Hasty Birdie - leap or die! (iPhone)

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    Get ready for a bubble bursting arcade blast with Hasty Birdie! Download this exhilarating adventure and start jumping from bubble to bubble, jump on or zap baddies that stand in your way, and see how far you can get!


    Hasty Birdie is a simple yet endlessly addicting arcade romp that challenges players to see how long they can keep their whimsical little birdie aloft on bubbles before he either falls short of a platform into the river below, or gets taken out by a gun toting villain!

    Here’s how you play:

    Users control how fast their birdie goes by either tilting their iPhone up or down and give him a vertical boost by tapping on the screen. The quicker users tap their screen the higher their birdie will go! Accuracy and quick thinking are crucial since the birdie’s speed dictates whether he jumps too far or not too short. The goal is to have him land on one bubble after the next, which keeps him up in the air and gives him the power to keep going forward.

    Sound a bit easy so far? Think again!

    To get Hasty Birdie to the next level we’ve added shooting and tactical elements too! Your birdie comes equipped with the power to shoot lightning, something that comes in handy once he encounters villains whose only worry is shooting or stopping him, ending your game and ruining his day. Users can jump on villains’ heads Mario-style to quickly dispatch them as well.

    Hasty Birdie was created purely to entertain. In fact, to keep things fresh, the game includes three wildly diverse level themes As well. It’s the perfect way to kill a few minutes of free time or to keep yourself occupied on the train, bus, or plane too! Download Hasty Birdie and guarantee you can pop in for a good time on your iPhone when ever you feel like it!


    - Tilt-sensor controls
    - Three unique level themes
    - Wild cartoon stylized graphics
    - Addicting “Last Longer” gameplay
    - In-App High Scores and Leaderboards
    - The cutest birdie you’ll ever meet :)

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    BLACK-END wrote:
    Hasty Birdie is a simple yet endlessly addicting...

    Here's what I politely request you do. Look at the words you've used here. Go away, check them out, then come back and edit your post to fix the grave error you made.

    Until them, I'm afraid I shall set up an altar to the Gods of Grammar, cursing your name and your bloodline, hoping that you and anyone like you suffers eternally for their sins. I know, judge not lest you be judged, but I don't even care. The Gods of Grammar will take me for the evil I have committed, even in this very post. But I have never, ever, ever been guilty of the deep, dark deeds you have done this day. There is a special place set aside for you, mark my words.

    In years to come, children will weep at the mention of your name. The elderly will hasten their own journey to the grave, unwilling to share a world with one such as you. Even those in good health that go for their morning jogs will stop doing so, as what's the point if it risks making the world a better place for people like you? People living on the street, stealing to fund their drug habits, frozen forever in states of mental anarchy, will watch you go by with disgust, taking the moral high ground, knowing one thing above all else.

    "I may ruin the lives of those around me. The world may be a worse place for my existence. But even I, my mind destroyed from drug use, know what these drugs are. I know that I am better than you, sir. For these drugs are addictive. Addictive.".
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    Clearly just a sideways Doodle Jump, but it looks nice enough and that's a very polished trailer. More importantly, it's great to see you using Gamesalad! What a great piece of software that is.
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    Post deleted
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    Worstest. Spamm. Evah.
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