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  • Feanor 13 Jan 2011 20:18:46 14,272 posts
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    Cappy wrote:
    Yes, that's right. It's totally impossible to see what Final fantasy gameplay is like...

    You couldn't possibly see footage of these things. Maybe... Maybe one day... In the future. I want my personal jetpack first though.

    Seeing footage is not the same as playing the game.
  • uiruki 13 Jan 2011 20:19:23 4,492 posts
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    King_Edward wrote:
    Didn't they close Cavia down after they finished Nier?

    Doesn't do much to restore my faith.

    No, Cavia was a part of AQ Interactive - the founding part, spun off into its own company, which was finally absorbed back into it. I'm all for cussing Wada's increasingly insane decisions, but that wasn't one of them.
  • King_Edward 13 Jan 2011 22:28:00 11,470 posts
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    + 1 for Square
    - 1 for AQ

    @ecu. Calling it FFXIII-2* suggests it'll be a direct sequel, rather than a spin off. As such I'd expect it to be on PS/360. Plus they already have character models, AI routines, artwork and other assets that they can recycle from the first game.

    The whole, Japan only plays handhelds argument doesn't really apply to Final Fantasy. It'll sell regardless of platform.

    *assuming it exists, and they are calling it that.
  • Deleted user 13 January 2011 23:27:34
    As vocal as I am against 13, I wouldn't be adverse to this. If they took some of the best elements and actually designed a game around them this time, it could actually be good.

    Perhaps Versus has merged into this now. It could be the same game renamed.
  • Scimarad 14 Jan 2011 17:29:41 9,366 posts
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    I don't think Versus is remotely like FFXIII from what I've seen.
  • Deleted user 18 January 2011 10:28:36
    Confirmed then. I really can't see what they are going to do with the story, and mardy arse emo Lightnight. Oooo I'm mad because of life and stuff fuck. If they put some exploration in this one I will buy it.
  • WinterSnowblind 18 Jan 2011 10:31:59 1,265 posts
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    Exploration, likeable characters, decent writing and a better battle system would make me very interested in this. I wouldn't even mind if we're stuck with Lightning, I thought she was fine. She just needed better companions.. Together they made one of the most miserable bunch of cretins in gaming.
  • Deleted user 18 January 2011 10:36:27
    I am amazed they are getting it out this year. Shirley thats japan and we will get it in 2015.
  • CosmicFuzz 18 Jan 2011 11:08:34 32,214 posts
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    They'll have all the assets done, will just be a matter of churning out new stuff with it. If they could get a stronger story, with less hand holding and obvious corridors, then it could be good. Gorgeous graphics and a great battle system already, just need that extra oomph.
  • Deleted user 18 January 2011 11:12:01
    I was going to write in before Rage_quit_rob but alas.
  • Ignatius_Cheese Moderator 18 Jan 2011 11:13:55 11,048 posts
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    Never finished XIII. Might try to do this at some point.

    Even after reaching Gran Pulse, I had little enthusiasm to continue...

    Saying that, I much preferred X-2 to X so there is hope!

    /wears an outlandish costume
  • Deleted user 18 January 2011 11:28:43
    I would really like some more battle customisation. I don't care what people say, the fighting was a mash fest in 13. Barely any of the fights required strategy. I absolutely pissed all of the marks at the end. I would jizz my pants if they put and old school turn based fighting system into that engine.
  • CosmicFuzz 18 Jan 2011 11:43:06 32,214 posts
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    Well it's possible - look at the difference in battle engine from X to X-2. I'd love to see X's return, I think that's my favourite one of them all. And all it took was the ability to swap in characters on the fly!
  • Lawrens 18 Jan 2011 11:45:29 398 posts
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    Motomu Toriyama the director again? fuck =/

    I don't have much problems with FF13's combat and there's always room for improvement and even revamping it, but everything else and the whole direction of FF13 left me a really bad impression with the dude.
  • Deleted user 18 January 2011 11:46:39
    I love X's fighting. Give me that any day over the auto-pilot XIII.

    /paradigm shift


    /paradigm shift

  • Hunam 18 Jan 2011 11:50:58 20,676 posts
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    I preferred 12 much more. It was like Dragon Age without the isometric camera.
  • Deleted user 18 January 2011 11:52:43
    They should use a system that makes better use of the "ATB blocks" idea. There was rarely any need to mix up attack combinations in FFXIII, and even when there was, the battle system was so fast that you had little time to think about or input your commands.

