Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii/3DS)

  • Deleted user 26 January 2011 11:04:40
    New game from Ivy the Kiwi developer Prope with game design by Yuji Naka. Plenty of information and a trailer at the link below (looks to be the Wii version shown, with no specific details about the 3DS just yet).

    I'm not too keen on the way the characters look in the FMV, but otherwise this is a pleasant surprise, hints of Nights and the blue skies and steampunk designs give it a lot of charm.

    The title Rodea the Sky Soldier has also been trademarked in the US so it appears this is going to be translated, probably handled by XSEED and Rising Star Games as they both put out Ivy.
  • Deleted user 24 September 2011 16:36:51
    Latest News on Rodea: The Sky Soldier from

    Rodea The Sky Soldier Is Complete, Weíre Waiting For Kadokawa To Publish It


    "Rodea the Sky Soldier has been finished for awhile now," Naka said in an interview with Siliconera. "My part at Prope has been done. Now itís up to Kadokawa Games to decide on the release strategy whether it will come out for North America, Europe, and Japan.Ē
  • Deleted user 25 September 2011 18:28:48
    Thanks for the link EndlessSolitude.

    Noticed your posts about Earth Seeker on the RSG board trying to drum up interest. I'm wondering if the very poor sales for that has put Kadokawa Games off putting out any Wii titles.

    But as I just posted on the RSG forum, the complete and utter breakdown in communication is very worrying. Would think if that were the case they'd try and rework it for Wii U, and thats another thing, it seems as if the 3DS is no longer being discussed.
  • Deleted user 27 September 2011 17:37:56
    Glad to see that there are others who are interested in getting these games released outside Japan.

    I suspect that the only way forward now is to appeal directly to Nintendo of Europe. They can be contacted at:

    I intend to send them an e-mail in the first week of October about localizing these two games (Earth Seeker and Rodea). If others do the same thing, then there's a chance that it might get at least one of the two released in PAL format. At any rate, it's better than doing nothing.
  • Deleted user 27 September 2011 19:04:58
    Sounds like a plan! I'll send one of next week as well.

    Actually its seems like a wider discussion worth having as to what gamers think should happen to late gen independent Japanese Wii games.

    We can't be the only ones still keen to play these games, can we? *echo*

    ...can we?

  • Deleted user 2 October 2011 08:58:09
    Sent my message to Nintendo of Europe today.
  • Deleted user 5 October 2011 18:52:56
    Nice one, spotted your PM and have done the same thing. For anyone else who is interested in this game (lol) and wondering what we're talking about, read on below:

    Iím going to apologize in advance, but I have to askÖ whatís going on with Rodea The Sky Soldier?

    Rodea the Sky Soldier has been finished for awhile now. My part at Prope has been done. Now itís up to Kadokawa Games to decide on the release strategy whether it will come out for North America, Europe, and Japan.

    Since Wii U will be released next year are you thinking of bringing Rodea there?

    Itís finished as Wii title and as of now we have no plans to bring it to Wii U. Rodea was made specifically for the Wii so players could enjoy it by flicking the remote. If we tried to incorporate those controls into the large Wii U controller it wouldnít be the same. I would really like for people to play and enjoy it on the Wii as I had originally intended.

    Siliconera Interview with Yuji Naka
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