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  • CharlieStCloud 2 Nov 2013 23:08:00 5,812 posts
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    This is definitely worth preserving the history behind our humble hobby:

    The Vanamo Online Game Museum.

    ... the goal has been passed however, the potential for more (to be done) by achieving twice the $8,500 funding amount is great and worthwhile.
  • YenRug 5 Nov 2013 12:12:51 4,529 posts
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    Another game from Kickstarter has gone live:

    Battle Worlds: Kronos


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  • Deleted user 7 November 2013 10:05:33

    Raindrop is a surreal, environment driven, survival game that includes fully explorable levels with intuitive, complex puzzles.
    I think this looks really good, hopefully there's a surge in backing, it needs it...
  • Deleted user 8 November 2013 10:06:59

    A cyberpunk stealth puzzle platformer in the vein of Stealth Bastard/Clone and Gunpoint. It's got a pretty nifty mechanic where you shift parts of the level around and it looks lovely.
  • Deleted user 8 November 2013 10:08:10
    Also if a mod wants to change the title to "Crowdfunding Projects", I doubt anyone will ragequit.
  • X201 11 Nov 2013 14:07:44 18,456 posts
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    Mega Drive book

  • Deleted user 17 November 2013 10:48:41
    Her Majesty's Spiffing

    A very British point and click adventure. The video is rather good, well worth a watch although as usual gets a little awkward when the team takes over.
  • Deleted user 13 December 2013 15:54:06
  • Deleted user 13 December 2013 19:24:06
    That seems so obvious that it must have been done but I can't say that I've seen one before. It's just the kinda thing I love seeing on kickstarter :)
  • GiarcYekrub 17 Dec 2013 13:06:59 4,732 posts
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    Doesn't look good for Reset which is a shame, I really like the look of it
  • Psychotext 20 Dec 2013 11:15:00 62,855 posts
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    Not gaming related, but Kickstarter have added an advanced search which you can use to find projects from particular locations. Great if you're looking for cool projects that you'll be able to get in the UK.
  • YenRug 22 Dec 2013 17:13:57 4,529 posts
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    Christmas update from Ghost of a Tale, really looking forward to this one:
  • GiarcYekrub 23 Dec 2013 12:30:56 4,732 posts
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    GiarcYekrub wrote:
    Doesn't look good for Reset which is a shame, I really like the look of it
    Its the last day for Reset
  • Deleted user 8 January 2014 17:48:33
    2013 was a pretty good year for Kickstarter
  • NewbieZilla 20 Feb 2014 04:04:42 243 posts
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    This looks promising.
  • Dirtbox 20 Feb 2014 04:46:27 90,176 posts
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    Post deleted
  • NewbieZilla 20 Feb 2014 05:43:30 243 posts
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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Believing more and more that a majority of kickstarters are vanity pre-orders for games that are already complete but don't have a marketing budget.
    Complete, I doubt, but a ways in to development, I'd say a lot are. I saw somewhere advice for setting up a kickstarter is going as far as you can get without funding, and hope to make the money back when it is put up.

    I recall it mentioned the importance of the video to get people to back a project, and how people don't get game development so if they don't see something in a pretty much complete state - if for instance it looks like it needs a lot of work, people will be less inclined to back it. Pointing out how specific examples of work in progress aspects of kickstarters called out when obviously it was just being worked on.

    A big issue is games need a lot of money, more than they often can ask for, so they have to put a lower price than they'd probably *expect to need* which in turn is lower than what they end up needing. And to get over the stated amount, they need to promise stretch goals. When they are already trying to get money just for the actual target, and trying to include all that extra stuff... It probably isn't ideal for developers or backers.

    I've backed a good few things already, but nothing I've backed is complete yet. I did play one that was kickstarted, but didn't back. Shadowrun Returns. Had a lot of fun with that, so I do see Kickstarter as doing well so far. And have high hopes for those other games that'll be out in the next two years.
  • Phattso 20 Feb 2014 06:08:05 22,905 posts
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    NewbieZilla wrote:

    Complete, I doubt, but a ways in to development, I'd say a lot are.
    And the award for "Most Yoda-like Opening Line in a Post" goes to...
  • Dr.Haggard 20 Feb 2014 12:54:23 4,638 posts
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    NewbieZilla wrote:
    This looks promising.
    Does it? There's no way they can make what they're promising at the level of quality they claim for $300,000.

    The demo video is all just scripted - I suspect it's actually pre-rendered even - which is fair enough, but when there's so little information (it has to be one of the most sparse KS pitches I've seen), no talking heads, no real 'pitch' at all as such, and no admission that it's a scripted concept/target sequence then that just rings alarm bells.

