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  • fletch7100 12 Oct 2012 22:27:36 8,368 posts
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    Ok large scout landed and I raided it. Took out the captain with a rainbow six room entry. 2 on each door. Was hoping no one would damage the computer. Open the door and my sniper who has his laser pistol out made the kill. Even better was he was in another room and shot through the wall

    Got a bit dicey when I was ambushed by 3 mutons at the start. Team of longbow,cookie,tectonic ,android,smokes,mad dog. All heroes today :)
  • Scimarad 12 Oct 2012 22:29:17 9,365 posts
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    I just had that message mentioning "Some nut called Straker going on about SHADO operatives...":)

    Made me smile.
  • Tryhard 12 Oct 2012 22:30:18 12,014 posts
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    So the green behind the ears team went into the UFO killed 7 and lost 0.
    Managed to get their first alien capture.Very proud.4 of the 5 are in hospital though.The amount of loot in that UFO is most pleasing to the eye.
  • Whizzo 12 Oct 2012 22:35:12 44,765 posts
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    Scimarad wrote:
    I just had that message mentioning "Some nut called Straker going on about SHADO operatives...":)

    Made me smile.
    Fantastic! I'm sure if Ed Bishop were still alive he would probably be doing a better job than me at the moment.

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  • Deleted user 12 October 2012 22:46:50
    Game rules. 6 hour session over.
  • Kokapetl 12 Oct 2012 22:56:23 864 posts
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    Tonight started off fantastically. Slowly moving through the woods, when three Mutons come in to view. They all scrambled in three different directions. Two staying to fight and one scampering out of sight, back in to the UFO they were guarding. A fire fight ensues that lasts three or four turns before I can best my two opponents. Since he shot back inside however, I've seen sight nor sound of the coward Muton. I decide I'm going to storm the front entrance, so take a couple of turns to get everyone in to position. I cover it with an Soldier on each side of the door and three in an arc like formation facing it. My Sniper was covering from higher ground, a little further back. I placed everyone on Overwatch. End Turn. Next thing I know, BOOM! Coward Muton comes storming out of the door and every single one of my Soldiers stands up and pummels the fucker to death with a mixture of plasma, laser and bullets. OORAH! I had the biggest grin on my face!

    Unfortunately, that joy hasn't lasted though as I've just lost Support Class, Major Daniel Jackson, my main healer and Sniper Class, Captain Cameron Mitchell. Both were killed in unfortunate circumstances, consisting of an ambush by 4 Mutons and 1 Berserker all of whom were crammed in to a side room on the UFO we were raiding. Daniel Jackson met a particularly grizzly end the hands of the Berserker, who we actually managed to capture alive. Cameron Mitchell was was willingly sacrificed, as for some reason I have a shed load of Snipers.

    Fantastic game!
  • MatMan562 12 Oct 2012 23:00:28 3,425 posts
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    I wasn't sure if I was going to get this today as I already had Dishonored on pre-order but took a PC copy to the counter in Game where I was told they didn't order any extra copies of it on PC. At first I thought "Ah well, maybe that's for the best and i'll save my money" but then I thought "What the hell" and bought a 360 copy for 10 extra.

    I'm so gald I did though, i'm really loving it! I'm playing on Normal Ironman difficulty and every part of it seems perfectly balanced. At the moment I can't really find anything wrong with it. I'd quite like to be able to choose what role my soldiers turn into but I can live without that. I just need more money... and engineers.

    I'm naming my characters after my favourite band's members. I lost half of Metallica today :-( It genuinely upset me when I lost James "Papa Het" Hetfield, he was the only surviving soldier from the first "mission", he'd been on 8 missions and got 15 kills. He will be missed!
  • Deleted user 12 October 2012 23:08:32
    360. Traded in Dragon's Dogma, and got some special deal where I got 20 off + 400 MSP or something. Yay!
  • Deleted user 12 October 2012 23:17:14
    Hmm, hopefully stores will restock before payday.

    I want in on some of this.
  • Tryhard 12 Oct 2012 23:46:05 12,014 posts
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    The most intense gameplay I have played through in awhile.

    Taking a UFO,fighting alien Floaters and Thin Men everywhere.

    Two rookies dead.My hero Tim on two health bars and poisoned,Roland on three health bars.Daniel on two and poisoned.

    Hero Tim took the last two Thin Men out with his rocket launcher for the three main troopers to get out with a successful mission by the skin of their teeth.

  • Deleted user 13 October 2012 00:29:12
    It was going so well.

    Lost 3 of my vets. Sad face.
  • Saucy 13 Oct 2012 00:35:29 2,742 posts
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    Abduction site in Leeds!!!!! Motherfuckers can get out of my town.
  • Trafford 13 Oct 2012 00:38:42 8,012 posts
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    Damn game has beat me.
    Start again tomorrow night, oh yeah\o/
  • MrWonderstuff 13 Oct 2012 00:42:56 2,685 posts
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    Had no loses on my 10 or so missions (on Normal). My girlfriend (well she is my main stun person) managed to incapacitate two critters in the space of a few rounds. Go girl.

    Being careful and holding back when something kicks off. Also adding new recruits to the mix so they can replace any fatalities later on.

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  • fletch7100 13 Oct 2012 00:49:52 8,368 posts
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    Support class get extra inventory slot :). 3 health packs and arc thrower I believe

    Just rescued VIP had team on over watch

    Thin man turns up gets hit by 2 laser rifles and a laser sniper rifle. Sniper with squad sight, opportunity and scope is bloody deadly
    Also sniper did 13 points of damage to a 4 health point thin man

    Using more skills now, machine gun or rifle suppressing target , someone else flanking
  • Deleted user 13 October 2012 01:14:49
    My sniper is unstoppable.
  • neilka 13 Oct 2012 02:32:32 21,199 posts
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    Just finished on Normal, the last mission is a bit cheesy but overall I thought it was a great tribute to the original.

