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  • WinterSnowblind 19 Mar 2013 11:11:49 1,265 posts
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    I just bought this on the recent Steam sale and have some thoughts. I absolutely loved the opening to the game, the twist really caught me off guard, even if in hindsight it should have been pretty obvious. Really well played.

    But what's the deal with all of the British.. being evil? It's established in the earlier games that there's very little record of Assassins during this time or in the US in general, because the Templars essentially won and have the upper hand. So how does it make sense for the "Templar backed" British to go on to lose the war? Would it not have made more sense for the Templars to have been with the American revolutionaries, trying to "free" the country from the British and the Assassins, both who go on to lose and were driven out of the country?

    I have trouble understanding how any of this can make sense, especially as the original game blatantly told us that George Washington was a Templar. Has this just been retconned?

    I don't mean to start up any kind of silly national pride debates, but I do hope there's some good answers for this points later in the game and that they didn't just carefully create a plot in which they wouldn't anger people from a certain country that tend to get a lot more upset about this sort of thing.
  • nickthegun 19 Mar 2013 11:14:26 73,354 posts
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    They saw the british as the best way to impose order on the chaotic american frontiers.
  • DUFFMAN5 19 Mar 2013 11:39:54 22,717 posts
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    Have we had a date yet for the GOTY version, I will prob wait for that now.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 19 Mar 2013 11:53:09 31,904 posts
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    I don't see the British as the evil ones, but rather the ones easier to control. They already have a structure to them, and anything with a structure can be manipulated. All they have to do is infiltrate a few loyal men and they can command pretty much everything British.

    I'm still not too far into the game, so I assume that once the other side really got organised, the Templar's would've started to manipulate them too.

    I'm probably misreading it completely though :p
  • Scimarad 19 Mar 2013 19:36:46 9,369 posts
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    I'm not very far in but are the Templars actually aware of the upcoming apocalypse type situation and are they trying to stop it as well? I've probably not been paying enough attention (and it's ages since I played 2) but the little disagreement between the two organisations seems rather pointless considering the problem.

    Judging from the Haytham intro and then playing Connor I can't help but think this game would be better off being called Templar's Creed...
  • Devilligan 22 Apr 2013 22:23:16 529 posts
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    Finally working my way through this after thoroughly enjoying Far Cry 3. Just reached Sequence 9 and so far I'm finding it a tedious slog, with some truly awful game design thrown in.

    - The setting has had none of the scale or grandeur of Medieval Syria or Renaissance Italy. Boston is beautifully realised, but it's BORING.

    - The assassin element of the game is extremely clumsy and doesn't have any sense of progression to it. (I want to feel like I'm learning skills and developing new weaponry.)

    - Connor is a grim and utterly charmless protagonist who constantly seems to be doing the wrong thing. What's more, the fact that he keeps hanging around whilst important historical events happen seems utterly ridiculous.

    - Many of the mission's optional objectives are horribly difficult and yet I'm made to feel like I'm not 'doing the game properly' when I can't complete them.

    - The assassin followers you earn are nowhere near as interestling as the trainee assassins in Brotherhood.

    - The trade menu is a bugger to navigate and mostly seems pointless when you earn so little money from it.

    - So far the only parts of the game I'm enjoying are the sea battles and the homestead, and neither of them have anything to do with assassinations.

    I really want to like this as I loved II and Brotherhood, but so far it seems that the designers are doing everything they can to make me chuck it right back on my unfinished games heap.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 22 Apr 2013 22:37:47 31,904 posts
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    I really loved the setting - almost European style in places. It does lack that sense of vertical scale though, which given that was a major draw in previous games I can definitely understand people finding disappointing. I quite liked the change though, giving you more options within more confined architecture.

    Much like AC2, the best assassinations are simple side-missions where you get left to it - the ones in main progression aren't as good as you have to do as you're told. I even went to the effort of carefully doing one once without ever being seen. Turns out, the games victory check required you to do it head on so all my effort didn't count! That's a poor show.

    I'm with you on the silly optional objectives that seem to be there just to sap the fun out of it. I just ignored the ones I didn't think would be fun. I also agree that Conner is really charmless, and as much as I loved the prologue section I just feel it made Conner feel even more boring.

    However, I'm not with you with the Assassin recruits - the ones in AC2 (possibly Brotherhood too, I can't remember) were random, so I quite liked having fixed people to recruit with different personalities. Of course it ends up boiling down to the same thing anyway so it's mostly moot, though I do miss that arrow volley ability.

    Also the trade menu brings in ridiculous money. To do one of the many challenges I had to buy a lot of stuff, and one trade run did it all! What is disappointing is the fact money is of so little use. Weapon upgrades are generally pointless and there are no buildings to buy or upgrade so once you've done up the Aquila, the only other thing you really use it for is side-missions.

    I still love it though :) Glad you're enjoying the sea battles at least, should be more of that in AC4.
  • Devilligan 23 Apr 2013 00:40:42 529 posts
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    All good points. :D

    I do like the recreation of Boston. Apart from the odd glitch it's a complete visual feast. It's the lack of verticality and recognisable landmarks that make it unappealing. Crossing Rome in Brotherhood was a joy because I could do it mostly by clambering over rooftops and navigate using the scenery. Even after playing ACIII for a number of hours, I find Boston to be a dull sprawl of low buildings.

