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  • Deleted user 27 April 2013 13:31:42
    Gregolution wrote:
    Lol I tried one more level on normal and lost 3 characters in turn 2.

    Think I'll do the same as you addyb. Save hard for replay
    I think normal/classic is a great starter level. Yes at times you feel like you're untouchable but it only takes 1 wrong move and BANG that's 1/2/3 characters gone. I'd say I've lost around 6 altogether and that's from being totally stupid. You live and learn. This is my trial run for Hard :)
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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    Yeah. I'm still on hard classic, but would not recommend it if you don't like restarting, or haven't played the series before.

    Reinforcements are the biggest bitch. On hard they appear and attack in the same turn.

    *moves towards boss*

    *enemy turn, wyverns appear right behind us*


    Me: sigh... *reset*
    Yeah, when the game warns you that enemy reinforcements are imminent, remember that they can now appear and move, unlike previous games where they arrived at te end of the enemy turn.

    Sometimes even weak troops that are levelled, like a level 15 healer etc, can have enough HP to survive one hit- you can create a formation where only one enemy can attack them, they'll be alright unless the enemy has throwing axes or javelins etc.

    Enemy reinforcements that are the most dangeous are usually high- movement cavalry or fliers with physical attacks. What you can do is run our best DEF units back and have the weakest DEF units (pretty much everyone bar knights, cavaliers, paladins, lords etc) join them for protection for a few turns.

    Even if you have lethal combat pairs of two high-level troops (my cavaliers are married and both awesome) its worth splitting them up, having the squishies join them and evac them out of there.

    At least so far it's warned you- I remember in previous games wyverns or cavalry squadrons arriving out of nowhere!

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  • Mola_Ram 27 Apr 2013 15:00:41 17,576 posts
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    It warns you, yes. It just doesn't warn you in any useful way ie. where the reinforcements are going to come from. It's not that they appear; it's that they appear and attack on the same turn.

    Which, again, is fine. I played more carefully and just beat the chapter that I'd restarted.

    I do actually like that you need to think about protecting people even when there aren't any enemies on the screen. It's just that I'm so used to the previous games that I don't expect certain things to happen. And that screws me on occasion.

    Anyway, apart from the times where I get a little stupid, and apart from a rocky start where I didn't understand enough about the pairing up and such, Hard has been pretty smooth sailing. I haven't grinded much, but even then I have one or two characters that I'm pretty sure could just wreck entire maps by themselves.

    I think the next run is going to be a Lunatic one!
  • gieltjegitaar 27 Apr 2013 17:03:33 50 posts
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    I have some questions about the support system:

    - Is there a difference between pairing up units or just having them stand next to each other in terms of support? Does one get you support faster than the other?

    - Do the units have to fight together or does support also grow if they just stand next to eachother a lot?
  • Wavey 27 Apr 2013 20:49:12 806 posts
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    I too would like a bit of advice about paring up units. Does the non active unit sometimes still attack too or is it just a pure stat bonus only?

    My problem is I keep using reeking boxes to level up all my units and unlock support convos, and I am only at chapter 7! I think I might be too powerful on normal but by gods its fun :D
  • redcrayon 27 Apr 2013 23:14:20 4,649 posts
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    Pairing units- you get stat bonuses to the lead unit and support unit can't be tracked, and as below.
    Next to each other- you get avoid/ hit bonuses spending on relationship status.
  • Mola_Ram 28 Apr 2013 00:35:56 17,576 posts
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    If you look at the little sword and shield icons at the bottom left when you pair someone up, you can see the %age chance that the non-leading character will join in an attack or protect the leading character against an attack.

    These also increase with support ratings. So, my Stahl joins around two thirds of my Sully's attacks.
  • Mola_Ram 28 Apr 2013 00:38:34 17,576 posts
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    As for increasing support, if units are compatible then it increases whenever they attack next to each other, attack while paired up, or defend each other while paired up. If the character is a healer, support increases if you heal someone next to you, or if you're paired up with an attacking unit.

    Basically, if you see little hearts appear after their attack or defence, then you know that support is increasing.

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  • Wavey 28 Apr 2013 01:50:09 806 posts
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    @Mola_Ram thanks Mola. I'm only early on, but could you give me some non spoiler instances where it would be wise to pair them up? I can think of obvious ones like saving a unit who is near death; but any others?
  • Mola_Ram 28 Apr 2013 02:15:01 17,576 posts
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    If a unit is near death and they don't have a turn, you may be in trouble. Best bet is to either try to heal them, or bring in a unit that boosts their DEF or RES. When you choose 'pair up', you can see the specific benefits that the unit gets from the pairing before you commit.

