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  • fletch7100 2 Jan 2014 12:47:47 8,368 posts
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    Don't know how well the US house of cards version compares to the UK version. Great just for the leading actors performance also. Is on uk Netflix
  • mattk84 2 Jan 2014 13:01:56 908 posts
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    Scurrminator wrote:
    Netflix series about a mob guy turned rat who moves to Lillehammer. Hijinks ensue.
    Really enjoyed s1
    Agree. I almost abandoned this part-way through ep1 but so glad I carried on.
    Steven Van Zandt essentially just plays his character from The Sopranos but he does it so well I don't mind. Many other really colourful characters too.
    S1 and S2 watched now just finishing off S8 of Dexter.
  • Deleted user 2 January 2014 23:52:02
    Homeland S3-

    The spy who came in from the slightly warm. A lot to like, but it sort of put itself into a corner with the whole carrie/brody thing. But i enjoyed the season conclusion and the early season absurd lengths that the spy game goes too to get results.


    Peaky Blinders

    Enjoyed this. Sopranos in post ww1 birmingham. A bit like that! The last couple of episodes didn't really fulfil its potential , again it got itself worked into a bit of a silly corner, but overall its a very good show. Some great characters and casting, and albeit it being quite a masculine show - characters and birmingham itself, the two main main females characters were fantastic, especially Helen McCory's character. Great to see Cilian Murphy and Sam Neil tear it up on screen!

    The production is terrific, and the direction very good, even if it tries a bit too hard. A lot of money as certainly gone into this, and it feels more HBO then it does BBC.

    The soundtrack on paper is great - Nick cave and the white stripes leading it, but i found the use of modern music alongside 1920 setting a bit jarring, albeit some good tunes! Yet any show that opens up with the use of Nick Cave and warren ellis gets a thumbs up from me!

    8/10 Really looking forward to the next season.
  • TechnoHippy 3 Jan 2014 17:44:27 14,707 posts
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    Millennium - Season 1

    This is my favourite TV show of all time. Lance Henrikson is superb in the lead role as a profiler who can see what the killers he hunts can see. I love the darkness of it, the exploration of evil from the mundane to the inexplicable.

    He works as a consultant for the Millennium Group, a rather shadowy organisation with goals he doesn't understand yet. Everything stands out for me in this show, while it does follow a formula, it's one that provides a range of perspectives.

    It also has a gritty authenticity to it, it's not full of brainless beautiful people, everyone brings something solid to the show. And the music, especially the theme tune is fantastic. For me it's perfect in every way.

  • vijay_UK 3 Jan 2014 17:52:26 3,961 posts
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    Another Millenium fan here. Absolutely loved the first run of this on tv, many moons ago. Brilliant show, really gritty and shot really well. Almost like watching a season full of Se7en(s). Great performance from Lance Henriksen throughout.
  • TechnoHippy 3 Jan 2014 18:01:57 14,707 posts
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    Indeed, I rewatch it every 6 months or so :-)
  • vijay_UK 3 Jan 2014 18:05:55 3,961 posts
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    TechnoHippy wrote:

    Indeed, I rewatch it every 6 months or so :-)
    Yikes, you're scaring me now
  • MrSensible 3 Jan 2014 18:44:28 26,523 posts
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    Been meaning to watch Millennium for years now. You've reminded me to re-add it to the list.
  • Gunzberg 3 Jan 2014 18:50:15 2,315 posts
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    Elementary Season 1 7.5/10

    Gets better as it goes on despite the American formulaicness. Definitely worth a watch
  • glaeken 6 Jan 2014 13:43:04 11,893 posts
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    The Tunnel series 1 - 5/10 - It kept me watching it but it was pretty average overall and there were quite a few plot threads that were totally pointless. When the denouncement comes the bad guys motivations for a lot of what they did make no sense.

    Oh and don't cast this guy as a bad guy. He is always a bad guy. The moment you see him you know he is the bad guy.

    bad guy

    A young doctors notebook series 2 - 9/10 - I thought it was great. John Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe were both superb in their parts. It's well worth checking this out if you have not seen it and both series are on Sky box sets on demand now. It's based on short stories by Mikhail Bulgakov about a newly qualified doctor in revolutionary Russia and his fall into morphine addiction.

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  • TechnoHippy 6 Jan 2014 19:43:04 14,707 posts
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    Millennium - Season 2

    As with the first season this ranks amongst the finest TV that I have watched. On my previous viewings I'd always placed this as close to, but not as good as the first season, this time I've changed my mind and I'd place this as marginally better as the first season.