    I haven't explored the trading enough to make any decent profits from it. The fact that you have to defend your wagons almost every time you send them out is something of an annoyance. I'm also painfully aware that there is very little to spend your money on (surely they could have kept in the building upgrades like the old games?) and so far I've managed to upgrade the Aquila just using the money I've found in chests.

    I think what I preferred about the recruits in Brotherhood was that you could choose who they were and how to advance them. (I decided to recruit an all-girl group who I christened Ezio's Angels).

    Also, is it just me, or has the awareness of enemies been ratcheted up considerably? I can barely fart in a bad guy's direction before they're summoning their mates and loading their muskets. It makes many of the 'go unseen' side-missions complete bastards.
  • Metalfish 11 May 2013 17:25:47 9,191 posts
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    This game skirts within a nano-angstrom of greatness, presses the button to successfully execute something special... ...but it fails to pull it off. Possibly getting its horse stuck on a rock, or pointlessly running up a wall when trying to escape.

    Loved the idea of crafting, but it feels hollow and is an arse to navigate. The ship stuff is brilliant (though why ducking prevents one's ship taking damage confuses me somewhat).

    Also: there seems to be piles of entirely superfluous stuff: the brotherhood recruits -entirely unnecessary. The homestead -sorta fun, but again, completely irrelevant. 99% of the naval stuff. All the weapons and gadgets bar the hidden blade.

    If you struggle with motivation for side-tasks in games, AC3 isn't for you.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 11 May 2013 18:55:59 31,904 posts
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    You're certainly right there. I loved doing all the side stuff because I enjoy the game. If you're the type that prefers them to be functional, you're unlikely to bother.

    Crafting even at high level gets you minor upgrades at best, with all the convoy and trading stuff just feeding into the money for that and the boat upgrades (the only worthwhile upgrades there are). I really do love the Homestead though, and the sense of community I got from playing through all the peoples stories.
  • Deleted user 11 May 2013 18:59:00
    The Homestead missions stopped cropping up until after I played the game, making the whole crafting system pointless. I finished all the naval missions out of pure enjoyment and I quite liked the post-game item hunt. The rest of it though was completely uneccessary. Time wasted that could have been better spend polishing the game and fixing the flaky mechanics.
  • UncleLou Moderator 22 Jul 2013 08:48:19 39,415 posts
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    So I bought this yesterday in a weak moment, and I find it utterly confusing. I have no idea who I am, nor what I am doing, nor why I seem to know some people. Obviously, I am still in the beginning before you play the Indian dude.

    But that's not all - I find the gameplay just as confusing. I was in a mission to kill 15 redcoats, and when I've killed one, there's a cut-scene and it's done. It also seems entirely random when I am attacked on sight in Boston and when not. And what's with the game always limiting my controls? I only ever seem to be able to use the gun when the game wants me to.

    I've not played such a confusing mess in a long, long time, and I am wondering how the "casual masses" can cope with this so well when I am left totally bewildered. :-/
  • Frogofdoom 22 Jul 2013 08:54:44 7,609 posts
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    Ive been playing through it too and it seems to be a bit of a buggy mess. I get told i am now incognito all the time just to have swarms of patrols jump on me when they smell a fart i did 10 minutes before.

    I also find the jumping about with the animus and the likes pretty annoying. They should just dump that side of things and just allow you to play the story of that assassin within that time period as i find all the white lines and the likes really immersion breaking.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 22 Jul 2013 10:03:36 31,904 posts
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    I think you're supposed to be put off guard by being put in the shoes of another character for a while. I loved that, but it's not going to be for everyone.

    As for the gun, it'll only come up when you're in range and already pointing at your target. It's a silly system that I really don't like, to the point I don't think I've ever used a gun without it being a specific objective. Noisy and super clumsy to use aren't ideal traits in an assassins weapon.
  • Deleted user 2 August 2013 23:38:14
    I'm about 4 odd hours into this.

    Actually quite liking this so far. I like the whole set up - and now connor in boston doing the stuff with adams. Story wise its shaping up quite nicely. Gameplay is a bit buggy, for instance i'm meant to be escorting mr adams, and it was telling me about a tunnel and all is that, miles before i knew what i meant to be doing.

    The gameplay is quite punishing as well, its seems a lot stricter than previous incarnations, combat is nicer, taking from Batman, but not as polished. Camera seems a bit iffy. Getting incognito, and the stealth element is alot harder at the moment. Not sure if its just getting used to it, or you have to be really patient. The poster mission took me a while to achieve. But i think i am getting there.

    Getting used to the feel as well, feels a lot heavier than previous versions as well.

    It could do with a few months tarting up, its clear that the annual release stuff hurt the game, it just needs tidying up.

    Agree with a couple posts up with the animus stuff, i don't like those white lines.

