Sony NEX-5N mini review and examples

  • Deleted user 21 September 2011 23:26:36
    * compact body
    * amazing sensor esp. dynamic range and low light performance
    * huge range of cheap adapters for legacy glass
    * tilt LCD (80deg up, 45 deg down) nice with candid, macro and low angle photography
    * electronic shutter for non-existent shutter lag
    * very fast power up and wake up times
    * surprisingly good kit zoom after all the mixed reviews on the web
    * removable flash - means I can leave it home and it won't take space or eat batteries
    * focus peek function highlighting contrast edges in picture allowing precise manual focusing
    * more customizable buttons on the back however no dedicated dials like a classic camera
    * improved sensor that can deal with old rangefinder lenses coming very close (prev. NEXes had vignette/colouring issues)
    * nice mechanical quality with magnesium frame

    * only 2-3 shots at 10fps if you want JPG+RAW
    * I've accidentally pressed the REC button (corner of camera) a few times
    * the menu is a bit messy, hard to find certain options
    * expensive electronic VF - which according to everyone is THE best EVF out there
    * clicking audio sound ending up on soundtrack when shooting film (if you're serious you have an external mic anway)

    Loving it, it's been in my bag/pocket on the way to work every day.

    Fits very well with the Voigtländer 21mm/f4 for a compact wide angle package:

    The above combo works ace for street photography:

    Beautiful clarity and virtually injecting new life in old high quality glass like the Contax G series:

    Quirky, fun in-camera modes if you're too lazy to use Lightroom:

    Amazing low light performance, here it is compared others. It beats everyone including the D7000, except of course the Prince of Darkness, Nikon D3S.
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