SM Bus Controller

  • Deleted user 1 February 2012 15:38:01
    So, I noticed in my Control Panel that my SM Bus Controller has no driver installed (It's got a little yellow exclamation mark beside it).

    This is likely a hangover from that time I reinstalled Windows about a year ago, I was frustrated trying to diagnose my PC randomly locking up (that ultimately turned out to be faulty RAM, which thankfully has since been fixed) so I wiped the PC in an effort to start afresh (dumb move in hindsight but hey, live and learn).

    Anyhoo, I'm a bit confused as to where I download the driver from. Is it from Intel (I have a Q9300 Core2Quad CPU) or ASUS (I have a Maximus Extreme motherboard).

    Link for CPU:

    Link for motherboard:

    What say you, Eurogamer Forum?
  • Viz1 1 Feb 2012 15:40:23 44 posts
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    Have you tried right clicking the driver and letting windows look for the update .....
    Or googling what you need...
  • Deleted user 1 February 2012 15:42:16
    Yes, I have. Windows didn't find anything by searching online.

    Googling didn't really tell me what I needed to know (the first result returned was from Intel, but I was half-sure that it was a motherboard thing).

    That's why I thought I might ask someone more knowledgable here, if it's not too much trouble.
  • neilka 1 Feb 2012 15:49:26 21,199 posts
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    Thought this was going to be about a Super Mario/Transport Tycoon crossover :(
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