    Tweaked and combined with a battle system like FFX's, it would be a lot more strategic. You could select different targets for each action, for example.
  • Widge Moderator 18 Jan 2011 12:24:50 13,859 posts
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    Hunam wrote:
    I preferred 12 much more. It was like Dragon Age without the isometric camera.

    12s battle system would be fine as long as it had defined roles per character and no cross-training. Also I found the summoning and quickening system to be a bit shitty. Just give me a good limit break to splash out when my character gets mashed.
    I didnt like the epic HP fights either, they were massively boring and I found myself just hitting the quickening to get the bloody thing out of the way.

    I like the strategy aspect of 13s battle system but it basically made all magic/action types redundant. You were basically selecting, Buff Magic, Heal Magic, Debuff Magic, Defend, Attack, Attack Magic... and that was it. The huge list of unlockable skills just played themselves with the battle system working too fast to go in and micro manage. Plus the list was far too long to micromanage and keep up with what types of attacks to use on enemies. How to get around this, Im not sure really.

    Doing away with Magic Points was a genius idea though. That needs to be carried forwards. The amount of times I just weapon spammed through FF7 because the 1000gil per Ether was just too precious. Weapon spam the level, magic spam the boss. Win.
  • CosmicFuzz 18 Jan 2011 12:31:36 32,214 posts
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    I always prefer when characters have a predefined role, i.e. black mage, healer, warrior, tank, long-range, whatever. I'm not sure why, but I don't really like it when everyone is equal and I can choose what role or job they should have. I liked FFX's, where everyone had a predefined role, but you still had some freedom on how they levelled up within that.
  • Widge Moderator 18 Jan 2011 13:05:27 13,859 posts
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    Yeah, basically all my characters in FFVII were effectively just a different set of skins and limit breaks. You COULD set people up to be role defined but there is no encouragement to, much more efficient to have 3 people who can do everything for every area. FFVIII was the same, it tried to encourage assigning specific GFs per character to encourage compatibility... but was it really life and death to have the GF power up a bit longer? I know my GFs never got downed during the game. Much easier to give everyone all the GFs available so that more junction slots open up. And again, every character felt equal bar limit break.

    Swap to IX and X, and that really felt right as far as character setup went. X-2 also went better by stripping the team to 3 people and having the roles flexible. I think that was the best setup in the games to date. Was just a shame that the chapter structure was awful and the fact youd seen pretty much all of Spira already in the previous game. I was already pretty fed up of tramping along the same old roads having done the monster arena population.

    Oh, I miss having your squad tramp around with you on screen like in FFXVIII.
  • StolenGlory 18 Jan 2011 13:12:56 318 posts
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    Trailer here:

    Full of spoilers for FFXIII's ending mind :/
  • King_Edward 18 Jan 2011 13:13:25 11,470 posts
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    I much prefer the VII & VIII approach. The problem I have with dedicated jobs is that you then need to have a dedicated healer in your party the whole. And 99% of the time they do sweet FA. FFX got around the problem by letting you swap characters in and out mid fight.
  • StolenGlory 18 Jan 2011 13:31:52 318 posts
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    Versus XIII trailer leaked too it seems:

    Along with Final Fantasy Type 0:
  • Lawrens 18 Jan 2011 14:10:02 398 posts
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    Versus looks great, I hope the actual game is faster, better be towns and npcs in it too so they don't waste the environments. Other than that it looks promising in the gameplay aspects and seems to offer quite a bit of variety.
  • Machetazo 18 Jan 2011 14:20:11 6,372 posts
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    What's that thing on the left of the logo? Is that a known quantity, this "Anti-Lightning" that looks like some seventies fallen mod rocker? I really dislike the style, its drawn in. That is Lightning on the right, I assume - but drawn like that, the whole thing looks bad.

    I don't mind when the summons were there, or the embracing characters, but this just doesn't look good.
  • CosmicFuzz 18 Jan 2011 15:58:23 32,214 posts
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    You know, I can barely remember anything about FFXIII now. Can't even remember how it ended!
  • Sharks 18 Jan 2011 18:39:46 5,121 posts
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    Hope the paradigm system stays and I'm pleasantly surprised that this isn't just a rumour. :)
  • HiddenAway 2 Jun 2011 19:40:24 15,272 posts
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    First 2 screens have come out
  • Bombonera 2 Jun 2011 23:26:01 411 posts
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    FFX-2 looked almost identical to FFX, but I still enjoyed it. Hopefully XIII-2 will be good. I'm just hoping the story will be better. I thought the visuals and combat in XIII were excellent, it was just the story and characters which dragged it down for me.
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