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  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 09:02:56
    @quadfather Ha, not decided yet. Still just upping my VIT!

    Here's my latest account ha ha...

    Had the most fun against Taggart & Rosewood ever last night, in fact, in AL in general after my brief foray into the painted world.

    Was dreading the archers til I realised they didn't very much like being knocked off their ledge with my Dragonslayer Bow. That's karma!

    S&O took a few tries because I kept fucking up through impatience but the great thing is it was the same two guys were waiting to be summoned each time so when we did win (4th attempt) it was awesome. I got invaded a few times in between but held my own apart from, amusingly enough, when one of the guys that was helping me invaded me. Almost killed him til I slipped up and he stunlocked me. Still summoned him for help next time though!

    Then put my summon sign down and got summoned in and surprised myself by performing pretty damn well. The other phantom died quite early on but me and the host had nailed fatty by that point. First time I've seen supper skinny but was actually much easier than supper fatty I thought and I don't think either of us took damage.

    All the time I just used my great scythe and power within.

    Just really good fun all in. Off to have my morale destroyed at the 4K next but I need to get the embers first as I can then do my Pharis Bow to +15 (it's only +14) and then get my lifehunt scythe for PvP.

    How this game is still so addictive and entertaining is beyond me, truly. Yet it is.

    Also, there were far more guys waiting to be summoned in NG+ at SL108 than I've ever seen before...

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  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 09:04:59
    @LeoliansBro to be honest my great scythe at least knocks the smaller guys over and has massive reach. If you go dex maybe the scythe route would be good?
  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 09:12:24
    My zwei guy stalled in AL first playthrough. What armour do you use? I think I'm too slow with the Black Iron Set I have on him.
  • quadfather 1 Aug 2013 09:20:23 30,881 posts
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    Must admit my zwei character is seductively alluring to play. Only early days (just opened sens) but its immense fun knocking down the serpent men.

    Think I've only got shadow armour (style points) at the mo. Will check stats later
  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 09:29:26
    May go back to my zwei guy after I get tired of my grim reaper then. Didn't try too much in AL, just got bored. Think my END is quite low so may level that up a bit first.
  • quadfather 1 Aug 2013 10:44:26 30,881 posts
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    @LeoliansBro - Yeah, on my dex builds, I have to have the 25% roll.

    Can you get to 25% with havels ring and heavy armour with the zwei?
  • quadfather 1 Aug 2013 11:57:37 30,881 posts
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    @LeoliansBro - Excellent, thanks. Might follow that path then.

    You mainly use the standard attack, two hand attack or strong attack?

    Or just mix it all up?
  • quadfather 1 Aug 2013 12:13:58 30,881 posts
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    Miss? How could I possibly miss. Captain Accurate, me.
  • quadfather 1 Aug 2013 12:27:08 30,881 posts
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    I have to say I love the 2 handed jumping attacks

    Gonna have to fire it up I reckon
  • Dr_Mech 1 Aug 2013 12:34:11 1,171 posts
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    BillCityfingers wrote:
    First time I've seen super skinny but was actually much easier than super fatty I thought and I don't think either of us took damage.
    For some reason Super Ornstein is regarded as the harder of the two fights and I have no idea why. Pretty much all of his attacks bar the two ranged one and the ass slam are purely physical damage which means any decent stability shield can block them. In the case of Super Smough all his attacks gain a lightning component meaning you can't block them 100%.

    I guess it is the fact the Super Orns completely switches movesets meaning you have to relearn how to fight him with Super Smough is exactly the same as regular Smough.
  • quadfather 1 Aug 2013 12:47:22 30,881 posts
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    @LeoliansBro - Yeah, I might experiment with different strength based weapons, see which one I prefer. Might just go through them all, if I get lucky with the BK drops
  • Deleted user 2 August 2013 17:33:16
    What a strange world Dark Souls is. In the forest beyond Artorias gate to do some PvP with my NG+ SL118 wanderer. I'm currently playing around with a +4 Lightning Gargolye Halberd, a +10 Fire Gargoyle Halberd, a +15 Uchi, +5 Queelag Furysword, a +5 Lifehunt Scythe and a +15 Great Scythe. I have power within, a +8 Spider shield, +5 Black Iron armour, mask of the child and the gold hemmed black skirt and gloves.

