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  • Trafford 28 Mar 2011 22:02:52 8,004 posts
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    Bloodhound Super Sonic Car

    To be honest ,I have no interest in cars and how fast they go. But in the spirit of science and adventure, I do.

    Speed is an iconic thing. I grew up with the image of Donald Campbell crashing on Coniston Water etched in my head. Even though it happended 5 years before I was born.

    This will hopefully happen in 2112. Best of luck to Wing Commander Andy Green.
    I've had dealings with him, and can honestly say, he's a nice chap.
  • heyyo 28 Mar 2011 22:08:34 14,356 posts
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    Our Mission: To confront and overcome the impossible using science, technology, engineering and mathematics

    How about using english to confront a dictionary and look up the word impossible.
  • Trafford 28 Mar 2011 22:10:42 8,004 posts
    Seen 10 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    Noble words.
    "To motivate the next generation to deal with global 21st century challenges"

    It's more about that though
  • JuanKerr 29 Mar 2011 07:50:14 37,708 posts
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    Been following this project for some time now, really interesting stuff. Love the fact that this chap is building the rocket :)
  • X201 12 Sep 2012 12:36:52 18,394 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    Test firing of the rocket to take place next month.

    "The firing of the biggest rocket in Britain for some 20 years will take place next month at the Aerohub, Newquay Cornwall Airport.

    The hybrid rocket is being developed for the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car, which will attempt to reach 1,000mph (1,610Km/h) in 2014.

    Newquay Airport is one of the few UK locations equipped to handle the test."

    Edit: To be carried out by a bloke with a proper moustache.

    Edited by X201 at 12:37:53 12-09-2012
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