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  • Deleted user 2 August 2013 23:44:18
    Also i got it in my head, that mark strong and jason isaacs (hello) are top baddie dude (forgotten name already) and charles lee. goes off to investigate.

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  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 00:07:35
    What are you playing it on?
  • Mr_Sleep 3 Aug 2013 01:07:01 21,647 posts
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    @Frogofdoom I actually thought the Desmond stuff was the best element in the game, says a lot about it for me.
  • Deleted user 3 August 2013 10:23:56
    Raiko101 wrote:
    What are you playing it on?
    PS3 mate.
  • Kostabi 21 Aug 2013 11:40:35 5,915 posts
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    Why oh why is Connor so bloody dull?

    I've just finished sequence 6 and the lack of any urgency or emotion in the voice acting is starting to do my head in.
  • Deleted user 21 August 2013 11:44:24
    Yeah he is isn't he? Luckily i think the overall story is interesting though which kind of makes up for it.

    I've put in a good twenty hours now, and actually have warmed to like the game a bit. frustrating as hell in places, but like the overall story.

    love the navy bits, and the raiding of fort side mission was great - more like that please, a couple of the main missions got more contained after that as well, which made it immensly more enjoyable. Had a batman feel to them.

    decent game, flawed, but a good game there.
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 21 Aug 2013 11:51:40 31,904 posts
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    I do love AC3, but Conner is just so bland and dull, plus I don't get his motivation at all really, and what little clear motivation he has makes him do stupid things. The fact that some of the other characters, including most of the Templars, are far more interesting characters just makes the issue more obvious. That, plus Ezio was pretty cool so we know they can write an interesting character.

    Maybe they intended Conner to feel like a bit of a blank slate so you could make your own mind up about the stuff going on around you, which sort of makes sense given the early sections of the game blurring the lines between what's right and wrong. Doesn't quite work though.

    It mostly looks like they've addressed this for 4 though, as Edward Kenway looks awesome so far :)
  • Whizzo 21 Aug 2013 11:54:09 44,765 posts
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    Connor isn't a blank slate, he's a personality black hole.
  • Kostabi 21 Aug 2013 12:05:56 5,915 posts
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    Aye, I agree with you all. It's a little frustrating as I actually like everything the game has to offer aside from the main character which is a first.
  • HarryPalmer 4 Sep 2013 09:37:15 5,443 posts
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    Just started this ('free' PS+ game), I guess I'm about an hour in - landed in Boston, done a couple of missions.

    God, it's a terrible start - boring, buggy, convoluted, repetitive, confusing, and bloody dull. The opening mission in the theatre is laughable, clambering around the stalls in plain site of everyone, when you could just walk around. I'm getting really sick of Ubisoft's constant use of pop-ups and on screen prompts, they really do make it difficult to suspend disbelief, why anyone needs to be told they can skip a cutscene is beyond me.

    THAT SAID, I was a huge fan of AC1 & 2 (Brotherhood bored me, and I didnt bother with the other one), so am persevering, in the hope that it picks up. It just feels so dated.
  • Max_Powers 15 Sep 2013 14:45:34 1,230 posts
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    Started playing this because of it being free on PSN.

    It's so shit on so many levels I don't know where to begin. It looks nice though apart from the facial animation and wooden virtual 'acting'.

    I hope they're still waterboarding the genius that came up with the sci-fi storyline for the AC games and that present day cast of characters. Utterly hateful. That idea has completely ruined a potentially classic game series, and has ruined immersion across all of the AC games. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. To top it off Desmond must be one of the worst scripted, worst designed and most unlikeable character in modern game history. His visual design also doesn't work at all with Nolan Norths' voice.

    So AC II remains the only one in the series that I enjoyed. Ezio was at least somewhat interesting and I could mentally block out everything having to do with Desmond Miles.

    The AC series will always spell out 'so much missed potential' for me. Ubisoft should have had the guts after the first AC to recognize everybody hated the present day stuff and just made an interesting series of historical games.

    Black Flag for instance looks like it could have been a gorgeous, fun pirate game but I'm pretty sure it will be ruined by the Assassins story line inclusion. For one I'm sure Edward Kenway would have looked a lot better if he could just look like a pirate.

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  • VideoGameAddict25 16 Sep 2013 22:12:29 676 posts
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    I was doing Sequence 06 today. Fucking hell, how much text do they want to squeeze on the screen?! I had the main objective at the top, 3 optional objectives below that and then a liberation mission below that too. One thing at a time for fuck sake!
  • VideoGameAddict25 23 Sep 2013 15:05:32 676 posts
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    Just finished the game today. Warning, spoilers below!

    The ending was a pile of shit! Desmond touches some orb thing, he dies and the world is fucked.

    Oh and the credits, don't get me started on those. They went on for 20 minutes. TWENTY... FUCKING... MINUTES! :evil: I really hope they don't last that long in AC4.
  • DUFFMAN5 23 Oct 2013 17:02:44 22,717 posts
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    So anyone care to direct me to the Brotherhood and Revelation threads, I assume we have them, but fooked if I can locate
    Thank you in advance.
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