    It has all the same traits, the darkness, the starkness of Frank's character and the evil he investigates. In this season they take the solid groundwork and pushes it further. Not only does Frank continue to investigate the horror of the world, the show also explores the wider significance of what he encounters.

    You also learn more about the Millennium group, in the first season they were a mysterious group, but by the end of season 2 they become a sinister one as well. It's an interesting evolution that has a number of ramifications.

    Above all it allows itself to have a bit of fun, the episode with the four demons is one of the best episodes of any show.

  • JiveHound 6 Jan 2014 20:51:43 9,339 posts
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    Millennium. I never got round to watching that. I'm going to look on Amazon. Ta.
  • Dougs 6 Jan 2014 22:44:49 85,224 posts
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    Homeland S3. 5/10. Dull. Dull. Dull. 1st half dreadful, improved but not by much with the only tension coming in the last couple of episodes. Disappointing. Please tell me that's the end?
  • TheSaint 7 Jan 2014 01:16:00 17,644 posts
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    Apparently not but it's the end for me.
  • Dougs 7 Jan 2014 09:05:48 85,224 posts
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    Same here. What next? Lazarus? Return of Saul for one last mission? . Such a missed opportunity.
  • Deleted user 8 January 2014 21:15:20
    Finished watching Dexter season 8 yesterday.  What a shame how naff season 8 is, especially after the more promising season 7.  And the final episode, Jesus.  Despite its ups and downs I've really enjoyed Dexter, every season.  It's been quite a journey with all the characters.  It wouldn't have been hard to create a dramatic final episode, and end up with at least him and Harrison together.  When he fucked off in his boat and said about protecting the people he loved from himself I thought killing himself wasn't how I wanted the series to end, and I was disappointed.

    But then, the final ending was just completely wtf.  It didn't make sense on any level.  Really disappointing. 

    Also, just watched the final episode of Lilyhammer.  Slightly disappointing final episode, that relied on a whole load of Sopranos references for impact.   Overall I have mixed feelings about Lilyhammer.   It gets points for being different and unique, and yet the finale is cliche and cheesy with everyone getting a wrap up.  Thing is though over both seasons it has had some really funny moments.  I dunno, I gave it 3/5 star rating on Netflix.  Better than Hemlock Grove, but not as good as Orange Is The New Black.  I would probably watch a third season if it was made but I probably won't watch 1&2 again.
  • Deleted user 11 January 2014 10:25:38
    Day of The Triffids 3/10

    It was on SYFY over 2 episodes. OMG. Where to start. I watched the original series too many years ago but can't remember it so will treat this as having viewed with no prior knowledge.

    1. Its not a zombie apocalypse thing, so where the fuck is everyone? London is teeming with millions of people from all walks of life and most of them were blinded by the solar event.....not mutated into shuffling hoardes of zombies or killed by them. The only people u see are handfuls of white people with the odd token person of colour thrown in. (That's a dig at the director and casting. Nothing else.

    2. What hapenned to the people in the Gherkin?

    3. Even Eddie Izzard couldn't be arsed giving this his full attention and the scene where he is sat on the bed with the gun staring blankly ahead sums this series up.

    4. The effects were dire. I get that its a British production so they have fuck all budget and what they did have was spent on casting Izzard and a couple of other slightly recogniseable actors, but still. How fucking shit.

    5. How was the main protagonist able to take long walks in the country with no sign of triffids.... And sleep out in the open with no threat? Oh and why did he walk so slowly?

    6. If Triffoil was global then what the fuck were they using on the Isle of white? No Triffid farm there?

    7. The power was still on which means so was the internet, skype, Facebook, Twitter etc......and yet no one had access to a PC or laptop to try and connect to people outside of England?

    Numerous more problems with this but I think those are the main ones and I'm not even going to go into detail about the whole 'eye' thing at the end.

    Watching this has made me feel insulted.

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  • TOOTR 11 Jan 2014 18:42:32 10,422 posts
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    The Second Coming

    Perceived in some quarters as the blueprint for Russel T Davies new introduction of Doctor Who - it does indeed have some of those qualities and in a good way.

    Ecclestone is great and the premise - the second coming of Christ happens 'oop North' in modern day - how will he be treated? Will he be believed? Is it really truly Him? is a good one.

    Some of the script crackles but a lot of it is as damp as galilean fishing nets.

    After the initial potential for worldwide impact we get local soap opera characters nagging and yelling.

    It runs out of power towards the end but I did enjoy the end. Some of the dialogue there is tart and hurtful in it's honesty.

    Good but not great.

