Hitman 2 Recall campaign

  • wysie 9 Nov 2002 16:40:26 82 posts
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    Just heard of this now...
  • Whizzo 9 Nov 2002 18:05:39 44,805 posts
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    I had heard of it before and thought they had a very good point, I see that Eidos has relented and new versions, including the GC version yet to be released, will be edited to remove the material that was rather stupidly included.
  • Deleted user 10 November 2002 10:08:14
    While recognising the positive contribution Sikh's made for the former British Empire, the fight against the Nazi's during WWII, and their continuing contribution to British society, I'm not happy with the premise of the campaign or the ease with which Eidos and politicians caved in.

    First and foremost, Hitman 2 is a work of fiction. It puts the player in situations that they would be unlikely to encounter in real life, and situations that may not even occur in real life. Some of these situations may be created from an amalgum of possibilities which somebody somewhere could interpret as a statement about them.

    Ethnic, religeous, and cultural, intolerance and over-reaction is as odious in a minority as it is in a majority.
  • striker 10 Nov 2002 12:14:08 2,606 posts
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    That's my point exactly.
    The complete seriousness of the article, proclaiming games as a model to "how can I have fun outside" is just ridiculous.
    So know games don't just make people mad, they're considered models of our action en the society... wow, I never though they were so important..
  • FWB 10 Nov 2002 12:42:57 56,343 posts
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    Amen FB. I started writing something along those lines but gave up, because I was overcome with laziness.

    Anywho... does this mean that the "bad guys" can only ever be white? Should we only ever play in western locations? I could bitch numerous times over all the "anti-Eastern European" elements in past games and films; taking out Soviet bases, Croats trying to nuke NYC, but I don't (instead I laugh at the awful accents in TS2 :) ). I have no problem with Slavs playing evil roles.
  • Khab 10 Nov 2002 21:22:59 6,583 posts
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    Ah, but the bad guys CAN be black, as long as the good guy has an ethnic sidekick to make up the balance. Clearly you people don't understand the finer points of PC. :p
  • Nobby 11 Nov 2002 18:45:47 128 posts
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    Anywho... does this mean that the "bad guys" can only ever be white?

    The videogame industry is being a bit slow to catch up here, they should well know that only the British are allowed to be the bad guys now, as it's a well known fact that we are the most despicable and evil nation on earth.

    Thank you very much Mel Gibson.
  • sam_spade 11 Nov 2002 19:01:44 15,745 posts
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    It is not the British, it is the English.

    As an Englishman when I am walking my pitbull terrier, draped in the Union Jack, I find it hard to pass a church with children in without at least attempting to burn it to the ground or at least knocking seven bells out of an Irish man.

    So glad we support America, so they can fuck us over in films, politics, economics, wars.....
  • Deleted user 11 November 2002 19:08:26
    sam_spade wrote:
    So glad we support America, so they can fuck us over in films, politics, economics, wars.....

    I'm sure the American President and George W. Bush would strenuously object to that misinformation. ;)
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