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  • Deleted user 2 September 2011 20:49:20
    You can bailout and still finish? Never knew I loves me some Trials, cannot wait for this.
  • Deleted user 2 September 2011 20:50:52
    It looks so beautiful, everything about it. Menu screens just everything.
  • Deleted user 2 September 2011 23:35:37
    Petulant_Radish wrote:
    You can bailout and still finish? Never knew I loves me some Trials, cannot wait for this.

    According to the devs it's been built in for the "trial" build, excuse the pun and they'll see how it goes.

    I hope to God they get rid of it otherwise replays are going to be filled with people bailing out half-way through a track like leaping salmon.

    That aside, the tracks they let loose to the public seem pretty much finihsed. What where there - a dozen or so in the Pax build? They've said there will be 60+ at release so now it's just a case of sitting and waiting until all the tests are done on the rest I guess.
  • Deleted user 2 September 2011 23:44:16
    Just as an after thought, when making a track in HD, you had to add a ski jump bail-out trigger before a jump for any bail out to take affect. Hopefully this is just one of the few things that need to be implemented before it ships?

    I've heard that you can set up custom games with all sorts of "house rules" so bail out could be one, but not for the core tracks please!
  • Deleted user 2 September 2011 23:58:14
    It won't be on the core tracks I'm sure it would become about how to bail the best which isn't Trials. The track builder will let you break all the rules so we will get some great custom tracks.

    Im personally looking forward to Arrrrgggggghhhhhgg 2.0
  • seasidebaz 2 Sep 2011 23:59:21 7,487 posts
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    Then again, you bail you get a fault. So it won't be that bad.
  • Deleted user 3 September 2011 00:04:26
    Lexx87 wrote:
    Im personally looking forward to Arrrrgggggghhhhhgg 2.0

    glol :)
  • Deleted user 3 September 2011 00:09:16
    seasidebaz wrote:
    Then again, you bail you get a fault. So it won't be that bad.

    Assuming my track is still shared, try "Can I get Bail" of my shared tracks - it requires both speed and bailing out abilities. It is thankfully both fast and short though to avoid too many annoying moments.

    Also, where I learned that ski-jump triggers are needed for the bailout endings. Get rid, pronto please RedLynx.
  • andytheadequate 5 Sep 2011 09:54:59 8,980 posts
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    I hope they get rid of the bloody bailout thing, what a bad idea.
  • andytheadequate 5 Sep 2011 09:55:20 8,980 posts
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    Lexx87 wrote:
    Im personally looking forward to Arrrrgggggghhhhhgg 2.0

    What a classic! :D
  • L_Franko Moderator 5 Sep 2011 10:33:38 9,695 posts
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    andytheadequate wrote:
    I hope they get rid of the bloody bailout thing, what a bad idea.

    I think there would be alot of fans giving the Devs a bollocking if they keep it in the game for the core tracks. Stupid idea.

    Other than that though the vid looks great! I really can'r wait to get my hands on this game.
  • andytheadequate 5 Sep 2011 11:38:05 8,980 posts
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    I looked on the forums and apparently it was a bug. It's an option for local MP and custom tracks, but won't be in the main game
  • Deleted user 5 September 2011 11:40:02
    It would never be in the main game, it would be a bonkers move Redlynx are not that stupid! Saying that the recent 1000 Heroz update made me give up on it for the time being, but oh well.

    I want this more than any game coming up for release, can not wait.
  • IncredibleKoosh 5 Sep 2011 21:16:09 249 posts
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    Why does the multiplayer remind me so much of this???
  • Deleted user 14 September 2011 10:20:38
    Look at some of the funky outfits that you can unlock:
  • L_Franko Moderator 14 Sep 2011 10:38:29 9,695 posts
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    Is it just me or does the third guy from the left look like Cobra Commander?
  • Deleted user 14 September 2011 10:41:26
    Yeah, the guy on the far right looks a bit like one of the characters from Army of Two (or a goon from Batman:AA) as well :)

    Still, pimping your character is what it's all about now. I want a big gold medallion and to be able to ride in the buff!
  • Deleted user 19 September 2011 10:24:28
    Thoughts on the changes in Evo from MurdocLoch

    - Switch Jumping* is MUCH harder
    - Back wheel bouncing is still available but is harder and only gets about half the height as Trials HD
    - The game feels great physics wise, it is different from HD but not in a bad way
    - it seems like you can not lean the rider as far forward as in trials hd, I think this makes leaning too far forward wile during a hill climb less likely but also makes switch jumping harder
    - Coasting downhill is still faster then gassing downhill
    - The cameras during turns don't feel weird at all (and I'm really sensitive to weird cameras)

