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  • fletch7100 14 Oct 2012 10:10:07 8,368 posts
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    With heavy get the shredder missile ability. Just does 4 base damage but its shrapnel means any targets in its explosion take extra damage over 4 turns. Also you still have your standard missile. So 2 missiles,can take a later ability so you have another standard missile

    Raided a large shot down scout UFO which had 10 targets all high level targets, drew them out using a rookie running for her life through the ship. Got them outside then barrage of 6 missiles hit them. Sniper then mind controlled elite muton who ran to his buddy and gave him a grenade :)

    Worked a charm against a sector pod ,shredder missile,then plasma sniper headshot took that out

    Think I have found a bug, have got 3 shivs but can't take them on missions. They are brand new, in the barracks list, just can't select them for missions

    Just had a rookie panic, shoot and injured a teammate, who then panicked and shot her injuring her:)

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  • fletch7100 14 Oct 2012 10:24:46 8,368 posts
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    I just place them on over watch with the cover facing in the general direction I believe enemy threat is coming from. If they see anything they shoot. Assault get ability to fire reaction shot at close range, best thing is they don't have to be in overwatch for it to happen. 2 assaults taking on berserker muton, both shot him, then it charged them. As soon as it got to the other side of the assaulters cover, they fired again. Was beautiful :)

    Not like old xcom where you could land in middle of the map, this one usually land edge of map. Had one moment that reminded me of old xcom game. Map started, moved my first soldier then 2 aliens in over watch fired at him:) quick panic to spread my troops out
  • IJ 14 Oct 2012 12:15:45 921 posts
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    revan8 wrote:
    I gave in and decided to buy UFO today, problem I have is my local Tesco, sainsburys and Hmv don't have it.
    It's a real shame the publisher hasn't shipped enough copies. A game like this needs all the help it can get to sell. I tried to buy it in London after work on Friday and both my local HMV were sold out. Lots of missed sales due to stocking.
  • daft 14 Oct 2012 12:19:21 554 posts
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    Tonight, XCOM will finish the alien menace, then on to a Classic Ironman game. Not even had it a week, and the amount of hours I've dedicated to it is staggering. :)
  • Tryhard 14 Oct 2012 12:29:24 12,014 posts
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    I always feel a bit mean sending in rookies first as bait.But your vets are special and have earned the right to be 2nd wave.

    I gave one rookie the ARC Thrower and she managed to capture an Outsider with it.She ran in under fire,with the alien beam missing her.To allow her to do the stun.She ranked up,and will now have a rookie scout leading her in to the danger zone.

    I use rockets and frags as my last ditch desperate measure to save XCom trooper lives.As I need that tech from the corpses.I am glad I do because I would have lost 3 of my top vets a few missions back without that one rocket ready to fire to end the mission.
  • fletch7100 14 Oct 2012 12:29:41 8,368 posts
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    Having a psychic sniper is too much fun. Oh hello mr elite muton, I just control you and mak you do silly things for a while

    Warning if you hated the mind flayers on Baldurs gate 2, then you will love version of them on this :) just one shot one of my majors with full health in Titan armour, then mind controlled one of my heavies and sent him on a ramapge. Capturing one of these will be fun

    Shame you can't capture someone you have mind controlled
  • WrongShui 14 Oct 2012 12:58:49 6,772 posts
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    It's a shame you can't shoot someone you have mind controlled.

    In the original I'd stack all the aliens on the map in a nice firing line for my rookies to execute.
  • fletch7100 14 Oct 2012 13:02:51 8,368 posts
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    Well either I make that mind controlled character drop a grenade at his own feet after or I see if I can hit him with a rocket launcher
  • FutileResistor 14 Oct 2012 13:04:04 1,243 posts
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    Managed to play about 5 hours now. It's fantastic.

    Classic, no ironman on my first game, because I know I'll mess up at some point while trying to learn the interface or how things work. Case in point, got a squad wipe because I didn't know that with run and gun, you need to select it before moving.

    Also, I think I'm pretty much screwed because I went science heavy and now realise almost everything else (satellites, engineers, cash and OTS) is more important.

    On a unrelated note, now I've actually played the game a bit. I do wonder if the people crying about dumbing down have actually played the game or understand what the devs have done. The design is in fact the exact opposite of dumbing down. Everywhere you look Firaxis is forcing the player to make a decicision at the expense of simulation/reality. This means more tactical/strategic depth not less.

    For example from almost at the very start of the game you are being asked to choose between taking a medkit, a grenade or a nano-vest for your loadout. From a reality/simulation point of view, this is absurd. In the original Xcom you would take all three. In new Xcom you are being asked to choose between, being able to heal/revive, more HP or cover destruction/guaranteed hit. That's more tactical choices not less.

    This holds throughout the game with countless examples, TU vs action system, soldiers perks are a binary choice, missions are normally a choice between three choices with multiple factors of sacrifice reward, launching sats is a choice between rewards and panic levels, etc... Every time there was a choice between sim/realism or making the player have to make a strategy/tactical choice, Firaxis went for making the player have to choose.

    I understand some people will hate this. WTF, I should be able to pick up and use this weapon/medkit/grenade this soldier/alien has dropped. Fuck this console dumbing down bullshit! Well, no, letting you do that makes the game easier/less tactically interesting. If you don't like it, at least acknowledge that you just don't like the way the new game has dropped simulation/reality in favour of forcing the player to have to make trade-off decisions.

    If you don't like the new Xcom, just admit that you don't like the way it is more "gamey" and less of a sim. Calling it a dumbing down when the exact opposite is true, just makes you a look like an idiot and a whiner.
  • WrongShui 14 Oct 2012 13:22:37 6,772 posts
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    It's basically rules heavy instead of simulation heavy.

