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  • Khanivor 15 Oct 2012 04:04:15 43,756 posts
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    I find it hard to get rookies to become assault troops. Seems if they hang back from leaping over watch tactics they become snippets or support.
  • shamblemonkee 15 Oct 2012 09:46:15 17,901 posts
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    I had thought it was random?
  • MetalDog 15 Oct 2012 09:47:57 24,080 posts
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    This is digital crack.
  • shamblemonkee 15 Oct 2012 09:55:37 17,901 posts
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    I'm still coping with the loss of Maxim Petrov over the weekend, 8 missions, 15 kills. decked out with carapace armour and a laser rifle, yet he was cut down in a single critical strike by a Chrysalid.

    I then had the monstrous task of killing his risen corpse a few turns later :(. Understandably the rest of the squad bugged out at this and left India to its fate.

    DAMN YOU!!

    PS. everyone else is shouting, cursing and fistpumping at the game when playing right? #willsmithpunchingalienindependenceday

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  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 09:57:50
    FutileResistor wrote:
    Managed to play about 5 hours now. It's fantastic.

    Classic, no ironman on my first game, because I know I'll mess up at some point while trying to learn the interface or how things work. Case in point, got a squad wipe because I didn't know that with run and gun, you need to select it before moving.

    Also, I think I'm pretty much screwed because I went science heavy and now realise almost everything else (satellites, engineers, cash and OTS) is more important.

    On a unrelated note, now I've actually played the game a bit. I do wonder if the people crying about dumbing down have actually played the game or understand what the devs have done. The design is in fact the exact opposite of dumbing down. Everywhere you look Firaxis is forcing the player to make a decicision at the expense of simulation/reality. This means more tactical/strategic depth not less.

    For example from almost at the very start of the game you are being asked to choose between taking a medkit, a grenade or a nano-vest for your loadout. From a reality/simulation point of view, this is absurd. In the original Xcom you would take all three. In new Xcom you are being asked to choose between, being able to heal/revive, more HP or cover destruction/guaranteed hit. That's more tactical choices not less.

    This holds throughout the game with countless examples, TU vs action system, soldiers perks are a binary choice, missions are normally a choice between three choices with multiple factors of sacrifice reward, launching sats is a choice between rewards and panic levels, etc... Every time there was a choice between sim/realism or making the player have to make a strategy/tactical choice, Firaxis went for making the player have to choose.

    I understand some people will hate this. WTF, I should be able to pick up and use this weapon/medkit/grenade this soldier/alien has dropped. Fuck this console dumbing down bullshit! Well, no, letting you do that makes the game easier/less tactically interesting. If you don't like it, at least acknowledge that you just don't like the way the new game has dropped simulation/reality in favour of forcing the player to have to make trade-off decisions.

    If you don't like the new Xcom, just admit that you don't like the way it is more "gamey" and less of a sim. Calling it a dumbing down when the exact opposite is true, just makes you a look like an idiot and a whiner.
    Pretty much this.

    I absolutely love UFO, and I am growing to absolutely love this.

    After a solid weekend's play (seriously, square eyes), I feel I can say a few things:

    Dislikes -

    1) The game being more of a 'game', i.e. part of a tough, rigid system, does take away some of the lovely touches of UFO - e.g. shooting down a UFO over desert = desert mission. I used to zoom all the way in to see if it was desert, or jungle - the latter being a nightmare. Also, holding off attacking until UFO over sea, so I didn't have to engage in another horror mission.

    2) Player choice - this is a double-edged sword, and I don't mean this as a 'waaaa rubbish dumb game' thing. More just little tweaks - cover dictates soldier positioning, but it'd be cool if I could tweak it ever so slightly. I.e. kneel in open ground.

    3) Normal is too easy, even with Ironman. After a while I had 6 Colonels, and missions became a bit dull.

    4) There are some clipping issues of shots - many, in fact. That's sort of part of the UFO/Xcom heritage (I was shot through the sides of hills many times in UFO), but it still is annoying.

    5) The ending is lacklustre, although I liked the twist they had on it with psionics etc.

    Likes -

    1) It's fantastic. They've gamed it up, as FR says above, but they have taken the terror/panic that marked the first, and ramped it up so as everything you do is marked by it.