    * Switch Jump:
    - Doable when you are leaning fully forwards and have enough space to accelerate a bit.
    - Accelerate first and keep the accelerator pressed until you get off.
    - Quickly tap lean back and then immediately tap lean forward just before your front tire goes over the ramp edge.
    - When at up hill press lean back and lean forward very shortly or you will likely flip your bike over. When downhill press the buttons for a longer time to get even higher jump height.
    - The main usage of Switch Jump is to get much higher than you would normally get from a ramp. It doesn't help with horizontal jump distance (often actually making your jump shorter).
  • andytheadequate 19 Sep 2011 11:23:21 8,980 posts
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    Is the switch jump the technique you have to use on Inferno II, on the bit just before the pipes? If not then I'm not sure I've ever used it, certainly not deliberately anyway...

    Shame about the back wheel bouncing though, was just about getting used to it too!
  • Deleted user 3 October 2011 23:27:10
    Big, big...nay massive write up in a Finnish (?) mag translated all here in English:

    Those interested in pics et al follow clicks on here:

    Trials Evolution
    Reckless Revolution!
    Trials HD, the finnish superhit of the Xbox Live Arcade, continues – or to say it better, evolves. RedLynx, whose headquarters are located in Helsinki, promises that Trials Evolution will be a lot more than just a Trials HD 2.

    Page 3

    One size fits all! While riding with three other riders, it’s good to stand out. The clothes and bike can be customized with a wide range of choices, which offer change in the looks of the player. The owners of the more expensive equipment have presumably played the game a lot and are probably good.

    Code faster, or else!!! There’s an essential wrestling mat in RedLynx’ office.

    The finnish gamestudio RedLynx has in it’s 11 years developed close to a hundred games, but the last two years the studio has been ”the Trials HD –developer” for most gamers. The series, which is based on physics-based trials-riding, has enjoyed some success in the PC-front, but moving to the Xbox and ending up as a part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade –summercampaign brought the game and it’s developers a lot of publicity. Ultimately Trials HD was an excellent game, that didn’t fail to get noticed. The rest was, as they say, history.

    Nowadays the sales of Trials HD with it’s DLC are around 2 million. After the successful sales, favorable reviews and numerous awards, few were suprised when they heard that along with the DLC, RedLynx was planning for a sequel. The first taste of Trials Evolution was at this years E3-expo, in the form of a very tantalizing trailer, which only showed proper in-game footage for a few seconds. Because of the huge popularity it’s clear, that Trials Evolution is an important title for RedLynx, as well as Microsoft and the whole Xbox Live Arcade.

    As we arrive at RedLynx HQ on an August day, the studio’s co-founder and the executive producer of Trials Evolution Antti Ilvessuo describes the game to be after it’s name an evolution in every part of the game. Therefore Trials HD 2 didn’t feel like a properly descriptive name for the newest game in the series. The developers trust in their own work, and for a reason. The familiarly simple and extremely addicting base has stayed, but around that has been built one of the most ambitious up-coming downloadable games.

    Bring some color to life

    Trials HD has the reputation of a challenging game. The first obstacle courses that you beat with a motorcycle are fast and easy, but as the tracks unlocked they stopped the progression of many players. Trials Evolution aproaches this from a slightly different angle, but it doesn’t ruin the challenges common in Trials-games. There are enough of challenges for all players, from easy and speedy...

    Page 4

    ...pastime –tracks to harder-than-the-prequel obstacles, where the shifting of the bike and the correct uses of gas require professional precision.

    The game itself has a familiar feel. To get better at beating obstacles you simply have to play and practice, so competing in your friendslist’s leaderboards is just a product of your work. The tracks of Evolution include new challenges and more visual experiences, as the riding line can now include curves instead of just being a straight line. There’s a bunch of completely new surprises, like rising water obstacles, which make you hurry and with floating objects bring some different physics.

    Visually Trials Evolution and Trials HD are like day and night. Stepping out from the dark and almost identical warehouses out to the sun does wonders to the looks of the game, since every one of the 60 tracks in the game now has it’s own visual theme and story. In the place of warehouses A, B and C is now everything from a rollercoaster to a warzone to a traditional obstacle course, which with their loads of detail are admittedly more easily and vividly rememberable which makes playing the game more pleasant.

