Trials Evolution

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  • Deleted user 6 June 2011 23:07:38
    Putting this in General as there is absolutely no word whatsoever what's going on.

    Big kudos LFMartins for spotting it:

    To date, I've asked RedLynx and no response - they never take my calls :(

    Anyhow, more Trials HD in a bigger-better version - YES PLEASE!!!!
  • estoo 6 Jun 2011 23:09:23 2,879 posts
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    Registered 12 years ago
    I for one approve of this sort of thing.
  • Syrette 6 Jun 2011 23:09:50 49,784 posts
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    Why in the fuck did MS keep stuff like this quiet?

    I despair.
  • Deleted user 6 June 2011 23:10:10
    I second that approval.

    More tip-top torment.
  • Deleted user 6 June 2011 23:12:40
    So people can keep up to date with any updates (expect a full announcement very soon):
    better link !
  • Deleted user 6 June 2011 23:18:52
    foreverafternothing wrote:
    Why in the fuck did MS keep stuff like this quiet?

    I despair.

    IIRC there're often a few announcements made after the conferences - not usually massive ones, but often new titles.
  • estoo 6 Jun 2011 23:42:44 2,879 posts
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    Please don't let the official announcement feature the word "Kinect" anywhere.
  • Psychotext 7 Jun 2011 01:05:52 62,855 posts
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    See you in the game! :D
  • Deleted user 7 June 2011 01:08:28
    Psychotext wrote:

    See you in the game! :D

    As always I'm open for Trials HD invites.....

    #What's that going over the hill
    Is it a Snakehips is it a Snakehip#
  • Deleted user 7 June 2011 01:14:32
    All we need is gartt to get this party started :D
  • phoopipe 7 Jun 2011 02:14:50 1,542 posts
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    Cant stand the game myself but from that clip it looks like multiplayer is on the cards.

  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 7 Jun 2011 06:33:55 47,491 posts
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    Mmmmm Outdoor environments.
  • Page1 7 Jun 2011 08:47:22 2,627 posts
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    My girlfriend is going to hate me all over again \o/
  • Deleted user 7 June 2011 12:42:20
    Build your own tracks with the included editor or download those of any other player from the new Track Central. Trials Evolution is survival of the fastest.

    Fucking excellent, begone daft download system in THD \o/
  • agparrot 7 Jun 2011 13:10:03 11,902 posts
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    How much Kinect time would they have had to cut from their jiggle-heavy day one conference to just show that tiny bit of video?


    Looks lovely. Now, instead of simply being able to remove people from my Friends List for being better than me, I'm going to have suffer the ignominy of watching them speed off into the distance!
  • oceanmotion 7 Jun 2011 13:15:21 17,314 posts
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    Trials HD made me feel so unskilled, it's just not worth trying any more. Way too hard later on. Looks great but I'll never be able to achieve the awesome heights.
  • Deleted user 7 June 2011 13:18:33
    Still in the top 500 on HD which I'm super chuffed about. Put hours and hours and hours getting all those Platinum medals to now start it all over again!
  • MiniAmin 7 Jun 2011 14:10:27 3,793 posts
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    WooHoo!!! wrote:
    Trials HD made me feel so unskilled, it's just not worth trying any more. Way too hard later on. Looks great but I'll never be able to achieve the awesome heights.

    Trials is so bloody fun that I don't care about the Leaderboards. Racing through the levels at my own pace is just as enchanting as climbing up the leaderboards.
  • Deleted user 7 June 2011 14:43:59
    You feel yourself improving. It is very odd and very awesome.
  • monkehhh 9 Jun 2011 20:02:57 4,817 posts
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  • Deleted user 17 June 2011 17:50:46
    Re the in-game track editing tool -

    "We just showed it to one of the guys who worked on the editor with the last game, Trials HD, and his eyes just bugged out," said Ilvessuo. "I had to steer him back to his seat."

