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  • clayman80 5 Mar 2013 05:54:59 6 posts
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    These look really nice, I had a little trouble finding a clue in the Porsche screenie that would hint at a screenshot.

    Makes me wish I sent the devs a little something when I still could. :(

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  • Deleted user 5 March 2013 08:17:17
    There's a lack of AA in my shots. I don't know why as I have it set very high. Might be because I was running in DX11 mode and there's a problem with it, The jaggies give things away.
  • LeviPT 10 Mar 2013 20:27:27 37 posts
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    Use Ds4x to remove the jaggies.
  • Deleted user 10 March 2013 21:02:37
    LeviPT wrote:
    Use Ds4x to remove the jaggies.
    Yup, figured that out a day after my last post. Looks lovely now.
  • LeviPT 21 Mar 2013 10:38:28 37 posts
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    Hi again, not sure this time where to start with to be honest.. so much has happened recently.

    There has been a huge optimization been made to the Madness Engine by the developer Martin Griffiths in order to give a better performance and to kill some annoying bugs that have been haunting us for quite some time.
    Physics have been improved as well in many of the cars currently available and it has been a blast to drive some of them.

    Andy Tudor, the Creative Director behind Project CARS did an interview recently for NowGamer where he spoke about the Wii U version and from what I see around the web it has caused a huge ruckus, I advise everyone interested into giving it a read.

    The first cut of the [B]SDK/API[/B] for Project CARS has also been released, this will allow many developers to create amazing apps to interact with Project CARS.
    Thereís also a lot of hints around the web about Project CARS and Oculus Rift support, recently Andy Tudor posted an intriguing sentence at his Twitter in response to a news post @ VirtualR.
    We may or may not be looking forward to the @Oculus3D ;-) VirtualR Ö #WMDCars #SlightlyMadTeam
    Two new cars coming soon to Project CARS, the [B]2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-400[/B] & the [B]Ford Racing Mustang BOSS 302R1[/B], both in a very early stage of development are going to be introduced within the project in order to test their physics, so there wonít be any pictures of it yet to be shown for now, further ahead when they are more complete in terms of visuals you will surely start seeing images/videos of them around the web.

    To end this up and since there hasnít been any images to show I leave you with a new trailer by our Community member Plm5.

    You can also check the newest gallery @ the official website have fun!

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  • LeviPT 29 Mar 2013 11:41:01 37 posts
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    Hey there everyone, this will be the last update of March so hereís what happened recently in Project CARS.

    The [B]Project CARS - API[/B] (Application Programming Interface) was released, it allows the game to communicate with third party devices, giving programmers and hardware designers endless possibilities to make their product work with Project CARS.
    The API feeds telemetry & other data to devices such as tachometers, motion simulators, buttkickers, shift lights and much more. Some members been working already in order to get this working with their smartphones and tablets and so far I must say some of their work has been quite impressive for such short time since the release of the API.

    Last week Iíve mentioned the two new vehicles coming to Project CARS, the Mustang Boss 302R & the Evo X FQ-400 both in their very wip states were in no shape back then to be shown but now we can give you a glimpse of these two new addition (beware there is still a lot of work to be done)[/img][/img]

    As a Easter Egg the developers added a small contest where the community members had to find some hidden eggs around the track and the hunt has been quite exciting so far, but it didnít quite achieve the happiness we had when we found a hidden track, based on the Old Spa Francorchamps that looks amazing so far even tho its still a early WIP.[/IMG][/IMG]
    [I]Screenshots by [B]PLM5[/B] aka [B]Chromatic9[/B][/I]

    There has been also some rumours about a mobile (Android, IOS) version, this is still not confirmed but if true it will mean Project Cars will add a new platform to the release.

    To end up I will leave you all with an amazing new trailer by our community member Jonz, music by Project Cars Composer Dr. Stephen Baysted.

    Hope you all have enjoyed, the pCARS community wishes you all a Happy Easter.