    RedLynx’ humoristic grip ensures, that you never know beforehand what the next track will be like. The absolute high light of the test session was the track Mind Bender, which’s physics’ laws breaking nature you have to experience yourself, because it really tries to get into the head of the player. The most pertinent description is the dream-cities from Inception, where you have to always be alert.

    There was plenty of creative craziness put into the tracks and brand new Skill Games -challenges we tested. You will not see the old Trials HD –favorites in Evolution, but Ilvessuo expects the fans to make them with the improved track editor. Minigame-like challenges are again made with tongue-in-cheek, since inter alia the players get to steer an UFO, with which you have to land succesfully in multiple locations. In the Ball of Steel –challenge the players have to balance a huge stone ball on a cup attached to the bike – just to list a few.

    The most anticipated update in Trials Evolution is unquestionably multiplayer, which flashed in the trailer. In the battles over Xbox Live or on the same console you get to drive side-by-side with 3 other players. Each player stays on their own track, so it’s the pure joy of riding against each other without collisions with the other players. There are 12 tracks full of jumps and obstacles designed just for multiplayer, which are…

    ”When I got a message from RedLynx asking if I wanted to go and make tracks for Trials HD DLC, I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was a janitor or something, it couldn’t be true.”

    –Lee, who joked about the weather in Finland, about his draft into a track designer

    ”At the studio there’s a good atmosphere and we easily adapted to the team. Now none of the trackmakers have any kind of coding career, but they’re just trackmakers, who sit all day in front of the Xbox designing tracks.”

    -Konsta about the life of a track designer.

    From a gamer to a designer

    In the last few years the communities of games have grown to be a way to get to work in the gaming industry. The creations of gamers are at best equal to the visions of the developers, so in the best cases the most enthusiastic fans have ended up working for the game studio. This has happened with RedLynx and Trials, too.

    We interviewed Trials Evolution’s track designers Lee Rowland and Konsta Kontunen, both of which ended up in the studio through the community. Both of their stories are very similar.

    Lee bumped into a RedLynx employee while playing the game and asked him to check out his tracks. After a moment he got a message asking him to go develop tracks for Trials HD’s DLC. Konsta got noticed in the studio with his skillful riding. He remembers getting #1 in the World Leaderboards. At some point Antti Ilvessuo contacted him and Konsta showed him his tracks.

    Lee, who is originally from the UK, didn’t have big problems getting used to the new working envinonment in Finland. Both have been happy with their jobs, and according to Konsta, most days they just sit in front of the Xbox360 and design tracks. Designing is teamwork, small details are worked on together.

    Not the most traditional, or the most probable way to get into the industry, seems to be what they both think.

    Page 5

    The life of a coder. In this kind of environment is made a finnish hit-game.

    Marble Trials HD. Almost anything can be made in the new track editor of Trials Evolution. Here’s a scary view of a Marble Madness –style marble rolling game in the editor.

    …made for pure fun without bigger problems.

    Multiplayer preserves the fun and pulchritudinous nature of Trials. Even though there are 4 players on their own tracks on the screen, the game is still fun, clean and hectic. As you may expect, falling down always cause bursts of laughter and the finishes cause excited yells. Knocks grow the personality, and evenafter the most painful falls the riders spawn back on the track when the last player crosses the next checkpoint. This way the races stay exciting all the way to the finish line, even though it creates a small role for luck.

    If you want to test your skills against others on slightly harder tracks, you can play any of the in-game tracks in multiplayer on the same driving line. This way other players are visible as ghosts, so there are no collisions to ruin your run. In other words the competition has the same mental grip as riding against a ghost.

    Racing spirit is big in the world of Trials Evolution. The game has precise leaderboards (including the overall play-time!) and saves the best times for ghost-runs, so the best of the best can show you your place. This time around the best times of your friends are visible on the track as arrows, which give a better picture of where you have to improve to compete with your friends’ best times.

    It isn’t unclear, that in Trials Evolution there are loads of things to get excited about. The now more easily approachable game still offers fun an challenging pastime in a more versatile environment and expands the concept to the arenas of multiplayer. One significant addition is the bigger and better track editor. The amount of content in Trials Evolution and RedLynx’ more diverse vision of the series raises the bar for downloadable games once again.

    The roll of motorcycles is expected to fill livingrooms this year.

    The king of its own gameworld

    One of the most interesting features in Trials HD was the super-versatile editor. Like the game, your tracks were limited to be in a warehouse, so the outside environments of Trials Evolution bring five times more possibilities. The whole game is located in one huge area, which is freely modifiable to fit your own creations.

