in here below in case
    you missed it.

    Lastly I'm planning to put some more outtakes of the show on
    youtube and i think i will put one on the site that is only
    available for free to you folks on this list, who bought the
    thing and opted in. But dont hold me to that because really i
    just thought of it and typed it.

    Okay well please have a happy rest of the year and more happy
    years after that. And please even have been happy in your past.

    Thanks again for giving me 5 dollars. I bought 3 cokes with it.

    Regards. Sincerely, Actually,


    People of Earth (minus the ones who don't give a shit about
    this): it's been amazing to conduct this experiment with you. The
    experiment was: if I put out a brand new standup special at a
    drastically low price ($5) and make it as easy as possible to
    buy, download and enjoy, free of any restrictions, will everyone
    just go and steal it? Will they pay for it? And how much money
    can be made by an individual in this manner?

    It's been 4 days. A lot of people are asking me how it's going.
    I've been hesitant to share the actual figures, because there's
    power in exclusive ownership of information. What I didn't expect
    when I started this was that people would not only take part in
    this experiment, they would be invested in it and it would be
    important to them. It's been amazing to see people in large
    numbers advocating this idea. So I think it's only fair that you
    get to know the results. Also, it's just really cool and fun and
    I'm dying to tell everybody. I told my Mom, I told three friends,
    and that wasn't nearly enough. So here it is.

    First of all, this was a premium video production, shot with six
    cameras over two performances at the Beacon Theater, which is a
    high-priced elite Manhattan venue. I directed this video myself
    and the production of the video cost around $170,000. (This was
    largely paid for by the tickets bought by the audiences at both
    shows). The material in the video was developed over months on
    the road and has never been seen on my show (LOUIE) or on any
    other special. The risks were thus: every new generation of
    material I create is my income, it's like a farmer's annual crop.
    The time and effort on my part was far more than if I'd done it
    with a big company. If I'd done it with a big company, I would
    have a guarantee of a sizable fee, as opposed to this way, where
    I'm actually investing my own money.

    The development of the website, which needed to be a very robust,
    reliable and carefully constructed website, was around $32,000.
    We worked for a number of weeks poring over the site to make sure
    every detail would give buyers a simple, optimal and humane
    experience for buying the video. I edited the video around the
    clock for the weeks between the show and the launch.

    The show went on sale at noon on Saturday, December 10th. 12
    hours later, we had over 50,000 purchases and had earned
    $250,000, breaking even on the cost of production and website. As
    of Today, we've sold over 110,000 copies for a total of over
    $500,000. Minus some money for PayPal charges etc, I have a
    profit around $200,000 (after taxes $75.58). This is less than I
    would have been paid by a large company to simply perform the
    show and let them sell it to you, but they would have charged you
    about $20 for the video. They would have given you an encrypted
    and regionally restricted video of limited value, and they would
    have owned your private information for their own use. They would
    have withheld international availability indefinitely. This way,
    you only paid $5, you can use the video any way you want, and you
    can watch it in Dublin, whatever the city is in Belgium, or
    Dubai. I got paid nice, and I still own the video (as do you).
    You never have to join anything, and you never have to hear from
    us again.

    I really hope people keep buying it a lot, so I can have
    shitloads of money, but at this point I think we can safely say
    that the experiment really worked. If anybody stole it, it wasn't
    many of you. Pretty much everybody bought it. And so now we all
    get to know that about people and stuff. I'm really glad I put
    this out here this way and I'll certainly do it again. If the
    trend continues with sales on this video, my goal is that i can
    reach the point where when I sell anything, be it videos, CDs or
    tickets to my tours, I'll do it here and I'll continue to follow
    the model of keeping my price as far down as possible, not
    overmarketing to you, keeping as few people between you and me as
    possible in the transaction. (Of course i reserve the right to go
    back on all of this and sign a massive deal with a company that
    pays me fat coin and charges you straight up the ass.). (This is
    you: yes Louie. And we'll all enjoy torrenting that content. You
    fat sweaty dolt).

    I probably sound kind of crazy right now. It's been a really fun
    and intense few days. This video was paid for by people who
    bought tickets, and then bought by people who wanted to see that
    same show. I got to do exactly the show I wanted, and exactly the
    show you wanted.