    2) Squad of 6 might disappoint the purist, but it's far more manageable & fun, and the fights are no less intense or tactical.

    3) Tactics. No, perhaps there isn't quite the same range of things you are able to do. But that is the whole point, and anyway, you can do many more meaningful things. I like how flanking confers a bonus, how smoke grenades are used, how the perks work. It's a really solid system.

    4) Clarity. Now you can ensure reaction shots - WAAA DUMBING DOWN - but accuracy et al still plays a huge part. Now I KNOW EASILY who will take a shot and who won't. Ditto for many other systems, apart from, perhaps, having a base stats screen, listing all soldiers, scientists, engineers etc.

    etc etc etc

    I love it.
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 09:59:20
    shamblemonkee wrote:

    PS. everyone else is shouting, cursing and fistpumping at the game when playing right? #willsmithpunchingalienindependenceday
    Every time I take down a particularly hard bastard, I whoop like a damn Yank.

    Had an epic terror mission in India. It was set around a large, two-store house, that was burning.

    One end - my team
    The other end - Beserker, Sectopod, Drones, Heavy Floaters, Muton Elites, Chryssalids.

    In the middle - 18 civilians.

    It was hideously messy.
  • shamblemonkee 15 Oct 2012 10:06:35 17,901 posts
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    Oh god, Muton elites? I haven't encountered half of the others you mentioned - and i'm fairly sure i don't want to :D.

    The first time that i encountered Chrysalids a Floater patrol appeared at the same time, that had me sighing and going "REALLY?!"
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 10:08:05
    I had 6 sectoids all at the same time in my first classic/iron game.

    4 rookies.

  • Whizzo 15 Oct 2012 10:09:04 44,765 posts
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    Testing out my skeleton suit I put my Captain level sniper up on the roof of a building, one completely inaccessible without it.

    A couple of turns later he's bleeding out on the roof...

    ...fortunately Psycho (my awesome Italian assault colonel) is also wearing one and has an unused med-kit, dodging Muton reaction shots with his lightning reflexes he reaches his colleague and stabilises him.

    Next turn he gets off the roof in case the same thing happens to him!
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 10:12:03
    I love the skele suit.

    On normal I used the flying suit to put two snipers high in the sky.

    I won't be doing that on classic, I think...
  • shamblemonkee 15 Oct 2012 10:12:05 17,901 posts
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    Hah, great - the reviews said Dishonored was a good 'watercooler' game, but actually i think XCOM is even more so due to the ever present danger and juggling of so many things that at any moment could go hilariously wrong.

    Sharing those is therapy :).

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  • L_Franko Moderator 15 Oct 2012 10:12:53 9,695 posts
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    Brilliant, brilliant, lovely, brilliant game!
    I didn’t put as much time into it as I wanted (I could have easily played non-stop all weekend given the chance) but I did have a good amount of time with it. So far I am to a point, and have been for a while now actually, where I need to capture one of those aliens that materialise inside downed UFOs but keep forgetting to take my zappy taser thing. I would have had a perfect opportunity to nap one last night but I didn’t sort out my inventory very well.
    I’ve done loads of research and now have my own reverse engineered interceptor that is currently equipped with frikkin lasers.
    I’m at least 18 missions into my first play through on Medium (no Ironman but I don’t save during missions) which I thought was going to be a little easy until my last 4 or 5 missions ended up being rather tough and costly to my units. Lost some good men and women in those battles with a 9 mission vet being one of them. One mission was near on a disaster when I foolishly started getting over confident and ran into a battle with about 3 or 4 Muton squads all waiting for me, the battle ended with only 2 out of my 5 units standing and only just with about 3 health between them. One of the losses was James Bond (had a British unit come through boot camp and I honoured the good reviews I read about Skyfall by using the man himself) who saved my leader with an overview one shot critical hit and kill only to be gunned down while trying to make it to better cover.

    First units I named were Shambles, Fletch, Ag Parrot and April O’Neil right after the intro and Fletch is still alive! Something like 17 or 18 missions complete with 55 kills and he has been promoted to Colonel. Lost count of the amount of times he has been injured and put out of action but they just keep patching him up and sending him out again. He is a living legend in my game world and I’m sure he will now be known around the world. I can just imagine rookies feeling a lot better about their first mission when they see Fletch rocking up to do more damage.
    Shambles had a great run as a Sniper but after 8 missions a lucky shot from some alien put him down while he was moving to a sniper spot.
    Ag Parrot unfortunately took a fatal round in his second mission.