    While I usually prefer my games simulation heavy the new XCOM is still great, although ideally I'd like something in-between the two.
  • fletch7100 14 Oct 2012 13:32:21 8,368 posts
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    Well looks like I can start the last mission on normal. Just putting it off so my troops can level up more :)
  • onestepfromlost 14 Oct 2012 13:53:39 2,699 posts
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    So ive been looking at one of the mods thats about basically it makes it so that UFOs that are about to conduct abduction misstions are detectable before they land so you can shoot them down. Say you shoot one down then you have 2 abduction missions to choose from. obviously youd have a crash site to deal with too. Apprently this was in the game its just changing an ini setting from 0 to 1. (well its needs an exe to put effect the changes).
    Some are saying it makes it too easy but when you consider how much satalite and air cover you would need to get them all and the fact that ignoring UFOs raises panic i would say it could make it harder. Think ill do a normal playthrough then install this. The mod has just this or you can install other changes with it. (like lowering sat build time to counter the panic of more ufos)
  • Deleted user 14 October 2012 16:35:43
    Finished on Normal/Ironman, to get s feel for it.

    On classic/iron now and already lost 4 men.\o/
  • daft 14 Oct 2012 16:47:21 554 posts
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    Finished Normal, on to Classic tonight after a bit of rest. Fantastic. Utterly brilliant.
  • AaronTurner 14 Oct 2012 18:55:13 9,764 posts
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    If a Chryssalid attacks and poisons one of yours guys and they are still alive will a medikit save them?
  • TechnoHippy 14 Oct 2012 19:04:17 14,707 posts
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    I think so.
  • shamblemonkee 14 Oct 2012 19:22:56 17,897 posts
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    up to the end of May on C/I but just lost 4 of my 5 best vets :'(
  • MysteryLamb 14 Oct 2012 20:23:22 544 posts
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    Does this game have an end date/ timetable? I'm doing my first playthrough (normal/ironman) and am deliberately researching stuff that isn't a priority to slow down the progress of the story, but will that bite me in the arse?
  • Deleted user 14 October 2012 20:39:32
    I've abandoned my first normal/ironman run, I made a load of mistakes and never really had a good run of experienced vets. Decided to take my learnings from the last few days and try again. Going to try and get a better spread of vets, too often in my first run I'd have only one vet and 5 rookies.

    One quick question - damaged items, I assume it's safe to sell them off without any comeback?
  • Kokapetl 14 Oct 2012 20:40:12 864 posts
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    Seriously low on mulah at the moment. As in, I've still got 15 days left until the Council Report comes in and I get some more cash. I've been looking in to selling some wares on the Gray Market. Am I correct in assuming that anything marked as 'Damaged' is worthless to research and the only use for it is to be sold?

    EDIT: Great minds think alike. What he said.

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  • agparrot 14 Oct 2012 20:45:42 11,902 posts
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    Yup, it helpfully tells you in the description on the right that it is fine to sell these off, too, although it took me until last night to notice this!
  • fletch7100 14 Oct 2012 21:16:34 8,368 posts
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    Not really,I kept putting off story missions to make my team better, research more items, put more satellites up etc. don't now if you see more enemy classes based on as time goes by or by completing story missions.
    Went 4 months without a casualty just dealing with small ufos , couple of terror missions etc and no story missions. This is on normal, doubt you get that much free time on classic and impossible
  • Deleted user 14 October 2012 22:51:47
    Had a mate over to play this with me and we were initially frustrated at how much hand holding there was for the first hour or so.

    However, once it starts letting the reigns off there does seems to be a decent layer of strategy here. Haven't delved too deep into the Satellites and whats nots but it's all starting to make more sense.

    definite shades of Incubation that me and mate used to play on PC back in the late 90s. That was probably heavily inspired by the tactical battles in this, don't think there was any base management stuff in that though.

    It all looks really sumptious as well. Loving the little details like wandering pigeons etc.

    It's nice to see such a decent variety of genres covered this silly season.
  • Deleted user 14 October 2012 23:58:17
    @FutileResistor - Great post.
  • 1Dgaf 15 Oct 2012 00:16:53 5,027 posts
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    I've not played enough to tell, but I've also heard science is less important than engineering. Which seems like a bit of a shame if truel not being able to choose between them is part of the pleasure.
  • McGeeza 15 Oct 2012 01:45:20 1,887 posts
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    AdamAsunder wrote:
    definite shades of Incubation that me and mate used to play on PC back in the late 90s. That was probably heavily inspired by the tactical battles in this, don't think there was any base management stuff in that though.
    Good shout sir. I loved incubation. I always thought it was more of a Space Hulk rip-off than X-Com though. Remember it being hard, especially the big bastards you could only kill by shooting them in the back.
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 01:50:23
    Completed a Normal Ironman play-through today, just brilliant fun!!

    The game needs to record your missions, some of the scrapes I got out of I'd love to show people.

    Started Classic Ironman, only lost one man and a couple of hours in. Tense as fuck at this early stage, need to keep people alive long enough to be able to survive the loss of a squad.

    I want DLC now, more enemies, more research, more maps, more everything!!!
  • Snufkin 15 Oct 2012 02:44:54 47 posts
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    I'd like to see league tables of your best kill/mission ratios - my current leader is Major Brian Griffin, Sniper with skellie suit and the classic bolt action rifle. He's been with me since near the start of my normal Ironman game, currently its mid May and he's sitting on 21 kills after 9 missions. He couldn't hit the side of a bus at the start but thanks to the wonders of squad sight he's a killing machine. Can't wait for my laser sniper to be ready!

    Between this and Dishonored I've had one of the best gaming weekends of my life!
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