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  • clayman80 15 Apr 2013 10:22:14 6 posts
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    Hi! Has the FSA released their statement on the WMD funding? I can see the thread about membership upgrades being closed has been removed (or has it?) so will there be the aforementioned 2-day opening window? Or have I missed it?

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  • LeviPT 19 Apr 2013 16:22:43 37 posts
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    Hi, theres still no further info on it. Sorry.
  • LeviPT 23 Apr 2013 10:07:48 37 posts
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    Hi everyone, been a long time since i last posted. The main reason for this was the lack of any major news I could post for you guys to read, but now Iím able to do so and you guys will just go nuts for sure.

    Letís begin with the best one so far, the[B] FSA issues[/B] are now solved!

    Thatís right folks, they allowed SMS to keep on going with the World of Mass Development but with some small changes to the system for the future Projects in order to fulfill the regulations imposed by the FSA. These changes will be known in the upcoming weeks when another announcement will be made and the announcement will beÖ.

    (Drums please!)

    [B]Project CARS goes to NEXT-GEN Consoles![/B]
    SMS is now an[B] official developer for Playstation 4[/B] and probably also to Durango (Xbox720) once it comes out, the development will be a side Project and will be known in the next weeks how you can participate in it.

    As if this wasnít enough already more great news were shared with us by the Slightly Mad Team, Mercedes is now officially licensed and will include the following babies!

    [QUOTE]1952 300 SL W194
    1971 300SEL 6.8 AMG 'Rote Sau'
    1989 Sauber C9
    1990 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 (DTM racing version)
    1998 CLK-LM
    2012 SLS AMG GT3
    2012 C-Class Coupe DTM
    2013 A45 AMG
    2010 SLS AMG Coupť[/QUOTE]

    Are you enjoying the news so far? Hope so, because it isnít over yet :D !

    A major update in the physics department was also announced, coming this week with a improvement tread model called FlashTread will bring the following features:
    [QUOTE]* "grip" broken out into deformation, adhesive, viscous, tack, and tear models
    * flash effect (temperature variance through the contact patch at asperity level)
    * curing (race tires are not typically delivered fully cured)
    * water, including hydroplaning (which happens organically)
    * loose material model (for gravel, sand, dirt, etc)
    * tread wear (and flat spots do just fall out)
    And much, much more :)

    Itís still not over guys!

    The developers also announced a new Formula to compete in Project CARS, the Formula C. After last week release of the Formula Gulf 1000 they mentioned that there would be another formula to compete with and this week they shown us the first prototype of the new car to participate which looks amazing but due to its early WIP state Iím not able to show it Öyet.

    Thereís also a new sun flare tech introduced recently that is able to produce some of the most amazing flares we have seen so far in a game, still in a early state they will change and adapt to the weather conditions and time of the day giving you a lot of variety in terms of visuals, they just look amazing and you can see that by yourselves in the 2 images below taken by our community members Kmax1 and Kelnor34." />

    We also celebrated recently 1000 members in our Steam Group, all the important news and events are posted there in a regular basis so if you want to know everything first hand be sure to check it out, its open for everyone to join and you can also talk with us in the Group Chat.

    Thatís all for now, hope you all enjoyed these great news and see you soon!

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  • Deleted user 23 April 2013 10:16:08
    Excellent news about the FSA being sorted.
  • clayman80 28 Apr 2013 12:56:17 6 posts
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    Really nice update in all aspects, especially with the FSA issue getting solved eventually.

    I'm still hoping to get a chance to become a member of the WMD portal, but I have at least joined Steam group to get closer to some more official source.

    Thanks for the heads-up, @LeviPT. :)
  • Kostabi 28 Apr 2013 13:01:13 5,915 posts
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    Sauber C9? I might be able to finally delete my copy of Prototype C. The quality and sheer variety of cars coming into the game really is blowing other sims into the weeds.
  • shamblemonkee 28 Apr 2013 13:18:42 17,897 posts
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    shame the driving feeling is still not really there :(
  • LeviPT 3 May 2013 15:39:31 37 posts
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    Hi everyone,

    So after the turbulence created by the big news of last weeks there's usually a calm, at least this is what you would expect... but i must say the fun never ends with Project CARS, so lets dig into the new stuff!