    Basically, I try to pair up units so that they address each others weaknesses. So, if you have a character (say, Vaike) with such horrible speed that he gets double attacked all the time, pair him up with a speedy swordsman. If you have a fragile character, pair them up with someone that has high Defence.

    And also try to pair up characters with people that are in their support list. Get more benefit that way.

    Anyway, those are just the things that I do. You'll get a feel for it soon though.
  • Rhaegyr 29 Apr 2013 14:27:10 4,298 posts
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    Finally picked this up today - can't wait to play it.

    Absolute HASSLE getting the game though - not in my local ASDA so I went to the local retail park. Not at ASDA Living, Argos, Tesco's or even HMV!

    Had to go into town where they only had it at Gamestation for 'gulp' 40.

    Usually buy online but wanted to play it today - any tips for a total beginner to the Fire Emblem series but well versed in Advance Wars and SRPG's in general?

    Thanks in advance!
  • redcrayon 29 Apr 2013 15:41:12 4,649 posts
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    The enemy always prioritises killing your units and doing the most damage- if in doubt don't attack on your turn, just counter on the enemy turn to reduce the damage weaker units take.

    Keep the grid showing which squares are safe from enemy attack up- and move your weaker units last, as the grid may change as you move your own heavy units and open up potential enemy attack pathways.

    Enemy troops have skills just like yours- check out their abilities and critical chance before attacking with anyone. In particular, watch out for enemy troops that have the skill 'pass' as it lets them move through your lines.

    Experiment with all the classes. To start with, the cavaliers are probably the most balanced, but don't neglect slow units (like foot knights) or weak but fast offensive units ( like peg knights) as they all have thier place- foot knights come into their own on the defensive, and peg knights for hunting down enemy thieves, mages, airdropping your best units into good places or evac-ing wounded ones.

    You'll be given a lot of troops but don't worry too much if they die- anyone can reclass to pretty much anything, if you lose a healer you can always reclass somebody else to be one instead. If you are taking heavy losses in story missions, you are probably approaching the mission in the wrong way, so don't be afraid to restart a mission if it looks like winning is going to cost you several troops.

    Of course, you could always play with permadeath off, so it's more like other SRPGs where characters that die are merely knocked out, it's up to you, but the problem with that is it doesn't teach you how to play fire emblem well, I think, which might leave you in real trouble later on.

    Learn to keep an eye on the grid to keep weak units out of combat, and remember that more xp comes from kills- let weak units get kills to level them up faster. Get yr head around the 'pairing' system too, as its got lots of offensive and defensive tactics tied to it.
  • Mola_Ram 29 Apr 2013 16:22:40 17,576 posts
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    The enemy is pretty good at going to pick off weaker units, but it's still not very good at deciding when it's best to not attack at all. Yeah, it's always been that way, but it would be extra challenging if enemies didn't just line up to get slaughtered by your nigh-invincible Great Knight at a chokepoint.
  • Gregolution 29 Apr 2013 18:31:26 8,916 posts
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    Bit confused about equipment... How do you make money?
    How do you repair items?
    What does the little green or red arrow next to items mean? Is that how it will effect stats if equipped and if so which ones?
  • richardiox 29 Apr 2013 20:14:17 7,021 posts
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    What's the deal with stock on this? Couldn't find it anywhere in town again today.
  • Wavey 29 Apr 2013 20:19:22 806 posts
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    @Gregolution I make money by using reeking boxes. Enemies on the maps with these drop bullions that sell for money.

    You can't repair items. Once they break you need to buy another weapon. Also look at what units can use multiple weapons, as that can give you an advantage.

    The little arrows mean if that weapon is more effective at dealing damage to the enemies weapon. Its like a rock paper scissors system. It explains all this in the guide menu option if you press x on the map or battle screen (I think?)
  • Rhaegyr 29 Apr 2013 21:06:16 4,298 posts
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    Many thanks for taking the time to type that out - think I'll stick permadeath on as it'll give each battle a little more meaning. Just booting it up now and can't wait to get stuck in.

    Thanks again!
  • Gregolution 29 Apr 2013 21:28:29 8,916 posts
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    Cheers for that. So selling things you find in a map is your only money making option, fair enough.

    Didn't know there's no repair! That's deadly. So upgrading weapons that are near dead is extremely dumb then.... Doh
  • redcrayon 29 Apr 2013 23:00:25 4,649 posts
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    What you can do is use 'restock' to combine battered items- e.g. If your character has an iron sword with 3 uses left, 'restock' will top it up to 40 with iron swords from the convoy.

    Forged weapons are for helping weak units inflict damage for xp, or strong units deal with bosses- if you use them ll the time it'll get expensive!

