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  • Deleted user 21 March 2017 09:42:39
    I don't think I have a great threshold for pain anyway, but Sunday night was horrendous. I have never experienced such searing and uncontrollable pain before. It was shooting down the back of my leg, and I couldn't get any relief no matter where I put it. They say with this kind of pain to keep it moving - well I couldn't fecking keep it still!
  • Youthist 21 Mar 2017 10:13:17 14,573 posts
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    "Should I be worried about the numbness?". I would suggest so, yes.

    FWIW I had major back problems for years until L5/S1 disc removal and spinal fusion in Jan 2015. Pretty much fixed everything (touch wood). 90% sorted. Quality of life actually was transormed compared to the years of nerve and back pain preceding the op.
  • KD 21 Mar 2017 17:09:56 3,435 posts
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    Went out for a meal Saturday and became so uncomfortable I had to leave, been great since Feb and just a normal bad back feeling since but instant depression kicks in when I get the nerve playing up, bet its me playing Nier Automata at my pc thats done it again.
  • Deleted user 21 March 2017 18:03:52
    Well the doctor says it is indeed sciatica. What joy. Still in some pain and finding the numbness very odd indeed. He says that will go in time, but there's no knowing how long it can be.

    I dunno what to do about work at the moment. I can't sit or stand for any length of time without the pain returning, though walking isn't too bad albeit very slow going. Suppose if I stop at home I can get the dog out for a slow walk through the day.
  • Kichii 21 Mar 2017 18:13:41 406 posts
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    @K-Project don't listen to the Dr. Pay for a private consultation and MRI scan. You won't get referred on the NHS because of costs. You will always be told it's sciatica because that's the easy answer. The Dr doesn't know which disc is impacting or how badly, hence you need the scan then go from there. If the scan reveals you need surgery you can then try and use the scans to get it authorised on the NHS.
  • RunningMan 21 Mar 2017 18:32:26 3,086 posts
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    @K-Project, I'd see a physio. NHS was going to take ages so went private. Two sessions and it was a lot better.
  • Dr-Strangelove 21 Mar 2017 20:55:32 2,298 posts
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    Everybodys back and symptoms are different, learn about yours and understand what you can and can't do. DO NOT have any denial about this, only you can go to the right people and fix this.

    Initially you may have swelling which is exacerbating the sciatica. So be careful what you do, don't over stretch or do unfamiliar exercises.

    USE ICE (or ice gel/spray or a bag of peas) for pain relief. After any exercise, swimming or walking ice your back after.

    Get a program of physio, a chiro may be able to manipulate your back and diagnose but are always in it to get you to keep coming back. Hence that is an expensive route.


    Always walk and build up momentum. But go at a steady and reasonable pace, don't pound the ground.

    Learn stretches. Yoga and/or pilates in the long run will be beneficial

    Can you stand and work were you are? I've got a standing desk that can be lowered to sit at normally.

    For me walking and Ice were my only relief when I had it. About 10 years ago I had 6 months of physio to help and since then I've maintained that physio. I go to a chiro if I'm desperate as they can manipulate my discs into the right position. Even then I've still had 2 bad bouts that have put me out for months at a time. It's something I've learnt to live with.
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