Getting a 600D and need help!

  • NOSAVIOUR 8 Apr 2011 10:08:10 2,849 posts
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    I'm getting the...


    I've done so much research for it in the last few weeks my heads going to explode so wondering if anyone here could help and recommend.

    1. The best (at a good price) SD card so I can record good HD footage too as I will be using it for this alot.
    2. Good polarising filters for both standard and wide angle lense pref cheap (Not even sure which sizes I need!).
    3. The best places to buy kit and equipment from.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Nth 8 Apr 2011 13:07:48 3,138 posts
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    Using a circular polariser on a wide lens like the 10-20 isn't advisable as you get a different affect across the image - other guys here might be able to help, maybe square slot in ones are suitable? Dunno.

    Try warehouseexpress for pricing, and I always always use Sandisk cards, you'll probably need at least a class 6 or maybe even faster SDHC card for DSLR video - look on Amazon or for good prices. Make sure you have at least 2 cards and using a card reader is faster and more convenient I find than plugging the actual camera in. A recent SD card reader should read SDHC cards OK, older ones won't though.

    I'll be a good boy and won't say anything about Sigma's quality control department ;)
  • Nth 8 Apr 2011 13:10:06 3,138 posts
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    Oh and some people will say get UV filters for the lenses, others like me prefer lens hoods (get cheap copy ones from ebay).
  • NOSAVIOUR 8 Apr 2011 13:18:19 2,849 posts
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    Cheers for advice mate. Don't get me worried about Sigma now I thought I'd nailed the lense down I wanted!
  • Nth 8 Apr 2011 13:47:23 3,138 posts
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    Henro swears by it. I used to swear at it lol.
  • Deleted user 8 April 2011 13:49:47
    Filters wise it's much cheaper and generally better to get a Cokin (if you're poor) or Lee (if you're rich) set and then just buy different ring adapters for each lens, rather than a whole new set of filters for each lens, especially as screw-ins give you issues with vignetting and such.
  • henro_ben 8 Apr 2011 13:55:05 2,343 posts
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    Don't worry about the sigma, it'll be fine.

    Polarizer - you will find that with an ultra wide lens it won't fully polarize across the image, as it's such a wide angle. It'll polarize in the centre and not at the edges - it's a fairly smooth transition though. Example here - removed the reflections on the water in the mid ground, but not in the foreground or the rhs.

    If you're going to be using filters on different lenses then I suggest you get one of the square filter systems, rather than screw in filters. Cheapest option is cokin - the polarizer is ok (I still use mine), but the other filters can be a bit iffy quality-wise. However lots of people make filters that'll fit the cokin holder. You just need to get an adapter ring to fit your lens and the holder clips on.

    Polarizer's aren't cheap btw - you need to get a circular polarizer for a digital camera, not a linear one. Price for the cokin one between 50 - 70 ish.
  • NOSAVIOUR 8 Apr 2011 14:42:29 2,849 posts
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    Cheers for the advice guys has helped loads regarding filters. May hold back see how I get on then look to invest in a set.
  • Nth 8 Apr 2011 15:20:12 3,138 posts
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    One more thing, do you really need the 600D? Might be able to get a good deal on the 550D? Just a thought.
  • NOSAVIOUR 8 Apr 2011 15:31:54 2,849 posts
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    Yeah I want the swivel screen so it's easier to record low and high vid and pics from a standing position, plus numerous other small but significant to me features, one being the beginners guide and it being 30% bigger than the 550D for my big hands.
  • Nth 8 Apr 2011 15:49:27 3,138 posts
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    30% bigger? Sure you're not thinking of the 60D?
  • NOSAVIOUR 8 Apr 2011 16:33:30 2,849 posts
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    Yep the 600D! Approx. 133 x 99.5 x 79.7mm as apposed to 128.8 x 97.3 x 62 mm and 40g heavier. Couple of sites have stated that as 30% bigger, i'm not doing the math. Have held both and prefer the size of it, but then again I'd prefer the size of the 60D or 7D.
  • Deleted user 25 September 2012 19:06:45
    Bump. Trying to help a relation pick a camera, even though I know relatively bugger-all myself. She's starting A-level photography. She was set on a 600D with whatever the standard lens (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6), mainly because she's familiar with Canon (as am I, for compacts) and wants the swivelly screen.

    I've suggested she go for a 650D, mainly because it has the latest processor (DIGIC5) and higher fps in burst mode (she likes motorsport). It costs roughly 100 more.

    My question to anyone interested is: Is there any good reason why she shouldn't get either of those two cameras?

    I've been looking at prices from this place:
  • Deleted user 27 September 2012 11:40:43
    One last bump before we go buy. Any useful advice welcome.
  • Deleted user 27 September 2012 12:22:28
    Seems a bit over the top for A levels.
  • Deleted user 27 September 2012 12:41:13
    It is a bit, although the way I see it I'd rather she got something to this spec (and price) rather than something that's cheaper that'll seem underspecced if she gets into it. She's been after something with good fps for motorsport anyway.
  • superdelphinus 27 Sep 2012 12:51:49 9,781 posts
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    I have a 600d and would echo the qs re 550d. How much do you really want a swivel screen etc, 650d do you want autofocus in video
  • Deleted user 27 September 2012 13:18:11
    She's absurdly set on a swivel screen. I lent her my old swivel-screened Canon compact (A620) a while back and that seems to have done it.

    Video isn't so important right now, but will be. I've tried to see this from her p.o.v, so whereas touchscreen means little to me, it could be perfect for a smartphone-savvy teen.

    Prices I've looked at for a 550d are about 40ish cheaper than a 600d - when in stock. She'd happily pay that for the screen.
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