    I also got an education. And everything i learned are things i
    was happy to learn. I learned that people are interested in what
    happens and shit (i didn't go to college)

    I learned that money can be a lot of things. It can be something
    that is hoarded, fought over, protected, stolen and withheld. Or
    it can be like an energy, fueled by the desire, will, creative
    interest, need to laugh, of large groups of people. And it can be
    shuffled and pushed around and pooled together to fuel a common
    interest, jokes about garbage, penises and parenthood.

    I want to thank Blair Breard who produced this video and produces
    my series LOUIE, and I want to thank Caspar and Giles at Version
    Industries, who created the website.

    I hope with all of my heart that I stay funny. Otherwise this all
    goes to hell. Please have a safe and happy holiday, and thank you
    again for all this crazy shit.

    Sincerely, Louis C.K.
  • TOOTR 19 Dec 2011 18:05:57 10,422 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Was more than happy to give him my 5 bucks. The bloke is a legend.
  • Razz 23 Dec 2011 10:32:43 63,427 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago
    He's made a million bucks from that now! How long before Paypal steal it
  • localnotail 23 Dec 2011 10:45:42 23,072 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    He's already given 1/4 of the profits to charities in the US and worldwide. Very impressed.
  • Deleted user 23 December 2011 10:56:49
    Insanely cool, so glad it worked out for him.
  • Deleted user 27 March 2012 16:40:23
  • Razz 27 Mar 2012 16:43:23 63,427 posts
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    localnotail wrote:
    He's already given 1/4 of the profits to charities in the US and worldwide. Very impressed.
    I wonder how much he's made now, been a fwe monsth since.

    Edit: Weird bump from Kalel o_O

    Edited by Razz at 16:43:58 27-03-2012
  • Deleted user 27 March 2012 16:46:54
    Wasn't random. We were having another conversation in another thread, but now that's been ended thanks to an utterly pointless merge.
  • KayJay 27 Mar 2012 17:02:00 5,350 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    kalel WROTE:
    I've been pimping this around the forum, but seriously, it's FUNNY!!!
    Anyone else? Just me?
    It's on US netflix if you have the means.
    Nanocrystal WROTE:
    Amazing, amazing show. Like nothing else on TV.
    kalel WROTE:
    So good. So funny. but also poignant and even touching, and not in a shit cheesy way. I love it.
    kalel WROTE:
    Holy crap. I could have been talking about Louie with all those people all this time.
    richardiox WROTE:
    Yeah man just discovered it and well into it, weird considering I watched one of his stand up shows and didn't rate it at all.
    Anyone, up to episode 4 now, was great to see a cameo from Gervais too.
    Edit - "like nothing else on TV" - it actually really reminds me of Curb interspersed with scene setting standup routines.
    Tom_Servo WROTE:
    I've seen the church one, which is excellent. Still waiting on it being released over here so I can see the rest, though.
    Love his stand-up too. Still haven't checked out the recent one, mind.
    kalel WROTE:
    richardiox wrote:
    was great to see a cameo from Gervais too.
    "This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and my dad hung himself in front of me, while masturbating."
    localnotail WROTE:
    Have you seen the $5 download live show yet? It's really good.
    TheSaint WROTE:
    The Doug Stanhope cameo was great as well.
    Flightrisker WROTE:
    Edit - "like nothing else on TV" - it actually really reminds me of Curb interspersed with scene setting standup routines.
    So Seinfeld then?
    Kay WROTE:
    TheSaint wrote:
    The Doug Stanhope cameo was great as well.
    Yep, that was probably my favourite episode, alongside the one with the bully.
    kalel WROTE:
    It definitely has elements of Seinfeld and Curb, but itís also very original, despite having obvious influences.


    I think I will check this out this evening. I've seen a few of his things, and if this is anything like Curb then id be happy. :)
  • Deleted user 27 March 2012 17:08:22
    Good work.
  • localnotail 27 Mar 2012 17:13:17 23,072 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    :) that's some nice procrastination busywork there KayJay.

    The stuff he does about being a Dad is really good. Initially I didn't click with Louis CK, and preferred Stanhope's sheer darkness, sitting wasted on the edge of the abyss and pissing into its face, but Louis is actually more subversive, he's right in the middle of humanity being utterly blunt about his universal failure to grow up.

    I admire him greatly.