    As you read last week, [B]Mercedes is now officially licensed[/B] and to celebrate the developers released the first export (read as early WIP) of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3.[/img][/img]

    As you might notice, for a early export it looks already really good, sadly theres no cockpit images as its still lacking a lot of detail but that will come out eventually.

    Besides the new vehicle theres also some pretty hot stuff, so hot we only heard about it today, [B]Oculus Rift Dev Kit[/B] has just arrived at the Studios and the PC Render Coder is already fiddling with it, expect exciting news SMSoon!

    The community has also been attacking strongly the API and have been developing some pretty amazing apps for everyone to use, you can find some videos through Google Play Store

    To finish this up here's another amazing video by Jonz showcasing one of the biggest multiplayer events in Project CARS:

    Hope you guys have enjoyed the new info, have a great weekend!

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  • BillMurray 29 May 2013 16:47:53 9,149 posts
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    Finally got my launcher working for the first time in about 6 months. Old Lotus F1 cars are bloody fun.
  • LeviPT 9 Jun 2013 14:34:13 37 posts
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    A new month has begun and with it comes some great news about Project CARS development that i believe you will enjoy.

    [B]Two new tracks[/B] were announced, [U]Old Northampton[/U] (Historic Silverstone Ď75) and [U]Fort Felix[/U] (fictitious). The last one looks just fabulous and has been the stage of some amazing screenshot sessions by the community as you can see below." />

    There have been also a lot of amazing new implementations in terms of physics and car behavior into the game that have changed the feeling and the way the cars respond greatly.

    [B]Penalty Systems (Ballast Weight):[/B] Is a weight ballast system for performance balancing of cars/players, particularly in MP but also for single player stuff as well, they will allow cars with different performance levels to compete with each other in a much more balanced way.

    [I]There will be 2 modes:[/I]
    [B]Manual -[/B] Ballast can be added to balance the performance of cars when setting up an event/championship for single and multiplayer modes by the event creator. Ballast weight can be added up to a maximum defined for each vehicle in 1kg steps.
    [B]Automatic -[/B] Additional weight will be added to a playerís vehicle, up to a pre-defined maximum, based on previous race results in a series/championship/group of races in either single or multiplayer mode. This weight penalty would not have an effect outside of the specific series where Success Ballast is set to be active.

    [B]Air Pressure and Altitude Based Air Temp Ė[/B] Now itís possible to generate air pressure (pa) and altitude base air temp based on altitude of the track. This will affect your car performance greatly depending on the track height which adds more realism into the game.

    [B]Volumetric Throttle System Ė[/B] This is a new feature that calculates torque output using an approximated manifold pressure. Side effects include air restrictor effects, possible better metrics for sound system to use, fun engine response changes with the atmosphere among other things. One of the things it will also do is change the 'neutral' throttle position - where the engine is producing zero net torque - to be much lower in the pedal's travel. You'll have much better precision over the torque and the sensitivity curve will change naturally through the rpm range. A great side effect is that you get much more of a feel for the clutch bite point from standstill. Because you have a certain amount of air going in to the engine at idle and air is directly related to torque, as the clutch starts to bite and rpm drops the air available produces more torque.

    [B]Brake Mapping -[/B] This controls the level of engine braking and is a fairly abstract value. Think of it like a vacuum line connected to the throttle, so that it opens up more at high rpm to relieve some of the intake manifold vacuum (the major source of engine braking torque). All you really need to know is that 0=lots of engine braking and 10+=very little engine braking.

    [B]Restrictor Size -[/B] This changes the size of the restrictors/throttle bodies on the engine to control the amount of power produced. This will ultimately move out of the setup screen and become part of the event setup, only adjustable by the event administrator. For now it needs to be somewhere everyone can work with for testing. As a result it's possible to create a 600hp Asano X4, for example. Honor system will be required for multiplayer with these cars. Do play around with this on the cars that have it enabled. A particularly cool one is the Caper stock car which has a minimum restrictor size similar to what was used at restrictor plate tracks in 1990. You'll notice that not only does the power level reduce from 650 to 400hp, but it also moves down to a much lower rpm simulating the choking effect of the smaller air aperture. Cool stuff.