    Can’t wait to get back on this after work
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 10:14:32
    Simp's always letting everyone down.
  • Tryhard 15 Oct 2012 10:20:50 12,014 posts
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    Haven't been able to play over the weekend but enjoyed reading the stories here.I think some of my vets need a book written about them.What they have gone through already.
  • Whizzo 15 Oct 2012 10:21:30 44,765 posts
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    I've been using a SHIV to scout out on crash/landing sites, it's pretty tough and it's handy having mobile cover. I encounter my first landed abduction ship and send Goliath-1 into nose about while the rest of my squad stays in overwatch behind a hill across from the entrance.

    Getting close a cyberdisc activates and heads straight for my robot pal, deciding no matter how tough a SHIV is it couldn't stand up to that I bring it back to the squad at full speed and maintain overwatch.

    The cyberdisc gives chase and crests the hill.

    Everyone opens up (2 assaults, a heavy, a support and a sniper), everyone hits, cyberdisc explodes into fragments without it even getting a shot off at anyone.

    I enjoyed that. :-)
  • opalw00t 15 Oct 2012 10:24:42 12,807 posts
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    I think I managed about 25 hours of this over the weekend on Normal Ironman. Only lost 4 soldiers so far and I think I'm near the end.

    Love it (apart from lots of jumping betweem screens to get information to decide which abduction mission to choose or working out exactly what my squad have equipped) and I can't wait to get the story finished to begin on Classic, which I hope will be much more brutal.
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 10:36:24
    Classic is much, much harder, and consequently much better.

    I never used a SHIV, but Classic - satellite/money state permitting - might dictate it. Mobile cover is a dream.
  • SClaw 15 Oct 2012 10:43:09 826 posts
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    I hurt from playing this too much over the weekend…

    It’s magic. It’s nail biting. It’s the first game I’ve played in ages where I actually give a damn about my doods. It bloody hurts when you see that you’re going to miss a shot that’ll get one of your precious men killed because you overextended (or a bloody floater jumped over your line of advance). On the other hand, the joy you feel when some no-name rookie makes an epic reaction shot and saves everyone in the squad is incredible.

    It’s great at tripping you up too. I’d come over a real hump, just knocked over a base, and was finally rocking up a bunch of colonels and majors with good gear and had sats going up all over… then wave after wave of missed UFO intercepts… a terror mission I utterly screwed the pooch on… then foolishly putting all my best men into psi-testing at the same time and I’m suddenly on my knees again because I got cocky.

    I love this game so much. Only issue so far is that sometimes, with multiple levels in a map, it’s a bit hard to find the right square you want to click on. And a wrong click usually kills you, so that can be a little frustrating. I also don’t like the controller dood… shut up green jumper, I’m the commander, stop talking like you’re in charge!
  • Machetazo 15 Oct 2012 10:44:03 6,372 posts
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    Had a moment where the only reaction was "you have got to be ... kidding me!" yesterday. Hospitalised vets led to another instance of Sarge (sniper) and her generally less experienced cohorts, this time responding to reports of a landed UFO in Japan.
    Playing carefully, we eliminate the crew, waves of Thin Men and Sectoids, and of course, we look for the Outsider (seeking to capture) with no casualties. We find him outside the control room, heavy subdues, and through careful maneuvering we get our thing, as the Support carrying the arc thrower snags himself the specimen.

    Turn ends, and then we hear something from the control room. They have a second? All crew are prepared, marking the doors. Rookie opens it, but can't see any targets. She enters the room, to find herself within hissing distance of 3 Chrysallids! It was absolutely like the retreat Apone's squad tries to make at the start of Aliens! :cool:

    Sheer blind panic, married to any tactical consideration of trying to cover escape. The heavy got egged almost instantly, and a rookie and the Sgt. panicked. Too fast for them the creatures, they were soon slashed down. The aliens surrounded the two survivors, blocking the path of the zombies that arose in the wake of the carnage. One rookie found an opening and made a dash for it, exiting through the exposed shell of the rear of the downed vessel, sealing the fate of the last squaddie, the Chryallid set off in pursuit, as rookie double-timed it away. She was wily, not using their path of ingress, she was able to send the monster in the opposite direction, when, leaving the wails and flames behind, she breathlessly arrived at the extraction point to be hauled aboard the Skyranger by its stunned crewmen.