    So anyway, one guy summoned me and we did some co-op PvP which was great, put down a fair few invaders between us before we got destroyed royally. I put my summon sign down again and this time got summoned by someone else into, well, a strange scenario (maybe someone can tell me if this is common??). The guy that summoned me ad no weapon and started punching me as soon as I appeared, whilst a red invader was dancing around like a maniac. I thought, bugger this and black separated out of there. I put my sign down again (hoping the other guy would summon me again) and the same weirdo summoned me instead. He kept punching me (obviously to no effect), the red invader kept dancing and this time a blue invader was there as well. They weren't fighting each other, instead they all converged on me whilst I tried to black sep away. So they killed me. Afterwards all doing the "d'oh!" gesture.

    So I was a bit miffed, put my summon sign down again, and once more got summoned into this strange mix who attacked me. Thought "fuck you", did my power within and pulled out the lifehunt scythe (for theatrical effect, naturally) and nailed red in two seconds. Blue then ran back a bit before coming at me when I promptly put him down. Walked up to the oddball who summoned me, did the "d'oh!" gesture to him and black sepped home.

    Needless to say I was quite amused.

    Sorry, long boring story. But I take it they were just pissing about picking on the poor summonee? Probably all mates or something.

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  • Dr_Mech 2 Aug 2013 20:54:11 1,171 posts
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    I don't know, the guy creates a peaceful scenario where red, blue and white phantoms can all get along and in you come with your attitude and your greatscythe and ruin the dance party, you are buzzkillington Bill.

    Remember not everything in dark souls is serious:
  • Deleted user 2 August 2013 23:22:41
    @BillCityfingers seriously bill, how many hours? Since I've finished dark souls I've read two books, watched a dozen movies and completed two other xbox games.

    I have zero interest in doing any more playthroughs but I look forward to dark souls 2.
  • EightBitSpirit 3 Aug 2013 04:19:43 5 posts
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    My cats breath smells like cat food.
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 09:37:47
    @Choppi pah! Who needs other games!

    To be fair I had at least a week of not playing it. But... Well. There's so much to discover dammit! Plus it's really the pvp stuff I'm doing now with a few chars as didn't do any first time round. Besides I'm pretty much done with it now. I think... (I hope).

    @Dr_mech ha ha probably. I can live with that though. Everyone up to that point I'd met playing it has been so intense with it it was very confusing to see the lighter side of it!

    @eightbitspirit for shame on you giving up on it so early.
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 10:07:49
    @BillCityfingers you didn't answer the question. How many hours?
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 10:54:19
    Choppi wrote:
    @BillCityfingers you didn't answer the question. How many hours?
    About 110 all in over all my characters.
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 10:58:55
    Got your 8.99s worth then. :)
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 11:15:03
    Oh hell yes. Never in my life put that into a game before. The fact that it's still brilliant is a real testament and I'm very much looking forward to ds2... There will be not much help around to rely on then and I'm sure it's going to be a much harder experience but I reckon I'm ready :-P
  • Dr_Mech 3 Aug 2013 16:41:24 1,171 posts
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    Been doing a pickaxe run and...

    It is a surprisingly good little strength weapon the major drawback being short range but scales A with strength and is all thrust damage so I could combine high poise with the leo ring and two hand it for good counter damage.
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 19:28:02
    Been getting into this again after my gf needed the pc for uni stuffs. Got to say I love the easier summons on the ps3 as opposed to pc, not sure I ever fixed that right on the pc. Currently taking a str/fth build but will probably see how far I can go, never bothered much with NG before, how many NG+'s are there? Or is it limitless but it stops getting harder at some point?

    Currently umming and arrring on covenent. darkmoon buffs vs princess guard friendly heals.
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