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  • Ultrasoundwave 21 Mar 2013 10:11:30 5,693 posts
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    I've seen a few other videos and read a few previews - i still cant tell if its "colonial marines shit" or "Dead Island shit", because there is a big difference.........

    Dead Island was fucking awesome
  • Rodderz 29 Mar 2013 19:38:43 2,969 posts
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    kadooosh wrote:
    Rodriguez wrote:
    Shit! Finally had some time to play some games today and decided to try the free Episode 1 of this that was given out earlier in the week on 360. I have to say I was really enjoying it so decided to check out how much the other episodes were, and to my surprise only 200MSP each!!

    Grabbed 400 points off GAME via digital download to top up my points and went to buy them all. Clicked on 'buy' for Episode 2 and.... 'There is a problem with Xbox Live'!! Tried to buy the other episodes, same thing... Tried multiple bloody times, still no luck. Go off and have some food for 40mins, come back - still showing 200MSP on display pages. Click into the 'checkout' window and they're now showing as 400MSP each, fucking Microsoft!

    Ah well, will just have to wait to see if they're dropped in price again sometime in the distant future :(.

    /whine over.
    Literally the exact same thing happened to me. Gutted. Really not up for paying double what i could have. Any idea if they will come down again?
    ^Remember this from the Christmas break!?

    I've just checked the Xbox Spring Sale games on Live and The Walking Dead episodes 2-5 (1 is free) are currently back to 200MSP an episode!

    I'm not sure how long that will last (I've read possibly only till April 1st?) so I've grabbed them this time! I will finally get to play this at long last... after I've had my fill of the Skyrim expansions that is :lol:
  • BigDaddy82 1 Apr 2013 11:15:53 72 posts
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    I'm not sure if it's a mistake or not, but I went on to get a demo of this yesterday and found I was seemingly able to download the whole game all 5 episodes) for free...even though individually they are still 200 MS Points per episode...might be worth checking out if people haven't played this yet
  • Syrette 1 Apr 2013 12:22:08 49,790 posts
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    2 quid an episode on PS3 last time I checked.
  • BigDaddy82 1 Apr 2013 17:20:34 72 posts
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    My bad, seems its only episode one that's free, still though its good to get that free at least
  • Deleted user 27 April 2013 19:15:55
    I can't wait until 10th May!
  • imamazed 3 May 2013 15:47:37 6,322 posts
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    I think panth is gettin' confused.

    10th May is when season 1 is re-released on disc, not when season 2 is released.
  • Fydria 4 May 2013 18:14:08 562 posts
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    Weren't TT supposed to be doing something between now and S2 to bridge the gap so to speak?
  • sirtacos 17 May 2013 03:03:22 8,017 posts
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    I'm trying to get the gf addicted to this.
    I got her to play the first episode on the iPad.* It was hilarious. She's usually a cool-headed person, but she was freaking out the whole time, jumping at shadows, panicking during dialogue moments ("OMG did I just say the wrong thing?" "ARE WE ALL GOING TO DIE because I gave Doug an energy bar?"), etc.

    Her decisions ultimately won't really matter, but she doesn't know that yet, and it's fun to hear the rationale behind someone else's choices.

    */stealth I have an iPad post. Actually, I mentioned it because I really like the touch controls. IMO it suits the game much better than a mouse and keyboard.

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  • PrivateFloyd 22 May 2013 11:57:17 5,077 posts
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    Completed the disc version of this last night.

    Absolutely superb, and would have been my GOTY last year had I actually got round to it.

    SPOILERS be warned

    I thought the character progression and relationship with Lee was awesome except for Kenny. I seemed to help him loads yet he still treated me like a cunt the whole time.

    Conversely I thought the best written character was Ben. There was a palpable guilt coming from him the whole time, and I was quite affected when he tried to convince Lee to let him go (i saved him). I was really hoping that his story arc would have concluded by saving Kenny (or maybe Clem). That would have most certainly made me bawl like a baby!

    Question. At what point did Christa actually tell everyone she is pregnant?! as I had no clue until Lee mentioned it near the end when they attempt to cross the street on that sign.

    Also did anyone notice that the woman who accompanies Vernon, that dies in the Crawford HQ. She re-appears as a zombie when the walkers storm the mansion before you end up in the loft. She is one of the first to come through the front door I'm sure of it.

    Most certainly don't want to play again, that was my playthrough and I don't want to see the puppet strings behind the scenes as to how the story adapts to your choices. Everything I did and said was my personal choice and that's what makes the game so spendid.

    10/10 from me.
  • PrivateFloyd 22 May 2013 12:05:05 5,077 posts
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    As per one of my previous spoilers here is a screengrab of one point I alluded to i.e. Vernons female friend appearing as a Zombie in episode 5 having been killed in episode 4.

