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  • RawShark 17 Nov 2020 03:13:43 2,095 posts
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    @Tomo sorry. At least this one wasnít nominated for Oscars.
  • FoxMoody 17 Nov 2020 07:31:16 144 posts
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    I'm late but I watched The Haunting of Hill House and damn that's a great show.
    One episode in particular actually made me tear up.
  • General_Martok 17 Nov 2020 15:02:33 2,452 posts
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    The man in the high castle.

    Disappointing/10 or 6/10.

    It had such promise and at times the show almost reached it's promise but mostly it suffered from endless waffle and self pitty from the characters in season 1 and 2. When it picked up in season 3 and 4 they still had entire episodes that seemed to move at less than glacial pace before bursting into warp speed for the final few minutes.

    The pacing of this show just seemed wrong at all stages and it's ending exemplified this. It was a half decent ending with a large dose of what the fuck.

    Disappointed. Good to watch whilst cooking though :)

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  • RGeefe 17 Nov 2020 17:49:00 2,353 posts
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    @General_Martok overally, I found Man in High Castle enjoyable but it did go on too long. The last series really was like doing fuck all in an exam and then realising you had 5 minutes left.

    I'd say it was series 2 and 3 where it was at its strongest, though some of the characters were total wet blankets. When the man I'm rooting for is a Nazi turncoat who sold out his mates, you're probably not doing the right thing.

    It was fun but a bit flim flam.
  • TechnoHippy 17 Nov 2020 17:59:50 19,217 posts
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    I enjoyed the first season of Man in High Castle when it was released, but never managed to get back into it.
  • RawShark 18 Nov 2020 01:02:26 2,095 posts
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    Ted Lasso

    It was super weird watching this as it was all shot in my neck of the woods. So when they went to Liverpool I immediately recognised they were actually in Syon Park (only 215 miles south) and the Crown & Anchor is actually The Princeís Head (outclassed by The Cricketers 20 yards away, by the way). And obviously the arena is Selhurst Park... which is where I grew up.

    There are things I bristled against. It got dangerously close to being twee and a bit saccharine - especially towards the end. Glaring apple product placement. Odd Americanisms inserted into dialogue eg. mad for angry, auditorium for assembly. Offside rule jokes. And a bloody Mumford doing the music.

    But of course none of that mattered because it was just life affirming and infectiously optimistic. It must be set in a parallel universe where Palace are on ridiculous form. And actually, while I still hate all the Mumfords, the music selection is pretty good. And thereís a really good line about there not being such a thing as relegation in the US. Chefís kiss for that one.

    Oh and Keeley Hazell... made me feel nostalgic.

  • Tonka 18 Nov 2020 09:55:42 31,928 posts
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    Poldark S02
    There are a lot of things to like about Poldark, except the titular character. He's just an asshole. Emo asshole at that. That could be okay if it wasn't for everyone else treating him as if the sun was shining out of his ass. That too would be okay if it wasn't for the fact that he has the most ridiculous haircut in s02.

    Not sure if I can take another season of this
  • Vortex808 18 Nov 2020 11:22:40 15,521 posts
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    Somebody feed Phil Series 5 (I think- the really recent one anyway).

    Watched it with our lad who now wants to go to pretty much every place Phil has ever been. It was still as enjoyable as ever.

    Shame it will no doubt be ages until the next few series now. :-(
  • Rum_Monkey 18 Nov 2020 14:29:50 3,349 posts
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    I read something where he might have to do the next season around the US. Not ideal but still something.

    It really is the feel good TV needed in 2020 though.
  • Vortex808 18 Nov 2020 15:16:02 15,521 posts
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    I could live with that. This last one had a few in the US too, but it was interesting(& tasty looking enough).

    It's definitely feel good telly, his excited little face and bizarre dances always make us smile.

    Seeing other places is nice too, it's not like we're going anywhere just now!
  • Rum_Monkey 18 Nov 2020 17:19:48 3,349 posts
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    We've already decided our next holiday will be Vietnam after watching him there. Aiming for 2022 when hopefully things are a little more normal.
  • Vortex808 18 Nov 2020 18:33:02 15,521 posts
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    Sadly, i doubt any of us will be going too far next year, so 2022 is probably a good bet.

    Gives you more time to save and really go for the gusto when you get there!

    I know we'll be going daft on the holiday front after all this shite settles down.

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  • TechnoHippy 18 Nov 2020 20:42:07 19,217 posts
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    Counterpart (S1)

    A sci-fi drama on Starz with a secret UN department dealing with their counterparts in a parallel world. I didn't get on with it on my first try, but I'm glad I gave it another try. The conspiracy is well done, the characters also work well, and I did like how the same person from different sides worked differently - the lead in particular did a grand job. It's quite slow paced, but does build nicely.

  • dfunked09 18 Nov 2020 20:46:57 2,265 posts
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    I can't remember if we finished that season or not... It was really enjoyable from what I remember, but have a feeling my missus gave up on it and it went straight into my neverending backlog.

