Gigabyte EX58-UD5 - Error code 88

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    I've solved this, but I'm just posting this here because I know EG shows up well on Google and because there are loads of threads detailing the problem and possible solutions, but none of them contain replies from people that say "X solved the problem for me" - So hopefully this will help someone else who is suffering with said error code.

    Error code 88 on a Gigabyte ex58 motherboard comes with the following symptom; all fans and drives power up but no POST from the computer along with total silence from the speaker (No error beeps). Motherboard LEDs light up as normal but on board indicator shows 88

    Error code 88 can mean one of three things, but the most likely is a problem with the power supply. If your system is a new build, then make sure that you have plugged in the 12v CPU power plug as well as the main motherboard power cable.

    If your machine was working fine but has now broken, then get hold of a new power supply. This is what was wrong with my system - despite all of the plugs from the PSU being checked with a volt meter and showing the correct voltages, as soon as a new power supply was connected the problem was fixed. I reconnected the old power supply and problem reappeared.

    If a new PSU doesn't fix the problem, then the two other possible faults are the motherboard itself, or the CPU

    And when you go on the net asking for help. Please post a reply saying how/if you fixed it.
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