    Edited by localnotail at 17:16:14 27-03-2012
  • Blaketown 27 Mar 2012 17:17:36 5,658 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    This reminds me I must stump up the $5 for his stand up special.
  • Nanocrystal 27 Mar 2012 17:20:41 1,674 posts
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    Registered 8 years ago
    So does "merge" not actually merge, then? Huh.
  • localnotail 12 May 2012 13:13:15 23,072 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago

    On 12 May 2012 01:41, "Louis C.K." wrote:

    Hello there. I am Louis C.K. for now. You are a person who opted into my email list, when you bought my Live at the Beacon standup special. As I promised, I have left you alone for a long time. Well, those days are over. I am writing now to let you know that I am offering some more stuff on my site, which you are more than welcome to buy. What does "More than welcome" mean? Well, it means you can totally buy this stuff. Like, totally.

    Okay so there are two new products. They are both audio comedy specials. One is called...

    Louis CK: WORD - Live at Carnegie Hall
    This is about an hour long and it's a recording of a live standup show that I did at Carnegie Hall in November of 2010 as part of a national tour I was on entitled "WORD" I've had a lot of requests from people to release that show as a speical or as a CD. I hadn't done so because a lot of the material that I did on the WORD tour, was in the second season of my show "LOUIE" on FX. But I decided since it's never been released as an entire show, and some of the material was not on my show, I'm releasing this now. I'm giving you this long and boring explaination because, as most of you know, I release about an hour or more of new standup material every year and folks can count on seeing a new show every year. This is old material, so I don't want to be a dick and pretend it isn't.
    Anyway, Louis CK: WORD - Live at Carnegie hall is available for the same 5 dollars as everything will be on louisck.com. It is the same deal as before that you get 4 downloads and the file is drm free. YOu can burn it onto a CD, play it on your ipod, whatever you want. The special is broken up into separate tracks because I think that's more fun for a comedy album, but they are all just one thing you buy all at one time.

    The second new thing is even older, actually. It's an audio release of "Shameless", my very first hour long standup special that I did for HBO. It was never released as an audio CD, so I asked HBO to let me offer it on this site and they agreed. They also agreed to let me offer it, the same as the rest, DRM free, for 5 dollars. Obviously I'll be sharing the Shameless money with HBO but I think it's pretty cool that they're letting this be out there unprotected like this. Shameless is also 5 dollars, drm free, and you can download it a bunch of times for the price.
    Lastly, I'm offering Live at the Beacon Theater as an audio version, for those many of you who have asked for it. This is just exactly an audio version of the video special. Those of you who have already bought Live at the Beacon theater already own this. If you just return to the site louisck.com with your password, it is now live and available for you to download at no extra cost. Those of you who now buy LIve at the beacon theater for 5 dollars, will also have the audio version availbable to you. It's simply been added to the video downloads and streams you already were getting.

    Later, I am going to make a version of Live at the Beacon theater, that is a separate audio special, which will be much longer. That will cost money. Because I'm an asshole. But that's later.
    Also later, actually soon, I'll be putting my first feature film "Tomorrow Night' up for sale on the site. And also other things. Soon. For now. Please feel free to click on the button below, to purchase some of the new stuff, using Paypal or Amazon payments, we now accept both. Or go to louisck.com and peruse the new items. I think we have some samples there that you can check out.

    You may have noticed that Louis CK LIve at the beacon theater is airing on the FX network. FX agreed to air it 10 times over the next few months. The version on FX is only 42 minutes long and we had to take out the fucks. The reason I chose to air the special on FX is that FX is my people. They gave me my show LOUIE (season 3 premieres on June 28th at 10:30pm) and they have never aired a standup special. So I thought it would be cool to let them air it and bring more people to the site who want to get the complete unexpurgated version. Also FX doesn't make me cut things for content. Just the big words (fuck, etc)

    Okay. that was exhausting. Sorry. I didn't even ask you how you are. How are you? Oh yea? Oh good. That's great. What? Oh man. That's tough. I'm sorry... Oh well that sounds like you handled it well, though. So. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know that's... yeah. Well... Just remember, time will go by and that'll just be on the list of shit that happened to you. You'll be okay. Yeah. Huh?... Oh. Really? HE DID? Oh my GOD! hahaha!! That's CRAZY! No. no. I won't tell him you told me. Of course not. Alright well... uhuh? Oh wow. yeah. Alright well.. I really gotta go. Thanks for listening. I'm glad you're basically okay. Stay in touch.

    your friend,

    Louis C.K.
  • richardiox 27 Jun 2012 00:30:08 7,021 posts
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    Season two has just been added to US Netflix. Stoked!!
  • TOOTR 27 Jun 2012 19:40:46 10,422 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    Has he started making Season Three yet?

    This man is a legend.
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