  • Fydria 22 May 2013 21:11:09 562 posts
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    PrivateFloyd wrote:
    As per one of my previous spoilers here is a screengrab of one point I alluded to i.e. Vernons female friend appearing as a Zombie in episode 5 having been killed in episode 4.

    Yep I noticed that too. Poor Gal
  • cowell 4 Jun 2013 11:01:37 1,476 posts
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    I'm playing it on disk for 360 and enjoying it so far, but the opening sequences are choppy as fuck. Anyone else seeing that?

    Installing the game to HD doesnt appear to be possible, which is strange

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  • Hiya 8 Jun 2013 18:53:28 3 posts
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    I just finished this last night. What an amazing game!
    I was gutted by the ending, I actually shed a few tears after that :(

    I didn't know the ending was unavoidable, and I thought I'd done something wrong earlier that ended up with Lee going out to pick up the walkie talkie and getting bitten. I also thought I could have ended up escaping on the boat if I'd done something differently.

    I was a bit disappointed at how Ben ended up. I kept speaking up for him and including him in my group since I thought he was going to redeem himself. Kenny was a dick at the end even though I had helped him the whole game and he left Lee to die about twice I think. He was quite a bi-polar character.

    The voice acting in this game was superb. The only bad thing for me was that Clementine was clearly a woman doing the voice and pretending to be a little girl. For Duck they had an actual kid doing the voice, so that was better.

    The story was so well written. I really had to think about some of my decisions and it made me reflect on the morality of my actions. I felt bad later about killing that psycho in front of Clementine. Katja killing herself and the little boy in the attic were very emotional scenes.

    The ending was really sad. It was kind of an analogy for parenting in a way - one day your kids will be on their own, and all you can do is try and teach them to be the best that they can be in the time that you have together. I was really thinking through the whole game about what I should say to Clementine in the conversations so that she would have the best chance at survival.

    11/10 from me.

  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 8 Jun 2013 19:27:43 47,491 posts
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    I didn't think Heavy Rain was all that. I mean, it was entertaining but my God the story was really clunky in places, especially during that reveal...
  • Hiya 8 Jun 2013 20:19:30 3 posts
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    @Graveland I probably would have bought it already, but unfortunately I went with Xbox360/PC combo this gen :(

    PS3 ended up having far more interesting exclusives IMO. Hopefully Sony will sort out some sort of PS3 game streaming on the PS4 since it's a bit late in the game for me to buy a PS3 now (would have liked to play The Last of Us too).
  • Ziz0u 11 Jun 2013 13:03:58 11,006 posts
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  • MatMan562 1 Jul 2013 20:18:06 3,425 posts
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    400 Days is out this week! Source.

    IGN wrote

    Tuesday, June 2nd PlayStation Network (North America)
    Wednesday, July 3rd PC/Mac (Steam, Telltale Games Store)
    Friday, July 5th Xbox Live (Worldwide)
    Wednesday, July 10th PlayStation Network (Europe)
    Thursday, July 11th iOS (Worldwide)
  • Syrette 1 Jul 2013 21:00:18 49,790 posts
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    This was comfortably better than Heavy Rain, as good as that was too.

    This is "the absolute pinnacle of this style of game". Ignore that other guy.
  • Fydria 1 Jul 2013 22:03:03 562 posts
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    @MatMan562 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  • joeymoto108 2 Jul 2013 15:24:58 686 posts
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    Reckon we'll see a reappearance of Clementine? I'll be so disappointed if she isn't a main character in Season 2 :/
  • Kay 2 Jul 2013 16:20:51 19,523 posts
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    I reckon we will - after all, they've said that the decisions will carry over from S1 (and the DLC). It would be a massive missed opportunity if she did not feature strongly in Season 2. I mean, it's good and all having a bunch of new characters and experiencing their trials and tribulations (which is what the 400 Days DLC appears to be doing), but I'm sure what most people really want is some sort of progression and continuity from the first season. Like a TV show, basically.
  • Immaterial 2 Jul 2013 17:46:29 2,234 posts
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    With the new DLC incoming, I thought I'd replay the last couple of episodes just to get back into it. I had to stop at the house with the little boy walker that had starved to death after losing his parents and burying his dog.

    It got me even harder in the feels the second time around, because all the little clues about 'normal life' in the house and as things started to fall apart took on more significance- couldn't help but imagine my own kids in that situation.

    /snivelling softie.
  • Syrette 2 Jul 2013 22:14:35 49,790 posts
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    One of the highlights of this gen for sure.

    And to think it took a Xbox Live Marketplace sale a while after the last episode had come out for me to give it a shot.
  • joeymoto108 3 Jul 2013 20:22:10 686 posts
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    Just finished 400 days. Some very interesting decisions to be made ;) Season 2 is definitely set up to absolutely rock, can't wait.
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