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  • HisDudness 15 Oct 2012 10:44:18 1,630 posts
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    MetalDog wrote:
    This is digital crack.
    It really is. Probably the most fun I've had with this hobby in the last few years.

    Its release coincided nicely with the missus being out of the country for a week, and I've absolutely neglected everything. She's home in three hours and the apartment looks like smack house. I'm calculating whether or not I can invade the enemy base and still be able to clean up.
  • onestepfromlost 15 Oct 2012 10:45:40 2,706 posts
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    Does a SHIV count as full cover or half.
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 10:45:49
    And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth!
  • krushing 15 Oct 2012 10:53:09 803 posts
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    I'm finding Normal just right - for me, for now. Had an amazing & very Aliens-like terror mission in Cairo, in which everything just went to shit in the space of about two turns. Granted, it didn't start off well when 14 of the 18 civilians were killed or zombified by chryssalids in the few opening turns; then I slowly started to turn the tide my way...but it only took one turn of unfortunate misses - *everyone* missed their 65%-80% shots and then I just got run over. Four operatives down, I decided to cut my losses & head back to the ship with my only veteran left, then made the silly decision out of pity to wait for the remaining, panicked rookie for one more turn. Result:

  • Whizzo 15 Oct 2012 11:03:57 44,765 posts
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    onestepfromlost wrote:
    Does a SHIV count as full cover or half.
    The alloy SHIV gives half cover I think, I tend to have my lead assault ducking behind it.

    It may not be that powerful but it never panics and can't be mind controlled.
  • woundedk 15 Oct 2012 11:08:29 71 posts
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    Absolutely fabulous game. The constant tension leads to absolutely epic moments.

    A terror mission in moscow on a highway. My team of 6 veterans are hurrying up to save as many civilians as possible and take out two packs of mutons and one pack of chrysalids. I thought that now that the chryssalids are gone I just need to mop up quickly and overreached with my support major only to find three more chryssalids. Just as I was starting to panic and be sure that this will end in at least some deaths, a floating disc, beam drone and a zombie move in to join the fray.

    Luckily they are in a relatively tight bunch in the middle of my men and civilians and a well placed rocket softens them up, just enough that they can be picked off with a few lucky shots and critical hits, before anybody gets hurt (seriously, that is).

    Just like that what could have become my worst nightmare turned into one of my greatest triumphs. There are not many games that can produce feelings like this on a constant basis.

    There's the sadness of losing an important veteran, and the pure joy of seeing your vet make it with one point of health or seeing that she can still be stabilized/revived after a sticky situation. My meanest killer (a sniper named Tricia Helfer) has had three such escapes (and I'm dreading what will happen when i get to number six...)
  • Stickman 15 Oct 2012 11:10:20 29,972 posts
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    I've had to restart my ironman game where I named all the soldiers after real life chums. I simply cannot play it properly! It's too harrowing when one dies. I'm a delicate cupcake.
  • SClaw 15 Oct 2012 11:12:10 826 posts
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    So my screwed up terror mission… which I believe was in Nigeria…

    My squad of six was definitely the “B” team with Buster (Heavy) and DOA (Assault) the only really veteran members. Buster tries his best but he never seems to hit anything, but I like to think his confident attitude inspires the troops. DOA, on the other hand, is a stone cold killer who’s never so much as taken a scratch.

    The area seems to be a single building surrounded by a road, some sort of apartment block with a few shops under it (which definitely doesn’t like Nigeria to me). My team lands in the south, with nothing but cars for cover. I’m already frightened – cars are murder. I move up, it’s going ok… pull out a couple of nearby civs… and then suddenly… three mutons and a zerker on the roof.

