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  • Dougs 13 May 2013 15:17:23 85,264 posts
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    I love it, it's ace. The characters are brilliant, and nothing is wasted imo.
  • imamazed 13 May 2013 15:19:39 6,322 posts
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    Tbf, I think Community is a slow burner. I didn't love it at first; I only persevered as it was on Virgin one rainy weekend. I don't actually laugh that often, but it's the creativity I love. That, and the consistentcy and continuity which you can only appreciate if you do stick with it.
  • TheSaint 13 May 2013 15:52:53 17,650 posts
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    I think you should give the whole first season a go before dismissing Community. Around half way through they made some major changes to the characters and the whole show stepped up a gear.

    Worst case you don't like it and you've got to enjoy twenty odd episodes of Alison Brie.
  • imamazed 13 May 2013 15:54:16 6,322 posts
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    TheSaint wrote:

    Worst case you don't like it and you've got to enjoy twenty odd episodes of Alison Brie.
    1,000,000 X this.
  • Tonka 14 May 2013 12:04:21 27,684 posts
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    I'm not over the top about Community either. For me it's very simple why. I just don't like the "Live The Simpsons" shpeil. I find it hard to engage with characters that are completely fake.

    That said. The set piece episodes can be cool and I wish I could just leave the whole feeling of being lied to behind and just enjoy the ride.

    Abed is the perfect personification of the show, all references and no emotion.
  • Blotto 14 May 2013 12:05:08 2,778 posts
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    TarickStonefire wrote:
    Am I supposed to find her attractive enough to put up with the lack of laughs? Didnt. :(
    I could put up with you saying you didn't like Community, but this is just sick.
  • beastmaster 16 May 2013 08:25:14 18,094 posts
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    Fringe Season 3 - 8.5/10

    Whoa! The main story arc really kicks in with this season. The final episode was fantastic and I'm ready for series 4 now.

    I love the little things in it too. The colour of the title sequence depending on what universe it's in and then there's the retro and future episodes.

    Walter Bishop is becoming one of my favorite TV characters of all time. Just utterly bonkers and brilliant. Likes his puddings too :-)

    This time they threw in an episode which went all cartoon like. I suppose they can only really do these kind of things in genre TV series.

    Initially I though it would just be some kind of cheap X-Files knock off. How wrong I was. I've never really watched the X-Files but they are all on Netflix. There's a rumor going around that Fox are working on the BR for the series but are going to make it rather special. May be a bit tough though as HD didn't exist before the series finished (which isn't as problem though) and they were all filmed in 4:3.

    Even before I consider that on Netflix though, I've got season 4 of Fringe and season 2 and 3 of Justified to get through.

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  • BeautyNaughty 16 May 2013 10:05:55 1 posts
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  • Trane 16 May 2013 10:51:10 4,050 posts
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    House of Cards (US) - 8/10

    Enjoyed it, looking forward to the next season.
  • Deleted user 16 May 2013 11:13:29
    @beastmaster i got season 5 ready to drop through my post box today, can't wait!

    I love the three main characters, hell astrid too!. its alot of fun, and nice to kick back too, and watch 3-4 episodes at a time.
  • nickthegun 16 May 2013 11:19:06 73,331 posts
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    person of interest - season 2: This show gives me a boner 9/10
  • StixxUK 16 May 2013 14:11:58 7,890 posts
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    What's the best order in which to watch Battle star Galactica? I've heard it's good but not sure where to start as there's a mini series and some odd specials by the looks of it.
  • nickthegun 16 May 2013 14:16:00 73,331 posts
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    Reverse order. Start with the last episode and work your way back to the bombing of caprica.
  • glaeken 16 May 2013 14:25:37 11,893 posts
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    An alternative way would be to start with the original mini series and then watch the series in order. Forget any of the specials as none of them are that great in my view. You have to watch the original mini series though as series one follows on directly from it and I think you would be a bit lost if you had not seen it.
  • Dougs 16 May 2013 14:34:20 85,264 posts
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    Deckard1 wrote:
    I've watched The League Of Gentleman series 1-3 again recently on netflix. Still amazing.
    Have you heard the radio show? It's fantastic, and some of the characters make a bit more sense. Just a bit mind you
  • TechnoHippy 16 May 2013 19:45:55 14,707 posts
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    Dexter - Season 7

    It started better than it finished, I enjoyed the conflict with the gangster, but that fell flat. I still enjoyed watching him in action, but he certainly knows how to pick 'em. And the ending was a bit silly.

