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    higgins78 wrote:
    Blaketown wrote:
    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    The weird thing about Skyward Sword and all the 10/10 reviews is that they claimed that the controls were perfect, they may have been enjoyable but never perfect.
    Still, the bigger issue for me was the horrendous handholding and bleeping sidekick, that almost ruined the game for me.

    But apart from the total lack of exploration or any kind of difficulty, the relentless handholding, annoying beeping (both for low health & batteries), the low res graphics, the re using of the same levels over and over and the crappy motion controls it was a 10/10 game.
    Exploration did exist in the form of bug hunting, I'm sorry you didn't participate. The learning curve was - as with the majority of most Nintendo first party titles - near perfect. Hand-holding did take place, yet the quest coming in at roughly 35 hours if you were just running through it - I felt - struck a good balance. Less said about "low res" graphics the better, as in adding "HD" to a game really improves it...hardly. Same levels "over and over"? The map I felt was substantial enough.

    All of this however becomes irrelevant when it comes to you stating the games itself having "crappy motion controls". This clearly proves one of three things...1, you have never actually played the game. 2, you played it with a faulty Wii Motion Plus, or 3, you are just trolling.
    Those are his opinions about the game (and many others actually) and these are yours. Try not to be so aggressive in your posts.
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    AdamAsunder wrote:
    For the record I'm still into my WiiU. This thread went to shit ages ago so I'm just checking up on it now again.
    The whole thing is starting to grate. I'm considering a zero tolerance approach to anything off topic in here now!
  • binky Moderator 1 Mar 2013 22:52:28 10,863 posts
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    @RyanDS chuck him on ignore, please don't get personal.
  • Armoured_Bear 1 Mar 2013 23:19:21 21,967 posts
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    higgins78 wrote:
    Aargh. wrote:
    Nintendo haven't made a 10/10 Zelda game for 10 years+
    Since you are so quick to dismiss either Skyward Sword or Wind Waker being a "perfect" Zelda title, care to put your money where your mouth is and list - in your opinion - a couple of games (this gen) you consider being worthy of a "perfect" score?
    Don't waste your time with foolish trolls.
  • Deleted user 1 March 2013 23:20:48
    Zelda is perfect in every possible way.
  • neilka 1 Mar 2013 23:21:59 21,199 posts
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    Lego City Undercover looks like it will be THE open world game of 2013!
  • Armoured_Bear 1 Mar 2013 23:22:42 21,967 posts
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    I'm really keen on Lego Ccity as it looks like great fun, varied and a good laugh.
    having said that, I haven't really got on with GTA style games until now, I just abandoned Saint's Row 3 on PC as, as much as I liked the start of it, the bonkersness and fun, it quickly bored me to bits.
    I hope the Lego game fares better..
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 1 Mar 2013 23:24:50 31,895 posts
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    LCU certainly looks alright. Could even be really fun. I won't complain about the ports of NFS or Monster Hunter either, it's not like every Wii U owner has the option of buying those on other consoles so it's good that it's getting the third-party support :) Even if it is a bit slow just now.
  • jellyhead 2 Mar 2013 00:18:57 24,346 posts
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    LCU looks like it'll be great fun. I enjoy the Lego games and can't wait to ride a T-Rex around. Hopefully it's a vehicle and not just a on-rails minigame part.

    I have heard that the load times going out of buildings is a bit long but it was an early build so we'll see.
  • Deleted user 2 March 2013 00:49:34
    neilka wrote:
    There is no The Gentlemen's Commentary Thread v2.5.
    I think the Forum must have CPUfarted then. Very odd PM. Ho hum.
  • Deleted user 2 March 2013 00:53:11
    Aargh. wrote:
    Zelda is perfect in every possible way.

    What's your favourite Zelda then? On reflection, I think I'd have to pick.. hmm... all of them.
  • Binny 2 Mar 2013 10:35:03 187 posts
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    neilka wrote:
    Leave him there I say. He maybe funny from time to time but he's also a major pain in arse (not literally).
  • Youthist 2 Mar 2013 11:14:33 13,126 posts
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    Punish him for a week or more. One weekend won't cut it - needs to be during work to fully hurt him!
  • spamdangled 2 Mar 2013 11:25:49 31,572 posts
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    neilka wrote:

    Thank you for the early lol!

    The signature was the icing on the cake :D
  • Sid-Nice 2 Mar 2013 12:37:27 15,848 posts
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    @jellyhead It was only a tongue in cheek retort; Iím very interested in the PS4 and next Xbox, yet no matter what jaw dropping experience the new next generation consoles bring it wonít derive from the fact that the Wii U will still have a place under my TV.
  • spamdangled 2 Mar 2013 17:20:01 31,572 posts
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    Wind Waker was excellent, very pleased we're getting an HD remake of it.

    Skyward Sword, however, was an utter clusterfuck. Such a poor game.
  • spamdangled 2 Mar 2013 17:21:18 31,572 posts
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    Post deleted
  • spamdangled 2 Mar 2013 17:21:48 31,572 posts
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    I think you need to relax a bit dude.
  • CharlieStCloud 2 Mar 2013 17:22:02 5,812 posts
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    higgins78 wrote:
    Wind Waker tied with A Link to the Past. Ocarina, Skyward Sword, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess follow in order written.
    You haven't played the best one ...

    ... Link's Awakening?

    My favourite Zelda by miles! Such a lovely story too.
  • binky Moderator 2 Mar 2013 17:38:05 10,863 posts
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    @higgins78 I'm singling you out because I'm talking directly to you at that point in time. I've spoken to others individually too.

    With regards to the positives of zelda, well... There are plenty, but how about you go post about them in the relevant thread. Cheers.

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  • richardiox 2 Mar 2013 17:57:29 7,021 posts
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    I can't fathom how someone can on one hand "play the victim" and on the other hand start multiple (troll) threads proclaiming the only classic games this gen are Nintendo games and subsequently gunning down anyone who obviously disagrees.

    Edit - and call anyone who enjoys Gears etc "knuckleheads" even if those same people also enjoy Nintendo classics.

    People don't dispute that Nintendo make (have made) classic games, they dispute the fact you insist that no other developers do.

    Edited by richardiox at 18:01:15 02-03-2013
  • Armoured_Bear 2 Mar 2013 18:01:08 21,967 posts
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    Higgins, I think the thread will go much better if everyone calms down and doesn't take everything too seriously, there is a Skyward Sword thread where you can discuss further the merits of the game. While the game wasn't a clusterfuck but this is the internet where everthing is incredible or shit with nothing in between there were many valid criticisms of it which you have to accept even if you don't agree with them.
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