    The difficulty curve could perhaps do with a bit of tweaking, even on Normal it's easy to get stuck without the right technology for the missions you're given, leading to the countries quickly withdrawing.
  • fletch7100 13 Oct 2012 02:34:55 8,368 posts
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    Yeah sniper can be pretty powerful. Mine is colonel now, 14 missions 44 kills

    Squad sight, scope, laser sniper rifle, double tap, opportunity,

    Just did terror mission all excellent results 15 chrysaailds killed. Was great not worrying about cover. Everyone on overwatch killing them as they charged me :)
  • Khanivor 13 Oct 2012 03:43:16 43,671 posts
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    Just balked from my first terror mission. Going to bed instead. But I will be sending JinType the sniper there to tear off some heads tomorrow.

    Does anyone else get slightly infuriated by the way the game chooses to render UFOs? Walls disappear and reappear with the merest nudge of the mouse and elevations yo-yo all over the shop. I lost a guy last night when I thought I was sending him to cover by a door when the game actually wanted to send him into a vault of Chrysalids.
  • Deleted user 13 October 2012 03:50:12
    Pretty far in now so a slightly spoilery fight below:

    Three Muton Elites, a Berzerker and two Mutons come straight at spawn... Two rockets only lowered their health, managed to Arc an Elite too :D


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  • bluenicks 13 Oct 2012 09:21:20 11 posts
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    Really enjoyed playing this last night. Superb update to a classic game and it's so refreshing to actually be able to play a game that isn't riddled with bugs and doesn't require extensive patching on release.
  • Snufkin 13 Oct 2012 09:44:28 47 posts
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    Been having weird dreams about XCOM and Dishonored. I've suddenly realised - all games should be turn based. Imaging sneaking through Dunwall as Corvo, with all his powers, in isometric, ttrying to remain undetected. That would be rad.
    Firaxis and Arkane should team up - Arkaxis has a nice ring to it
  • Tryhard 13 Oct 2012 09:49:17 12,014 posts
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    Switched off facing a difficult choice lastnight.

    India all red.One of the missions was for them but rated difficult.
    All my vets are in hospital.So I am thinking a rookie squad would be
    a suicide mission.For the long term best to say goodbye to India and pick
    an easier mission for the rookies.

    My sniper misses everything.His only kill was a panic shot of a Thin Man.
    He had a squad mate on 2 health right beside him when he did that panic shot.[Hold breath moment].
  • Machetazo 13 Oct 2012 11:59:19 6,372 posts
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    Registered 13 years ago
    I faced a similar situation, Sgt sniper + 4 rookies scramble in the wake of hospitalised vets = bad call. All of the rookies panicked, and sarge bled out. My strategy needs distinct improvement, but the game's lovely.

    I did a terror mission, clean, as we were fortunate to have eyes on the chrysallids :eek:early, so that they only got one zombie, and other civilian losses were due to pesky floaters.
  • shamblemonkee 13 Oct 2012 12:11:10 17,897 posts
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    what's this? an actual half decent video from IGN?


  • agparrot 13 Oct 2012 12:14:19 11,902 posts
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    I was in the middle of my first VIP rescue mission last night, and it was all going really smoothly.

    I should've known that that was a bad sign. The VIP had managed to get captured on a bridge, and although this narrow approach had meant that the Thin Men surrounding him could be focused on by multiple troops at the same time, it also meant that the ones dropped in from UFOs as we tried to extract back to the Skyranger were all directly in our path.

    The first drops were dealt with swiftly and effectively, two thin men barring our way, dropped into plain sight and cut down by a sniper round to the head and mixed fire from heavy and assault weapons. The cover of the VIP remained secure. Then another Thin Man dropped in behind, and over the course of the next turn, two more dropped in ahead.

    Everyone missed their shots. All four soldiers showing a marked ineptitude, but at least still being able to take comfort from the fact that they remained in some sort of cover as the Thin Men retaliated. How they retaliated, the first of the two barring the way to the plane scoring a critical hit to the head of my recently promoted support trooper, killing him outright. The Thin Man harrowing us from the rear poisoned my veteran sniper, causing her to panic, and shoot the VIP in the back from about ten feet away, killing him and failing the mission.

    This one mission set the tone for a steady decline as two more things went wrong with the project. The first was Mutons, and the second was a Cyberdisc. Bereft of Veterans, starved of money and resources, the defence of the Earth fell after a short 118 days.

    Now I'm going to start it again though, and I'm going to stick with the Classic/Ironman because it's brilliantly, awfully challenging.
  • Machetazo 13 Oct 2012 12:25:14 6,372 posts
    Seen 4 months ago
    Registered 13 years ago
    agparrot wrote:
    the ones dropped in from UFOs
    I really like that feature of the game, that you don't have full visibility, and you don't have absolute control of the battlefield due to potential for alien reinforcements helping to keep you on your toes until you're all back at the Skyranger.
  • Reacher 13 Oct 2012 13:01:25 2,665 posts
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    Registered 7 years ago
    I started this yesterday. I've never played XCOM before, so was pleasantly surprised by how accessible it is at the start and that it's quite exciting when you get going.

    My head squad guy is The Gush. I will keep you updated as to his progress.
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