    It just looks like they couldn't be bothered, there's hardly any information and nothing at all that would give anyone in their right mind the confidence to pledge their own money to this.

    Edit: Oh and the very first words on the page, "How far will you risk it to get your life back?" is one of the most awkward sounding sentences I've read in a while. This really is a poor Kickstarter pitch.

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  • aros 20 Feb 2014 13:44:42 4,260 posts
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    Sounds like it's a Chinese scam from that sentence
  • Deleted user 20 February 2014 17:04:54
    I'll risk 5 metres.
  • Fake_Blood 23 Feb 2014 18:51:14 8,439 posts
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    I'm thinking about supporting the Game Frame.

    Game Frame is a grid of 256 ultra-bright LED pixels, perfect for showcasing pixel art and old school video game graphics.

    It's £160 but it does look very cool.
  • iBear 27 Feb 2014 11:12:58 3 posts
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    Hello folks,

    We’re the Overtime Rush Team. Two years ago we had a dream to create an ideal tower defense game that we and our friends would really enjoy playing. We are a small team, but we believed that this goal could be reached. We’ve invested two years in Overtime Rush and now it is almost finished. It is an infinite tower defense game for iPad with lots of action, skeletons, trolls, vampires on skates and more.

    Presently we’ve launched the project at Kickstarter (, in order to make the game as perfect as we visualized it. We’ll be happy if you join our team. Together we’ll complete a really great game!

    Thank you!

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  • MatMan562 3 Mar 2014 00:14:10 3,425 posts
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    Today I backed my first Kickstarter (or any kind of crowd-funding project). I've never been against them I've just never found one where everything sounded good to me before. For example, I very nearly backed Kingdom Come but then saw it wasn't fully out until 2016 I think (I've since heard that "Act 1" is a standalone story and the rest will just add to it so probably would have backed it if I'd have known). Anyway, I backed StarCrawlers! I hate these kind of descriptions for new games but, to me, it looks like the child of The Legend of Grimrock and FTL. It's a procedurally generated dungeon crawler set in space with what looks to be quite a deep combat system, a lot of loot and some "rogue-like" elements. Ben Prunty, who did the OST for FTL (one of my favourites), is doing the soundtrack for this game as well.

    It's due out in November (or earlier if you pay for Beta, Alpha or Pre-Alpha) and you can get the game on it's own for $15. It's already reached it's goal but still has 11 days left, I basically wanted to tell more people about it because I'd really like some of the extra classes to make it in to the game! :-P

    This post was in no-way sponsored by StarCrawlers or Juggernaut Games!
  • DaM 6 Mar 2014 20:45:00 17,058 posts
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    I think I'm in love.....she can also program and is in a band. Cool blanket too!
  • faux-C 6 Mar 2014 20:59:16 11,204 posts
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    DaM wrote:

    I think I'm in love.....she can also program and is in a band. Cool blanket too!
    Jeez, me too :redface:
  • jananikulenko 6 Mar 2014 22:52:57 1 posts
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    I'm pleased to introduce mobile video game SEADELPHICA. It tells the story of spiritual and physical development of the black dolphin ‘Jengu’ in a game that offers a live Tumblr newsfeed.

    As game developers we are fans of Tumblr. A couple years ago being among friends we were dreaming about a game that would allow to view your newsfeed in Tumblr, as well as to 'like' and 're-blog' the pictures you like. Approximately at that time the first sketches of the story about the black dolphin were made. In time the stories crossed paths and eventually converged into the game SEADELPHICA. The pictures from Tumblr in the game will be translated to the special 'soul screens' translating the echo of people’s souls who chose to transfer their consciousness into the network. Through these pictures the black dolphin can learn the inner world, feelings and emotions of people whose avatar is in the real world.

    A player has ability to connect his Tumblr blog with the game. Pictures from Tumblr influence the course of the game. As example, there will be boss in the game who has the ability to materialize pictures from Tumblr in the reality and attack using these subjects. One more example, main character will have access to the special seeds, which will transform into subjects from Tumblr blogs after sowing. With the help of such seeds you can build your own house or create new bio-synthetical creatures.

    How do you like that?

    We’ve launched the project at Kickstarter:

    Many thanks!
  • Razz 7 Mar 2014 00:18:18 63,427 posts
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    :D Artist/Writer gets $51,000 for new book, seemingly has a meltdown, and burns them all!

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  • HelloNo 7 Mar 2014 19:11:48 2,033 posts
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    Yeah it bound to go wrong at some point, this is the first bad story I've heard though I'm sure there are others.
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