  • TOOTR 11 Jan 2014 18:47:16 10,422 posts
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    Peaky Blinders

    Wow. I haven't enjoyed a UK show as much as this in a long time.

    Cillian Murphy is off the charts good in this. Cinematography is great with some great motifs of long roads, open doors and Birmingham has probably never looked so good.

    Plot twists and jumps around - occasionally meandering into the slightly farfetched but it's so enjoyable I forgive it.

    Completely and utterly looking forward to second series but honestly they should really have wrapped it up there at the end and not made the grab for a sequel. It would have had more weight and been more true to life to the characters.

    Still if they DO manage to keep up the standard it will be happy days. And if they don't - I can just ignore it happened and rewatch this.

  • gunark 11 Jan 2014 21:12:13 716 posts
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    In my humble opinion Peaky Blinders fell short. It looked like you can imagine longform Kasabian video might look like, albeit with The White Stripes every 30 fucking seconds*. Cillian Murphy is a good actor but it just didn't have much to say and what it did was quite hammy. Ripper Street on the other hand, and even BBC America's underrated Copper did (sort of) similar time period dramas in a more interesting and understated way. Plus they had no singing barmaids in them. I think.

    *great band, wrong period and overused in this instance.

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  • TechnoHippy 11 Jan 2014 21:57:38 14,707 posts
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    Millennium - Season 3

    While this is my least favourite of the three seasons it is still some damn fine TV. There's a few reasons why it's not ranked as highly, the most obvious is Frank's return to the FBI, this puts a more procedural aspect to the show and the addition of his protege also adds an unusual dynamic. Frank is a loner and now has a hanger on, she does develop in an interesting way through the series.

    The other big reason is simply that the story doesn't end, there isn't a satisfactory conclusion to the show and there's so much mystery about the group in particular that isn't resolved, in fact the angle the third season takes narrows the group's focus in a way that doesn't fit with the previous seasons.

    That's the big shame really, there is a follow on crossover episode with The X-Files that provides a small glimpse of Frank at the turn of the Millennium, but it doesn't clear much up.

    There's rumours of a film to clear up some loose ends which I hope reach fruition.

    As I said at the beginning though, it might be the weakest season, but I did enjoy watching it.

  • captainrentboy 11 Jan 2014 23:21:04 1,682 posts
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    Modern Family- All of it, right up to the latest episode. 8.5/10
    Blasted through all 100+ episodes in a disgustingly fast time.
    Obviously it was far better than I thought it would be. it's got a great cast, thankfully has no overbearing canned laughter, and has plenty of huge LOL moments throughout most episodes. (Normally courtesy of Phil or Cam)
    This and Parks & Rec are the only two US comedies I'm currently bothering with.
  • Nazo 11 Jan 2014 23:27:10 797 posts
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    Finally got round to watching the final series of Battlestar Galactica. Sort of wish I'd left it unfinished due to the terrible ending. Most of it was decent though, 7/10
  • richardiox 11 Jan 2014 23:30:05 7,021 posts
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    Just started rewatching King of Queens. A forgotten classic, legit funny and Leah Remini is HOT.
  • MrSensible 11 Jan 2014 23:37:34 26,523 posts
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    Nazo wrote:
    Finally got round to watching the final series of Battlestar Galactica. Sort of wish I'd left it unfinished due to the terrible ending. Most of it was decent though, 7/10
    I personally thought the ending was utterly fantastic, unexpected, unique... one of my favourite endings of all time.

    I guess it goes to show you can't please everybody!

    Such a shame what the show does to Starbuck from the third season on though. Ruined character, completely.
  • smemma 12 Jan 2014 08:16:31 597 posts
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    Season 4 of treme; 10/10, a perfect ending. Throughout all 4 seasons I don't think there was a second I didn't love - genuinely sad that there will be no more
  • Deleted user 13 January 2014 03:50:24
    Heroes (S1)

  • Baihu1983 13 Jan 2014 12:01:00 9,905 posts
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    Mad Dogs. Bit of a flat ending to the show IMO.

    Show the ending rather than try to be cleaver.
  • TechnoHippy 16 Jan 2014 09:43:04 14,707 posts
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    Game of Thrones - Season 3

    Ten episodes is not enough! Joffrey is growing up to be a fine king :-) It continues the fine tradition of mixing political intrigue with nakedness (and some fine nakedness at that). The mix of characters is excellent and I'm even enjoying the dragon queen's story line.

    An excellent watch.

  • beastmaster 16 Jan 2014 10:27:26 18,069 posts
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    Anyone watched Veronica Mars? Is it worth a punt?
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