Photopic Sky Survey

  • Deleted user 14 May 2011 19:55:20
    This guy has travelled around the world for a year looking for non light polluted spots, clear skies and new moon nights. The result is 30.000+ exposures with a special rig of 6 cameras that he's combined into a single image. Enjoy the fantastic shot of the Milky Way and don't forget to explore the image by zooming around:

    Amazing highly technical stuff, amazed at the rig he used that could perfectly track stars across the sky (there are no star trails anywhere). I'll let him explain better:

    It was clear that such a survey would be quite difficult visually hopping from one area of the sky to the next—not to mention possible lapses in coverage—so this called for a more systematic approach. I divided the sky into 624 uniformly spaced areas and entered their coordinates into the computer which gave me assurance that I was on target and would finish without any gaps. Each frame received a total of 60 exposures: 4 short, 4 medium, and 4 long shots for each camera which would help to reduce the amount of noise, overhead satellite trails and other unwanted artifacts.
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    Awesome (and I'm using the word in the proper sense..) stuff!

    I was in Arizona about 3 weeks ago and was lucky enough to get a night time visit to Kitt Peak. Saw some amazing sights that will remain with me for a long long time. Was made even better by the fact that I am usually graced with the amazingly clear skies over Glasgow...
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