    Rarer or expensive items, like those you forge, killing edge items, named weapons (Eireka's rapier etc) are worth keeping for dealing with tough enemies. Get used to equipping everyone with a cheap weapon for general use, a ranged weapon if possible (hand axe/javelin/wind edge or magic) and a decent one for tough fights. Always cycle through your weapons when attacking and choose the one that gets the best results for the minimal cost, and particularly ranged weapons for light units that can't afford to be hit back. Also remember that lighter weapons hit easier, so if your 'to hit' chance is too low, try dropping down to an iron or bronze weapon.

    Take your time clicking on the enemy skills and weapons on the pre-fight screen, it'll become second nature in no time!

    For money, you can sell pretty much anything, so if you desperately need items for your A-team, sell the equipment of the people you don't use, or consider fighting the Risen or tackling the DLC, both of which are quite lucrative.

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  • Mikeeeboy1 29 Apr 2013 23:05:52 167 posts
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    Anyone struggling to pick this game up and you dont mind a digital copy from the estore.
    Why not try buying from Game online.
    You can buy the game for 32.99 for a physical copy or digital eshop code( same price).
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    Job done and no more hunting for this elusive game on the highstreet.
  • Red_Bool 1 May 2013 08:48:00 1,632 posts
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    Actually managed to pick this up on Saturday :D
    It's been a while since I played the GBA one. I'm playing on Normal/Classic and already had to reset twice on chapter 3: A stupid mistake on both accounts - but it's all coming back to me now! :)
    I managed to finish the GBA one without loosing anyone except the one you can't save and I certainly won't loose anyone now :cool:
  • redcrayon 1 May 2013 09:04:59 4,649 posts
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    I'm playing on hard/classic and it's awesome. I've already had to form up in a couple of small defensive circles just to protect everyone, but the difficulty comes from enemy troops rather than bosses- that's great as it means there's loads of xp around too.

    Bought a couple of the DLC maps too- I think it's really well done, the DLC area is portioned off at the lowest part of the map, and once it's introduced they don't beg you for money. It leaves me far happier at buying the odd map, and combined with the side stories and the risen appearing means I usually have 3-4 options of what map to tackle next. As far as I'm concerned its the best game on the system.

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  • Gregolution 1 May 2013 18:52:57 8,916 posts
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    Confused... People appeared on my map and I can choose to fight them but they're level 10 and I'm level 3. Doesn't seem to be a way for me to see they're level before I choose to battle.

    Is there a way to check or should I be able to handle such a level gap? Who the fk are these people anyway?
  • redcrayon 1 May 2013 19:21:20 4,649 posts
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    Yes, go to 'view map' before you fight- run the cursor over enemy troops to see their items, weaknesses and level etc. You can then go backwards and go back to the map if you don't like the look of it.

    Enemy level is random but fairly standard across the map, so some encounters are to give your best people a challenge, and some to give your weakest troops easy people to fight- I spot the occassional level 5 group and send in Donnel and the rest of the rookies!
  • Deleted user 1 May 2013 19:23:32
    @Gregolution You can select 'View Map' before you press the fight button, that will allow you to check out how many enemies and their levels.


    Beaten to it dammit :)

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  • redcrayon 1 May 2013 19:42:33 4,649 posts
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    I have a high speed characteristic :-)
  • JinTypeNoir 3 May 2013 05:11:16 4,392 posts
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    So I hear a lot of talk in this thread about strategies and characters as battle units, but not much about romances, characters and dialogue. Is it underwhelming? Is the translation any good (I'm aware of the issues, its just Nintendo's translations are said to be good)? Or do people just enjoy the gameplay more than the story elements?
  • Mola_Ram 3 May 2013 05:32:13 17,576 posts
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    Romance is for girls.

    In seriousness, though, the best thing about the characters is the way you get to know them. The barracks is absolutely great for this.

    Although I am getting a bit tired of the knight guy constantly going on about how inconspicuous he is. Yes yes, you're huge and yet somehow go unnoticed, it stopped being funny the dozenth time you said it.

    And the relationship between the dragon girl and the thief (garrus, I think) is a teensy bit disturbing. Yes, she's old, but she still looks like a little girl.
  • Mola_Ram 3 May 2013 05:59:02 17,576 posts
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    Oh, and the translation is really, really good. I don't know how accurate it is regarding the Japanese one, but there aren't any mistakes, and lots of jokes. It really is top notch.
  • MadCaddy13 3 May 2013 06:45:33 2,832 posts
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    What's this about marriage also? I'm on chapter 19 and I've not had a mention of marriage. Only chrom and sully [\spoiler]

    And it does get ruddy hard on the later chapters doesn't it??! Frederick is not mr invincible anymore that's for sure
    just defeated walhart but I'm guessing its not the first time, and I lost 3 or 4 people. Barely survived!

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