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  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 8 Feb 2013 13:28:35 47,491 posts
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    To be fair VG247 is like RPS in that it's part of the EG network but is editorially separate, they just use the same ad team.
  • agparrot 8 Feb 2013 13:47:03 11,902 posts
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    Yeah, I didn't want to give the impression they were all sharing the same office or whatever, just that if you scroll down the the bottom of this page and click on The Eurogamer Network link there's a bunch of Network links, not just the various country-specific EG sites.

    I've always understood 'use the same ad team' to mean that the same people pay the wages for everyone in the group, but I have no actual knowledge of how it works. Don't care either.

    Anyway, the point was that a lot of the stuff you might not see in EG news pieces about Next Xbox rumours might be because they're prolific with that, and other stuff over at VG247. It has an emerging bunch of opinion and 'touchy feely' pieces that remind me of some of the EG stuff of old, too, before it was just all regurgitated news and Saturday Soapboxes. WINKY WINKY ;)
  • Psychotext 8 Feb 2013 14:09:30 62,855 posts
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    Unfortunately VG247 is a bit OTT with the news lately. I don't RSS them any more because it's just a deluge. I have a look from time to time but I usually just see what people are commenting most on (they have a fairly angry set of regulars).
  • Deleted user 8 February 2013 14:28:48
    VG247 news = constant stream of rumours and press releases.
  • ronuds 8 Feb 2013 14:36:56 21,781 posts
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    What's VG Leaks then? They seem to know everything about the future.
  • Deleted user 17 March 2013 21:53:04
    (I originally posted this in the wrong forum - sorry mods!) I have loved this generation and I would probably rank it as my favourite one, despite having been gaming since the 80's. Having said that, after the fairly recent Sony announcement, I am looking forward to the PS4. In the hope that consoles continue to thrive during the next generation, it seems obvious that a strong Xbox is in everyone's interests. What can Microsoft do to excite interest in their next offering?

    I would be very much interested in the following:

    Backwards compatibility. Sony have stated that this will be missing from the PS4 and this seems like a golden opportunity for Microsoft to catch the attention of at least some core gamers (i.e. those who are passionate about their hobby and who won't want to see their 360 library vanish the moment their 360 stops working at some point in the future). Backwards compatibility also helps to keep gamers occupied in the inevitable barren spell that follows most launches.

    DVR facilities. I have used PlayTV extensively on my PS3 and I have enjoyed the convenience of having one box for games and TV recording. It would be great if, unlike with PlayTV, it was properly integrated into the console itself.

    New IP. Halo, Gears, Forza etc. on the new console will grab my attention but it wouldn't hurt Microsoft's image to announce some exciting new games.

    I am assuming that Blu-Ray and mechanical reliability will be standard given what happened at the start of this generation.

    The following would make me concerned:

    Too much emphasis on Kinect 2.0. I do use Kinect for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and my kids love Happy Action Theater, so I am not anti-Kinect, but I do think that it has serious limitations as a 'controller' which will not go away even if it becomes more accurate. Navigating menus with it will always be slow and clunky compared to a modern gamepad.

    A noisy console. I have got used to my slim and I really do not want to go back to the noise levels of the original 360 - this would kill any attempts to portray the new Xbox as the central hub for entertainment in the living room.

    A high price point. I would be surprised if we are told the price in April, but anything over 300, especially if there is no backwards compatibility, would put me off buying at launch.

    Microsoft have a real opportunity, now that Sony have made their initial announcement for the PS4, to regain some initiative. Any other thoughts on what they could do?
  • RobTheBuilder 17 Mar 2013 21:56:59 6,976 posts
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    I wrote a piece similar to this, and I agree with most of your points.

    Must add though:

    No used game lockouts
    Dashboard designed for usage not ads
    Better access to indie games
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 24 Apr 2013 19:22:16 47,491 posts
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    Just thought I would bump this thread seeing as how they've announced the announcement...

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  • DaM 24 Apr 2013 19:27:03 17,060 posts
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    Can someone tell me why a lot of people are getting uppity about the "always on" internet thing?

    I can see that it might be a pain in the arse if you don't have the internet....but that can't be a large proportion of the target market, can it?
  • monkehhh 24 Apr 2013 19:30:18 4,817 posts
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    @DaM What if it, you know, breaks? Or you move house / etc?
  • spamdangled 24 Apr 2013 19:39:57 31,575 posts
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    Or they switch servers off, suffer an outage, you live in area with slow or unreliable connection speeds, or you're one of the vast majority who don't even have their console connected to the internet (amazed me, but apparently true).

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  • RobTheBuilder 24 Apr 2013 19:41:26 6,976 posts
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    @DaM look at what happened with sim city.