    Haha, thinks I, I can see the stairs are over there. Withdraw my support to cover of the cars well away from the fight, my two assault up front by the stairs with fancy laser shotguns ready, my sniper is well off to one side and Buster is in the middle somewhere, hoping to get luck. Team deployed for a mega raping of overwatch!

    Ohhh shit a drainpipe… zerker comes down hard, completely out of line of sight of everything but my medics and Buster. So all the people likely to hit. Shoot… shoot… chipping away at its health as it gets every closer. It is now literally standing in front of Buster when he fires (and at this point it’s intimidate has panicked the support into hiding)… and hits. Kill. Phew!

    I’ve moved the rest of my team back as I patch up (there was a grenade incident) and reload, expecting the mutons to arrive via the pipe… but they don’t. I carefully move my assault and sniper back into position, realising I’m going to have to go hunt them down, and immediately trigger a group of floaters. DOA knocks out two handily, using her rookie partner as a distraction, while my rookie sniper misses everything.

    Meanwhile… a cyberdisk pops out near my rear line. I blow away the drone escorts easily enough, and Buster whips out his rocket launcher to weaken the… ohhh shit he missed and blew up one of my supports! Asshat. Ok. Other support moves over, revives (yes – they aren’t rookies but they suck compared to my A team)… and the car next to him explodes, knocking him out but missing the other support who revives him. They are both on a couple of blocks of health.

    This stupidity continues, drawing in my sniper, as they limply try to take out the floaters. Meanwhile, DOA and her buddy circle the entire map just owning faces. In that mission alone, DOA killed two floaters and three mutons virtually solo. She really earned the shiny new titan armour I bought her!

    And the summary… XCOM losses 0 (somehow). Alien losses 10. Civilian survivors… er… 5… of 18. Sorry innocent Nigerians!
  • agparrot 15 Oct 2012 11:12:22 11,902 posts
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    RedSparrows wrote:
    Simp's always letting everyone down.
    Even I can't keep AG Parrot alive for more than a couple of missions.

    My Classic/Ironman game(s) has(have) become a travesty of lost red-shirts. It has become conventional for me to try and train Support troops by giving rookies a medikit and making their armour red, so that they are easy to spot. I think I read about this on RPS or something, and it's a neat idea, with my Assault troopers being some form of dark blue, Snipers in black, heavies in yellow and rookies in white. I deviate from this a bit if I've taken along an Arc Thrower, they go glaring Cyan so I don't forget that they have lightning bolts.

    I just can't keep the red medikit guys alive. Whether it is because they naturally have to try and get near to trouble to help out comrades, or because they can't initially have any kind of armour upgrade as well as the medikit, they just keep getting downed.

    I've restarted loads of times now, trying to get the beginning just right - on Classic it really is tough to balance the money, and keeping people alive is much harder, and you really, really need to get laser rifles on the go relatively quickly.

    The strategy layer feels brilliant on Classic, imo. The abduction choice in particular should be an easy one - you should know whether you need scientists, or engineers, or cash. However, the panic level rising on both *Continents* that you don't respond to, rather than just the countries, is a really neat touch. If your veterans are all laid up in hospital, then you can't just pick the 'Difficult' or 'Very Difficult' abduction to respond to, because you will not win.

    My current game is at least not ready to bin, as I've made it, for only the second time, past the first terror mission, and somehow I managed to save eleven of the 18 civilians, meaning a decent reduction in terror levels over the whole of North America. I am already two countries down, and it looks like I may lose one or (please no!) two more by the end of the month.

    I've also managed to keep a modest roster of soldiers alive this time, and having finally got Carapace armour just in time for my first encounters with Mutons, my survivabilty is looking a bit better. I have a decently ranked Assault and Sniper, and two low-level Heavies, and for only the second time, I've kept a red shirt alive long enough to get the 3-medkit-uses skill. In doing so, he incurred a 15 day stint in hospital, of course.

    I know that this feeling of relative assurance is just a precursor to something going horribly wrong, though. I haven't had the resources to tinker with my Interceptors at all, and anyway I have no idea which gear is good for them. I don't want to know either, I am loving finding it all out the hard, hard way.
  • spindle9988 15 Oct 2012 11:15:45 4,715 posts
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    Lol. My missus got me xcom for my birthday in the end so I ended up with both. Being the spoilt little 31 yr old that I am
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