    This is great news as far as I'm concerned \o/

    EG news article on the front page confirms no Kinect too - aces :)
  • Deleted user 17 June 2011 17:52:55
    snake's going DOWWNNN
  • Deleted user 17 June 2011 18:03:16
    Bring it on junior!
  • Deleted user 20 June 2011 23:40:10
    Latest I hear is that Skill Games / Tournies and Tracks are all going to be on a seperate ranking system.

    Yey for me, blows chunks for Lexx an delboy I guess??

  • Yuroko 21 Jun 2011 09:02:38 27 posts
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    Trials HD - The single most annoying game I have ever played that doesn't make me want to tear the controller in two. I look forward to Evolution.
  • Deleted user 6 August 2011 00:37:56

    Trials Evolution

    Back to scramble your brains on Xbox Live Arcade.

    First Look:

    We can already feel our hand muscles tightening in anticipation. There are very few games that provoke the kind of joypad-rupturing, reset button-destroying obsessive-compulsive play that turns us into teeth-gnashing, lizard-brained automatons.

    Super Meat Boy is one, but before that particulary addictive gem there was Trials HD, a game whose leaderboards have probably destroyed their fair share of lifelong friendships. A sequel was inevitable, and we've already cleared our social diary for the rest of the year in anticipation of the vague 2011 release date of Trials Evolution.

    Priority one for RedLynx was the inclusion of simultaneous multiplayer and in Evo you can now have four players, each on their own racing line, competing either locally or over Xbox Live.

    You might have a faster time than your mates on the leaderboards, but if you crack easily under pressure you're stuffed in a live race. "It becomes a real pressure game," explains Antti Ilvessuo, "If you mess up you are in serious trouble - but don't worry, you're still in the game. We're working on multiplayer game modes right now, tuning them to keep them competitive and fair."

    Naturally the downloadable ghost runs are back as a fundamental element of the Trials experience. "Yes you will still be able to download ghosts from the leaderboard so you can check replays of your friends or your top riders, but we don't stop there." says Ilvessuo. "We have new cool improvements up our sleeve here too."

    The flexible level editor from Trials HD returns, but with more options and a system called the Track Central that makes custom circuits available to all, rather than just players on your friends list. What's more, RedLynx has emptied a dump truck of new objects into the editor. "As far as new options and objects, let me put it this way. We showed the new level editor to one of the top designer guys, and afterwards he had to be helped to his chair," Ilvessuo reveals. "He was just so overwhelmed with the possibilities of what you can do. It's almost a mini-game creation system."

    But don't worry, the changed don't affect the special-sauce handling of the bikes themselves. "The core mechanic - the bike and the physics engine with the thousands of variables - isn't changing much, just some fine tuning for the new enviroments," confirms Ilvessuo. "It's something that works, so we don't want to break it. so your skills from Trials HD - all that muscle memory and hand eye co-ordination you developed - should carry over nicely into the next game." Just getting over the quivering cold turkey withdrawal of your last Trials binge?

    Evolution is here to turn you into a hopeless, back-button-mashing addict once again. At least with three other players, you'll have a ready-made support group.

    Edit: Just to add more info:

    This is all my wording now...

    Not only do you get to fiddle around with the editor, but you get to choose your surrondings by the looks of this editor, you will be intimidated! Get down into the whole new rusty pipes and Rome pillars that you see in Assassin's Creed (If you have played it). One of the few things I am looking forward to when making a track, the outdoors, ranges from mountains, rivers, sea beds and marsh lands... I can only assume Out of the Pit is not just a name now.

    It also features additions for the new players to Trials, Hard tracks they complete will be rewarded. So you only guess what's coming, not even I know this. If anyone out there is reading this, you are in for a well big treat. Say goodbye to our social lives this fall by the looks of things.

  • Deleted user 6 August 2011 00:42:34
    Looks ace man should be great.
  • Deleted user 6 August 2011 00:47:50
    Another few hundred hours just on the editor again I fear...
  • Deleted user 6 August 2011 00:48:46
    Post deleted
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