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  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 6 Jan 2013 13:51:15 31,904 posts
    Seen 3 hours ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    It really is quite impressive. They could've just coasted it and probably got a few sales, but the effort they went into the presentation, the music and some of the best writing I've seen in a game really shows. Of course it helps that the gameplay isn't too shabby either ;)
  • Deleted user 6 January 2013 14:32:44
    My game of the year. I absolutely love it. The controls aren't great, but once you get used to them you can play for hours. I love how big this game is, too.
  • Gearskin 6 Jan 2013 15:00:38 3,155 posts
    Seen 2 weeks ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    This was second place on my GOTY 2012 list. It's bloody brilliant, from top to bottom, and such a massive game, considering the small console it's on.

    Looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, the story and characters are HEAPS of fun and the controls, whilst a little awkward at first, become quite natural.

    I'd love to either see a direct sequel, or a Wii U port with beefed up visuals and further content.
  • Gaol 6 Jan 2013 17:56:30 3,327 posts
    Seen 2 hours ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Hated it. Sold it within a month. Even after trying to adapt, the controls were just imprecise and floaty and ruined anything else it might have offered.

    3DS version of Starfox is way better. /old
  • Zidargh 22 May 2015 11:09:32 1,915 posts
    Seen 3 days ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Resurrecting a very old thread but finally got around to playing this and I'm having a lot of fun.

    It's a long shot but does anyone play the multiplayer? It's surprisingly competent.

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  • Deleted user 22 May 2015 11:56:17
    You know, for all the praise I give this game, I never did spend much time with the multiplayer. Is it still fairly active?
  • RunningMan 22 May 2015 13:00:05 2,851 posts
    Seen 8 hours ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    Anyone tried this on the new 3DS? Wondering if it controls any better?

  • Deleted user 22 May 2015 13:41:01
    i played it quite a bit when i first brought it. It was dominated by the Japanese and they were much better than i was.

    I loved this game and if i didn't have as big a backlog i would go back and tr to finish off my quest to beat every level on the hardest difficulty
  • Zidargh 22 May 2015 15:02:32 1,915 posts
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    Registered 11 years ago
    @Raiko101 Hey Raiko.

    I'd say it's still fairly active. I've always managed to get games, and it actually seems pretty balanced. I'm by no means good but I've come out on top several times. It's bloody satisfying to wipe people out in this as they fly up into the air and explode, which is obviously how angels dramatically make their departures.

    Let's get an EG sesh on the go. And of course FF: Theatrhythm!

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  • Deleted user 22 May 2015 16:34:09
    @Zidargh Yeah, i'd be up for that. Of course i'm massively unreliable when it comes to social meet ups, but i'd love to. I'd need to take the campaign for a second spin, just to get back into the swing of things!
  • Gunzberg 22 May 2015 17:44:58 2,315 posts
    Seen 2 weeks ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    I'm still struggling through SP.

    Never gave MP a shot, am fairly crap at this game which is about 70% down to controls
  • One_Vurfed_Gwrx 22 May 2015 18:28:58 2,991 posts
    Seen 4 hours ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    I still need to get around to playing this. Had it for about 2 years now and barely touched it...
  • Zidargh 23 May 2015 23:56:53 1,915 posts
    Seen 3 days ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Looks like we've got the perfect amount of people for a game then!
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