    J. Jonah Jameson was pretty fucking great with the multiple lead stuff.
  • Anthony_UK 18 Nov 2020 20:56:43 3,089 posts
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    The Expanse S3 - 8/10

    Big fan of the first two seasons, this was also great but didn't quite hit same mark for me. felt like there were too many odd decisions made to keep the plot moving. All the different factions ships blindly flying into an alien ring? Then firing at each other inside said ring along with letting off a nuke and evil sister plot line. Just fell needlessly reckless against what had come before. I haven't read the books, but this season was strange to the point it felt like the plot was going in one direction, then someone played mass effect between seasons/books 2 and 3 and the story got influenced in another direction

    Still great sci-fi though. Definitely worth a watch if you haven't already.

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  • Anthony_UK 20 Nov 2020 00:57:08 3,089 posts
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    Expanse S4 4/10

    For a show set in space called the Expanse, you've gone from solar system wide wars to smaller scale stories that barely touch on all they'd built prior till this point. This felt especially odd as it treads very similar theme to season 3 (humans can't get along) but this time in a blander environment with new characters you don't care about.

    Events and side plots arrived out of absolutely nowhere and vanished as quickly without any logic or foreshadowing, to the point most of this season felt like a random series of events with the characters along for the ride. Then they add in McGuffin's galore, questionable logic and a 2 dimensional villain teleported in from Game of Thrones...

    When you've introduced planetary wars, alien life almost beyond comprehension, alien worlds and spend more time on whether a teenage character you've known 5 minutes should go to college or not.. than the deeper mysteries you've hinted at for the past 4 years, it became a frustrating almost boring watch at times. Lots going on but nothing happened.

    Rant over, so want this to reach its potential but this was pretty poor IMO.
  • brokenkey 20 Nov 2020 11:28:32 11,116 posts
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    The Queen's Gambit 10/10
    Can't fault it really.
  • Dougs 21 Nov 2020 00:07:04 100,285 posts
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    Just finished it too. Sublime from start to finish. Looks great, amazing attention to detail, well acted. It was relatively predictable, but that didn't matter. Loved it.
  • Tomo 21 Nov 2020 09:49:01 19,530 posts
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    Think I'll be watching it soon I expect. GF has also had recommendations.
  • Decks 21 Nov 2020 09:50:36 30,876 posts
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    Watched the first episode the other day and it was pretty great.
  • Mola_Ram 21 Nov 2020 12:45:58 26,065 posts
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    Gomorrah S3

    Fucking hell, I feel sick. How the fuck are there two whole more seasons of this?

    I don't really know how to rate it, I guess it's great? But it's bleak as fuck, I haven't seen a show this depressing since The Wire.

  • Vortex808 21 Nov 2020 13:47:26 15,521 posts
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    Glad you (sort of) enjoyed it.

    Give it some time to process & you'll be ready for S4 in no time! 😃
  • f00b_inc 22 Nov 2020 08:27:53 909 posts
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    Registered 16 years ago

    I started watching S1 of this following comments here a couple of weeks back! Really enjoying it so far (about halfway through S1) so glad to hear the quality stays high. It does all seem quite bleak though so it's a bit of a slower watch for me.
  • RawShark 22 Nov 2020 13:52:48 2,095 posts
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    Aunty Donnaís Big Olí House of Fun

    Six episode sketch show that is consistently funny and never outstays itís welcome. Like all sketch shows, some segments hit the mark better than others, but the hit/miss ratio is easily in its favour.

    The best way I can describe it is that itís like the lovechild of Vic ní Bob and Donít Hug Me, Iím Scared. Iím not sure you can give something higher praise that that.

  • MrFlay 22 Nov 2020 20:14:31 4,666 posts
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    Succession Season 1 - 10/10

    Very slow starter. Bleakly hilarious portrayal of a hyper wealthy and hyper dysfunctional family who own and run a global media conglomerate. Brian Cox plays the patriarch like King Lear, Kieran Culkin is the weird, feckless younger son, Matthew McFayden steals the show as bumbling but ambitious son in law. It's written by Jesse Armstrong of Peep Show and the dialogue is every bit as memorable. The family are an amalgam of the Murdoch's, Trumps, Gettys, Hearsts etc.

    It's on NowTV but is leaving in 15 days. Worth binging the 20 episodes.
  • Tomo 22 Nov 2020 20:58:47 19,530 posts
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    Nah not convinced, sounds shit
  • Frogofdoom 23 Nov 2020 07:04:17 17,863 posts
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    Burn the heretic.

    Failing that send him over to dougs corner.
  • Dougs 23 Nov 2020 07:19:47 100,285 posts
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  • TechnoHippy 23 Nov 2020 20:02:04 19,217 posts
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    Counterpart (S2)

    It loses a little something in the early episodes as it tries to cover too much ground with too many arcs. It does eventually come together though and finishes strong. The ending felt just right, if a little dark, but that's fine with me.

  • simpleexplodingmaybe 24 Nov 2020 21:03:01 19,760 posts
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    Registered 6 years ago
    The Chris Gethard Show

    Rewatching both seasons of the proper tv version on his youtube channel. Its so good. Warm, weird, inclusive, hilarious chaos. Even though Iíve seen it all before its the most Iíve laughed at something in ages.


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