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  • Deleted user 20 March 2012 21:03:19
    oceanmotion wrote:
    Would next gen be close to this ?

    That would be great yeah, I hope they follow the advice of Epic and go for lots of power, and are not tempted to go the Wii route with an underpowered casual box.

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  • pinebear 20 Mar 2012 21:36:08 8,564 posts
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    CrispyXUK wrote:
    disc or disk drive?
    The correct term is disuku
  • justanotherdave_ 20 Mar 2012 22:11:40 48 posts
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    Current gen is all well and good but I think we've seen the best these machines can do now. While i know it is all about the games.. I want shiner graphics too! The tech is readily avaliable, wack even a mid range graphics card in a box with an i7 and you'l probably get results similar to the above video. The reason we don't stuff like that now is a mix of the consoles being the lead development platform and that PC games have to run on a whole host of hardware rather than just the one processer and card. I for one can't flippin wait for the next gen!!
  • PhoenixFlames 20 Mar 2012 22:11:44 9,263 posts
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    oceanmotion wrote:
    Would next gen be close to this ?

    Please tell me that's going to be a game!!!
  • Ryze 21 Mar 2012 12:45:10 3,652 posts
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    ecosse_011172 wrote:
    No next box at E3
    Anyone thinking that MS are just spreading fake news to take people off the scent? It's happened before.

    I'd like to think that the new Xbox will arrive late 2013, and use discs that hold 25GB-32GB per layer. BD, or BDXL if we're lucky, but I doubt they'll be called BDs as per Wii U.

    Anything else, I'm willing to wait for. They'd be wise not to announce the new 'box this year, if it wont arrive 'till next year. They'll scupper themselves this Christmas if they do anything else.
  • ResidentKnievel 21 Mar 2012 13:18:33 7,167 posts
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    Xbox is going to have a strong Christmas this year so I can't see them wanting to show off their next console before then.
  • the_dudefather 21 Mar 2012 13:43:54 10,725 posts
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    'we said we aren't showing the next's the NEW Microsoft WarmSqueezeyLiteSmile, the family friendly fun box for all your entertainment needs (also featuring video games)'
  • Deleted user 21 March 2012 14:33:24
    The next gen wont happen untill next Christmas, there are too many big games coming out to say otherwise.
  • Lukus 5 May 2012 13:26:08 21,191 posts
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    "XBW's sources suggest Durango's devkit is powered by a state of the art 16-core IBM PowerPC CPU with a graphics processor on par with AMD's Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cards. The 360's three-core 3.2Ghz IBM CPU is an antique by current PC standards, but a sixteen core CPU is future tech for even high-end home PC users. AMD launched the world's first 16-core processor for the business market in November of last year."

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  • Deleted user 5 May 2012 13:32:37
    From the article
    It's a ridiculous amount of power for a games machine - too much power, even. But remember, Kinect 2 could chew up four whole cores tracking multiple players right down to their fingertips, so it'll need a lot of power. Sixteen cores would still leave more processing power than the next Xbox will ever need, even with Kinect's demands.
  • Lukus 5 May 2012 13:33:34 21,191 posts
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  • Fake_Blood 5 May 2012 13:52:30 8,437 posts
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    I wonder who is going to make all that art to fill up those pixels.
  • atomicjuicer 5 May 2012 15:13:56 324 posts
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    The console could be subsidized with a monthly subscription like a mobile phone and therefore be ridiculously overpowered.

    Xbox live included.

    In the far future games could be incorporated in the subscription fee. I still think this thing should have a massive hard drive but no one else agrees.
  • thenastypasty 13 May 2012 15:20:20 5,214 posts
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    Rumoured that the next Xbox is to be called Xbox 8, lame if true.
  • CosmicFuzz 13 May 2012 15:29:28 32,214 posts
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    It'll never be called that.
  • Deleted user 13 May 2012 15:51:12
    I could live with it, it has to be called something
  • Deleted user 13 May 2012 16:15:12
    Be better of just calling it Xbox.

    A la "fill in the x" thing.

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  • mal 13 May 2012 16:19:14 29,326 posts
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    Lukus wrote:
    "AMD launched the world's first 16-core processor for the business market in November of last year."
    I'm pretty sure I was using a 64 core based AMD box from HP before then. Although of course that was four processors in a box, and don't forget that those aren't 16 full cores in each chip like I'd expect them to be in a Power chip - half of them were hyperthreaded.
  • megastar 4 Jul 2012 09:10:06 17,238 posts
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    you might be on to something here, I had 8 shits yesterday!
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 4 Jul 2012 09:33:18 47,491 posts
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    Bah your thread was merged. It's just the merge function is a bit rubbish.
  • anon_ 4 Jul 2012 09:57:21 211 posts
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    Obvious problems with Windows and Windows Phone software being updated with more frequency than Xbox hardware, but I do like the name "Xbox 8". Ties Microsoft's 3 major platforms together neatly.
  • Deleted user 4 July 2012 21:34:41
    Sid Nice said something about 8 in the WiiU thread.

    Octo, Octavo, Ocho.
  • pinebear 4 Jul 2012 22:50:45 8,564 posts
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    ubergine wrote:
    A conspiracy of 8s?

    Microsoft registers "Xbox 8"

    8 gets interchanged with infinity, which is a loop.

    The ship in Halo 4's multiplayer is the "Infinity"

    Halo 4 requires 8 gigs to run.

    Windows 8 is coming soon.

    Most people who speculate on future consoles, and mods who lock but won't merge, are shaped like the letter 8.
    You, posting this on Eurogamer.
    Eurogamer's Xbox bias.
  • RelaxedMikki 20 Jul 2012 18:48:21 2,519 posts
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    I have had a bit of an idea about the next generation.

    What if the console manufacturers got in touch with the developers and publishers to really push a kind of 'backwards compatability +'

    Lots of existing games (particularly those using the Unreal engine etc) already have PC versions that are set up to run at 60 fps, vsync, better textures etc. What if, when the next gen comes, we can pay 500 points or whatever to get a patch to run our existing games at a souped up performance on our new console?

    Would it be win-win-win? Publishers get paid for games they have already developed and sold. Manufacturers have a reason for people to upgrade when there are only a few new release titles and money is tight. Gamers get to revisit the games they love for a small price with souped up performance.

    Does that make any sense at all?
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