USB turntable to mp3 software suggestions required

  • Vortex808 27 Dec 2011 10:43:30 12,173 posts
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    Morning Folks, I had a quick search and didn't find anything overly helpful, so am hoping to pick your brains.

    I got an Ion USB turntable to electronically archive my vinyl at xmas. However the software that came with it is, quite frankly, balls.

    It rips it, and seems quite able to miss the gaps between songs. This then leaves you with a screen to input album/sing info where you can't work out which songs are which if it hasn't recognised them all properly. So some Lp's may have to be listened to all they way through and manually split up by telling it when songs start and end.

    I could probably live with that as it can be sorted later after listening to them, but the real issue is it then has to put everything into itunes.
    It does this at the correct album/song title, but stores the actual physical files in an unknown artist folder as "temp 1 7" etc. If I only used an ipod/phone this might be ok, but we do have other music devices/android phones etc so I want to store them properly on my external hard drive which backs up all our music & photos.

    When I then try to copy the named album/song files onto my external hard drive they lose all album/song names associated with them and copy as this "temp 1 3" etc they originally get named by the software. I could rename them all on the hard drive, but it's naming system is in a really annoying format which makes it more difficult than it needs to be.

    Which means I have to use itunes to convert them to mp3 files (even though they already are mp3 files!) to then copy those new converted files to my external drive so they are named properly. I then have to delete the "temp" files in the unknown folder on itunes and re-import the now properly labelled files back into itunes to save duplication and using unecessary memory space.

    This is a massive pain in the arse. I already have to play the album in full, then wait for conversion, name it and then do all the required faffing about. So I can do about an album every 1.5 hours if that.

    There must be some decent free software available that will let me rip my vinyl, name and save it directly on my external drive and then import it to itunes should I choose to do so? What has anyone here used previously?

    Please help, I'm losing what hair I have left, along with the will to not not give up on this project entirely!

    I was so happy to begin with now I would be able to save all my vinyl for posterity since we didn't even have a turntable in the house anymore.
  • coastal 27 Dec 2011 10:57:13 5,424 posts
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    resist. go buy a turntable instead.
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