    So as you can see, all these features will work together, gone is the time of the large 'deadzone' when you start to press the pedal; the engine starts producing positive torque very quickly now and you will have a much larger range for modulation.
    Snappier throttle response at low rpm. A car's peak power may vary a bit from track to track. This is because we now use ambient air pressure as part of the engine torque calculations, so things like elevation and weather will have an impact on engine performance.

    A improved tire model was also included, itís a non-race able version currently, that allows us to see how flat spotting will work in the future and so far the results have been great !

    Amongst these changes there have been some new info about Project CARS moving to Steam in the near future allowing everyone to access all the great features that Steam allows:

    For those unaware, here are some of the benefits of the Steamworks platform:
    Friends system
    Invitation system
    Ranking system
    Ghost storage for all players
    DLC packages
    Community portal
    Digital delivery and automatic updates

    These are just some of the great features and benefits but there will be more.

    That's all for now, here's some images and videos for you to check out, also be sure to join us at our Steam Group for the latest news and info about pCARS.[/img][/img]

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  • BillMurray 4 Jul 2013 19:38:08 9,149 posts
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    Steam integration has started. You can download the client but so far only Senior Managers can play.
  • LeviPT 5 Jul 2013 18:35:22 37 posts
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    Another month, another update on Project CARS.

    Nicolas Hamilton, brother of Lewis Hamilton, visited recently the Slightly Mad Studios and met with the developers, eager to get more hands-on with the Project CARS title and having always wanted to make a video game, Nicolas joined the developers for an informative and entertaining afternoon at their studio near Tower Bridge, London.
    During his time with the developers they discussed his time in the Renault Clio UK Cup, his current participation in the European Touring Car Cup, and how his experience on the track translates directly into the game.
    Nicolas grew up with his brother Lewis playing on some of the previous highly-acclaimed SMS titles GTR and GTR2 and has been an active member of the WMD community since November last year giving valuable feedback and suggestions since joining (WMD members can check out Nicís thread right here).

    Project CARS, from today onwards is integrated with steam for every member of the Project CARS Community.
    All the current members can access Project CARS by getting their personal key from their official forum profile and adding it to steam, thereís still a lot of work to do before we can say it has a full integration (ex: with multiplayer features) but we are on the right track and this represents a big step forward in the development.

    Along with these great news, the development in terms of sound and visuals has been progressing quite nicely, currently there not much I can show you in this area but in the next update Iíll be sure to post some new images.
    Modders now have the ability to make their own driver suits and helmet designs, the community already started making some crazy outfits and helmet designs.

    To end this up, hereí s an amazing new trailer by Jonz.

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  • LeviPT 5 Sep 2013 10:09:26 37 posts
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    Been a while since i posted here but it has been a bit dificult to me to be writing new stuff on the different places i usually visit, so from now on i will be posting mainly news about Project CARS at Steam in the Project Cars Community Hub, sorry about it.

    Just so you know briefly what happened since my last visit, the developers acquired licence for Team Oreca vehicles, their LMP2 car is the one so far announced but there might be a few more surprises coming along the way. Dubai Autodrome is now licensed as well so expect some improvements in terms of fidelity and maybe even some other parts of their complex!
    A new car is also in development, the 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM, currently using a street version as a placeholder in order to test the physics, this car will be a competitor against the already ingame BMW M3 E30 which will allow everyone to revive those famous battles around Nordschleife and in other DTM circuits.

    And here's the bombshell (cant live without one), if you live near Berlin or you are thinking of visiting the IFA 2013 (6-11th of September) you will be able to try out Project CARS running on a brand new Panasonic 4K UHD TV from inside a racing car rig ! That's right, sounds insane doesnt it?

    You can read about this and much more at the Project CARS Steam Community HUB, thanks!
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