  • sirtacos 18 May 2013 22:44:53 8,018 posts
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    Community season 4

    I mainly like Community because I saw most of the first & second seasons whilst high as tits. As a result, I thought it was brilliant, inventive and funny, with incredible writing and a superb cast.

    When season 3 rolled around, I started having doubts.

    I was sober for season 4, and didn't laugh once. This seemed strange, so I went back to season 1. Suddenly, my favourite characters were obnoxious, the clever writing fell flat, etc.
    It was obvious to me that, while there is a noticeable drop in quality after season 2, Community was never that good in the first place.

    The series I loved never existed. :(

    My favourite aspect of the show during this season has been Chevy Chase. I suppose it's a case of rooting for the underdog (supposedly everyone hates him in real life too, so the delineation between reality and fiction is blurred, as far as his character is concerned). There's more to it than that, however - one episode in particular makes him seem like a decent guy (the one in which he tells Jeff to go easy on Britta). I've always found him oddly likeable - more than other viewers give him credit for, and moreso now that I dislike everyone else.

    Anyway, I found S4 to be watchable (except for Felt Surrogacy, which was horrible) and not without a certain charm. I also found it interesting to see how they worked around Chevy Chase's departure. Overall,


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  • gooner77 19 May 2013 09:56:38 1,275 posts
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    Sons of Anarchy Season 4. 8/10

    This keeps getting better and better . Unfortunately I've exhausted the Netflix supply of SOA so will need to seek alternative means for S5.
  • Mola_Ram 19 May 2013 10:00:19 17,579 posts
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    Sons of Anarchy S5 is one of its best, imo.
  • YenooR 19 May 2013 14:04:48 540 posts
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    The Walking Dead season 3.
    Just love this show nothing more to say.
  • TechnoHippy 21 May 2013 11:58:05 14,707 posts
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    Millennium - Season 1

    No matter how many times I watch this it remains some of the best TV ever made. It ends on a hell of a cliff hanger as well.

  • TechnoHippy 27 May 2013 18:29:33 14,707 posts
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    Millennium - Season 2

    More great TV, this series isn't quite as dark as the first as it offers some glimpses of hope along the way. It then kicks you in the balls and makes you weep like a little girl with the last episode.

  • Kostabi 27 May 2013 18:41:12 5,915 posts
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    Fringe - Season 1

    I couldn't get into this first time around but it kept popping up on Netflix so I thought I'd give it another shot and it payed off.

    Even the weaker episodes are watchable thanks to Walter and his ramblings, my only real misgiving is that the overall arc or mystery (especially in the second half of the season) seems to be a bit shonky and out of place.


    Now for season 2.
  • ISmoke 29 May 2013 18:25:29 1,691 posts
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    Just finished season 4 of The Wire

    I first thought it was an overrated show but as each season goes by i realise how stupid I must've sounded - This show is nothing short of genius. I feel that once it is finish I feel like it would've ruined TV for me.

    Marlo is just getting more and more ruthless and I really liked the different side of the story with the kids in school.

    Is there any program that can top this series? I dare say i'm liking it more than 24, TWD, Breaking Bad and Dexter !?! Am I going mad?
  • TechnoHippy 29 May 2013 19:30:18 14,707 posts
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    Registered 15 years ago
    I think there's a few that are better - but not many :-) Have you watched West Wing?
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