Recommend me a 250 quid max camera please

  • Concrete 22 Nov 2011 10:04:52 973 posts
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    Hi guys, the mrs wants a camera but we aren't ready to drop 500 quid on a DSLR. There seem to be some pretty good cameras on Amazon atm for around the 250 mark, three of which I am considering are the HS20, FZ45 and the P500. Has anyone used/recommend me one?
  • Deleted user 22 November 2011 10:12:38
    S95 should be around that price I would suggest that.
  • Concrete 22 Nov 2011 10:21:04 973 posts
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    Yup thats within budget, would you say it was a better bet than the ones I have listed?
  • Deleted user 22 November 2011 10:43:47
    Depends how into photography you will be it has all full manual controls if you want them. Shoots in raw

    But also can be simple and fun p&s.
  • Flying_Pig 8 May 2012 14:48:56 15,754 posts
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    Bumpety bump!

    OK - I'm looking for a decent point 'n' shoot camera for the Missus. She currently has a Lumix FX 25 (?) which is great except the response time is way too slow, meaning she often misses shots of our young boys.

    While she's had Panny's recently, I'm open to suggestions. Price isn't massively important, although I'd like to keep it under 250.
  • TheRealBadabing 8 May 2012 15:03:45 1,765 posts
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    Might be able to pick up a used Nikon J1 (with kit lens) for around 250.

    Really simple to use and she will never miss another shot. The AF is stupidly fast on those things...
  • Deleted user 8 May 2012 15:15:41
    Lumix LX5 is starting to creep under the 250 mark and it's a blinding little camera. Missus uses hers more than her SLR now (although part of that's down to convenience)
  • PhoenixFlames 8 May 2012 16:22:26 9,263 posts
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    If I could get shallow DOF on something like the J1 I'd be tempted. As it stands though nothing that size can do what my D90 + 50mm f1.8 can.
  • Flying_Pig 8 May 2012 16:25:32 15,754 posts
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    That LX5 looks nice, although a quick look reveals pricing closer to 300...

    Thanks for the tips though - so it's a quick 'AF' I should be focusing on then?

    What's a good speed/response?
  • AaronTurner 12 May 2012 14:53:13 9,769 posts
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    The E-PM1 can be bought new for less than 300 now with kit lens.
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