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  • NOSAVIOUR 11 Mar 2012 21:32:02 2,849 posts
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    Sorted. Cheers mate! Shame no games work.

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  • Deleted user 13 March 2012 22:16:57
    vizzini wrote:
    NOSAVIOUR: Have set up remote play on the ps3 and vita but can't connect via Internet or private network. Anyone know why this may be? Cheers

    I'll guess that it is because (unlike the PSP) the Vita can only use remote play through a router whether LAN or Internet (rather than directly PSP to PS3 using adhoc).

    Then I suspect like most people you have your router using a DHCP server (dynamic IP allocation) and a DNS server (for name to Ip address resolution) but haven't set either uPnP active on both network connections for the PSV and PS3, and/or have uPnP turned on in the router.

    Alternatively, the easier solution (imo) is to avoid changing anything on the router, and manually set the DHCP names on both the PSV's network connection (to psvita01) and on the PS3's network connection (to ps3slim01), and then re-pair the devices again, so the pair knows how to make a connection to a named device.

    After a little play about with an old school MGS Playstation 1 game disc and remoteplay on the Vita tonight, I discovered that the PS Vita can also operate in adhoc mode to eliminate latency and avoid having to set DHCP host names just for using remoteplay around the house.

    Instead of pairing the devices in the usual fashion, when the PS3 tells you to pair the PS Vita with the necessary code (eg 6735689) on the PS Vita remoteplay application, instead go into the system config -> network connection, wifi, and choose the wifi hotspot name PS3_REG6735 and supply the 6735689 number as WPA key. Then disconnect from your previous wifi and connect using the one starting PS3_REG. Then when you start remoteplay the PS Vita will talk directly to the PS3 in a zero hop config, rather than a 1 hop routed config.

    I also played a bit of Tekken 2 using that method, and just like the PSP, it definitely reduces lag.
  • atomicjuicer 18 Mar 2012 16:30:14 324 posts
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    Sickening that so many games can't be played using this method.
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