    In the versatile Pro Editor you can make everything you see in the pre-made track and Skill Games –challenges. Even the folks at the studio use the editor to build the content of the game: It’s like programming without any programming skills.

    At it’s simplest you just make a line in the large environment, and the track is basically done. Of course the track gets a lot more enjoyable if you fill it with ingenious obstacles and other challenges. There’s a massive amount of hings to adjust, and objects to use, and with the tools you can even create completely new games in the style of Little Big Planet 2. The developers have for fun created Pac-Man and other classic games, which you will not see in the final product. If the full tool feels too scary with it’s infinite things to adjust, there’s a simpler editor for beginners.

    The things that will spark the most conversations is probably the fact that you now have to pass your tracks before you can upload them to the games’ servers and share them with the world. It’s understandable, that RedLynx wants to stop broken tracks from being published, but can every editor pass their own challenging tracks?

    Page 6

    Trials HD’s story of success
    We interview the executive prouducer of RedLynx, Antti Ilvessuo

    Trials HD has been a huge and well-earned success. The quality of the game is high, but what things do you think affected the fact that Trials HD became such a big success?

    The game itself and riding the bike is fun. The driving is purely dependant on your own skill, and not that your opponent has grinded, leveled up and therefore has a huge advantage. The player controls the bike the whole way and gets better as he plays, and skill don’t disappear just like that. You can take a break from the game and go to your friends house and – whoops! You’re still a good rider!

    The track editor that comes with the game is exactly the same that we used to make the tracks, which affects it also. On Youtube there are about 7000 videos of Trials, even though getting videos from the Xbox to Youtube takes time and effort.

    What has Trials HD’s success enabled you and the next game in the Trials-series?

    More good quality games. And spesifically games that have been polished until they’re perfect.

    One of the hardest part of developing Trials-like games, where the game mechanics and a spesific kind of simplicity have an important role, is bringing in new features while keeping the starting level low. How did you approach making a sequel while keeping the charm and approachability of the original game from getting lost under all the new features?

    It would’ve been easy to just go and add 30 different adjustable bikes that you could trade with others. Or 50 different environments or something like that.

    We thought that the basic idea is to preserve the fun of the core game. It’s enough to have only a few polished bikes – that’d all be on the same line –, excellent playability, modifiably environments and the familiar editor.

    The game is now outdoors, which enables loads of new things. Multiplayer and the free world-wide sharing of user-created tracks are good new features that don’t change the fact that the core game is still brilliant, fun and the center of everything.
  • Deleted user 3 October 2011 23:34:18
    tracks to harder-than-the-prequel obstacles, where the shifting of the bike and the correct uses of gas require professional precision.

    Ace. Time for me to spread my wings and tear away from you mortals ;p

    /or maybe not
  • Nanocrystal 4 Oct 2011 00:24:18 1,690 posts
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    Will playing custom tracks add to leaderboard scores?
  • Deleted user 4 October 2011 05:13:52
    Nope, but there are custom track leaderboards from what I can fathom. Not sure if this is restricted to Friends or a total list of people who have tried it but at least it'll be good to fianlly see who can finish Lexx's stupid tracks and who get fed up after 10 minutes of trying ;)
  • Deleted user 4 October 2011 08:10:37
    It's not my fault you're not good enough! :p

    Some of them are not stupid :(
  • Rudemod 4 Oct 2011 08:21:59 73 posts
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    Lexx87 wrote:
    It's not my fault you're not good enough! :p

    Some of them are not stupid :(

    I'll get back to you on your tracks! :)

    Not sure about stupid,but i'm out of my comfort zone :)
  • Deleted user 4 October 2011 08:59:32
    Two of them are silly hard. The others are fun I think!

    The last bit of Boing is genius in my opinion :p
  • Deleted user 5 October 2011 12:57:39
    Excellent article here guys with info from the devs following a host of questions from the rabid community:
  • andytheadequate 5 Oct 2011 13:08:49 8,980 posts
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    Great read. Sounds absolutely brilliant. Like what they've done with the leaderboards, multiplayer and unlocks especially. Not sure I will ever need a to buy a new game again after this is released!
  • Nanocrystal 5 Oct 2011 13:50:52 1,690 posts
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    Skill games don't count towards the main global leaderboard, then? Yay!
  • Deleted user 17 October 2011 13:51:41
    Loads more new info over at RedLynx, rather than c/p the articles and videos, go check them out:




    we were told release was ... early next year.
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