    It also means they can make the console unusable and obsolete instantly at their whim.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 24 Apr 2013 19:46:22 47,491 posts
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    Hey Xbox Live went down one Saturday evening a few weeks back. I was still able to play single player games, but if even that's restricted to the connection being up then you're fucked.
  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 19:48:16
    Not being able to play games for a couple of hours must be the worst thing ever. It's like last week when the Boston Marathon coverage delayed Shark Tank on TV. I very nearly stabbed myself.
  • neilka 24 Apr 2013 19:51:02 21,200 posts
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    Also the console contains a vial of sarin gas that they will release as and when they desire.
  • the_dudefather 24 Apr 2013 19:53:37 10,726 posts
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    If they don't show the box I'll shove under the TV and never look at again I'LL GET REALLY ANGRY
  • chopsen 24 Apr 2013 19:54:55 19,993 posts
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    I think you're quite within your rights to get pissed off that you can't play a game simply because of some arbitrary restriction put in place by the same people who also can't maintain the necessary server up-time to make that restriction eork for the consumer. Especially if you're free time is precious and you've paid good money for a game.

    It's not really comparable to a terrorist bombing.
  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 19:56:52
    It is completely comparable. Microsoft are monsters for suggesting such an outrageous thing.
  • chopsen 24 Apr 2013 19:58:25 19,993 posts
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    When MS is run by lizard people who conspired with mosad to fly a plane in to the London marathon that was only aborted at the last moment by Elvis on the back of a dinosaur, so you may have a point there.
  • neilka 24 Apr 2013 20:00:45 21,200 posts
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    Chopsen wrote:
    When M# is run by xnlizardn people who conspired with m###d to fly a pl#n# in to the L#nd#n marathon that was only aborted at the last moment by xnElvisn on the back of a d#nos##r, so you may have a point there.
    No need to thank me
  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 20:01:54
    I heard that Bill Gates was the seventh son of a seventh son.

    Anyway, hyperbole aside, it's more something to be a bit nonplussed about, somewhat irritated at most. Yet, according to the greater internet (not necessarily this thread), it's the Single Greatest Threat to Human Rights Ever.
  • monkehhh 24 Apr 2013 20:05:33 4,817 posts
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    Just a bit shit, innit (if they did in this case, it might all be fine).
  • chopsen 24 Apr 2013 20:28:38 19,993 posts
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    This will lead to worse end-user experience, and is indeed a bit shit. Sure some people are probably taking it a bit too seriously, but always an online requirement on a platform would be a big negative for me in deciding if I want to buy it or not.

    Gremmi just automatically disagrees with anything at least another 4 other people agree about on the internet.

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  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 20:32:31
    Chopsen wrote:
    Gremmi just automatically disagrees with anything at least another 4 other people agree about on the internet.
    If you can get another three people to agree with this I will fight you IRL to prove it.

    Anyway, it's all about reactions. Yes, it's crappy for some (most?) people. But it's not End Of The World, MS Will Go Under Because Of This, And If They Don't We'll Firebomb Their HQ level. It's "The PS4 looks like the better option, I suppose" level. Plus it's still just a rumour, rather than what will actually be.

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  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 20:35:18
    Course it's shit! Can you imagine all those Schweinkinder who will go fucking ballistic if their Internet craps out on the day they bunk off school to play Halo5 or whatever? Imagine the calls into BT and Virgin! Haha!
  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 20:35:42
    That's at least 2 now.
  • chopsen 24 Apr 2013 20:43:42 19,993 posts
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    Something that companies just seem completely incapable of grasping is the fact that releases need to be managed differently. You can't just have a major game requiring always on internet and have a release date where everybody rushes and floods the system without accounting for that. Well, you can, but everybody gets pissed off and it generates a load of negative publicity and you're going to look like an idiot.

    Maybe even the whole concept of a release date needs to change. Stagger them by a random lottery number, or invite only, or just have an insane amount of server capacity on day 1.
  • Deleted user 24 April 2013 20:47:26
    Yeah, the whole "must buy on release day" disposable gaming cycle (whether artificially or naturally engineered) is the single biggest stumbling block for always-on gaming (irregardless of whether it's single or multiplayer). Staggered rollouts or gradual releases would work best, but even then there'll be some nonce somewhere acting like it's a violation of their basic human rights to not have a game on release. I'm surprised there hasn't been talk of a class action suit against Sim City yet.
  • JinTypeNoir 24 Apr 2013 20:47:43 4,392 posts
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    Back when I heard about the average price in the US going up $10 because of the rise in production cost for HD games, I thought to myself, "There's no way gamers will get used to that. I'd hope it'd be wildly unpopular until it comes back down again. Who would actually believe a developer's claim that they need to do it out of necessity?" But sure enough.

    Having a console required to be always online for "gameplay possibilities," if it really is true is bullshit. It's like have no 3D slider on the 3DS, no standard controls on the DS, no alternate control methods beside motion control on the Wii, no control pad other than an analog one any more, or requiring all games on polygonal-based graphic cards not use sprites. It is effectively saying in order to advance it needs to be there all the time, no matter what, for all games, which is ridiculous.

    If the next Xbox truly is that way, it will only be because of some grand vision Microsoft sees for shoving in other forms of entertainment, which is the entire reason they entered this business in the first place.
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