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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    TheMayorOfJugs wrote:
    You couldn't grind for gold, trade him an amazing forged bronze lance, and then initiate him, could you?
    Nope. Even with the most amazing bronze lance you could make, he still won't be able to kill things in one hit, so he'll get slaughtered on the counter attack (all of the enemies on early Lunatic have steel weapons and more strength/speed/hp, so his death is basically assured).

    And, assuming it's safe for him to attack (as with the trapped archer example), him needing many strikes for a kill is actually better for his xp growth. You get xp for successful hits too, remember, so in this case death by a thousand pokes is a good thing.
    Sweet baby J...... Dont think I'll try Lunatic any time soon :-D

    Also, Death By a Thousand Pokes would be an awesome name for a biographical documentary about the death of a pornstar.
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    You might as well call Lunatic mode "Frederick Emblem", as it's impossible to survive without him.

    It's only really hard for the first few chapters though (chapter 2 especially is an absolute nightmare). Once shops/streetpass/dlc things open up, you can grind a bit when you hit a wall. I wouldn't want to try it without DLC; many tears lie that way.

    And then there's Lunatic+, which seems to be for masochists only. I don't think I'll even try that one. If I do, it will be on Casual.

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    mal wrote:
    Also, some characters have XP bonuses for those paired with them as equippable skills, so look out for those.
    Afaik, there's only 2, maybe 3 with that skill (it's called Veteran). It's tied to the tactician class, so either you get it through that, or inherit it. It's a large part of the reason why your avatar is probably the godliest unit in the whole army.

    Anyway, that's only one example of a skill that's tied to pairing up. There are other ones that increase attack, dual strikes, movement, etc. The lesson to be learned: in 95% of cases, pairing up is better than going it alone.
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    Few hours into Fire Emblem, I like the game a lot but I am starting to feel like I might have made a wrong decision in choosing the classic-mode.

    I started with hard/classic as I like the challenge. Difficulty so far itself is not a problem, but there are elements which you just cant take into consideration, and when those get one of your characters killed it's pretty "cheap" imo.

    I have a few guestions, and gripes which might just be from me not knowing the game yet (I haven't played the previous ones), so just bare with me. My point is not to complain, but rather get some sense in these issues:

    1# When initiating a battle from the world map you have no idea how hard the enemies are? My guys are like lvl 5 - 7 atm and the second "random" battle from the world map puts me against lvl 9-11 monsters..

    2# Characters you haven't used in a few battles are at a very low level compared to the other ones and they are just useless when you finally choose them, is it actually like so the entire game?
    Would feel like this leads to the player just sticking with the same posse each and every encounter.

    3# How do you know which characters can attack ranged? I know you can use the Y to see their movement/attack range, but certain monsters are not so clear as to where they can actually attack. Some seem to be able to attack diagonally and some can throw their axes, but is there really no actual way to detect this before they do it?

    4# Whats the boost for pairing up and should you do it? When you pair up, can the enemies attack either one, or just the one you have "switched on"?
    Characters seem to boost their neighbours anyway so why pair up, other than to move slower units faster etc?

    5# I have had characters killed when I have made a calculated decision to move a character to place X to draw the enemy in, and when the enemy finally attack he suddenly gets 2 attacks. How the hell can I prepare for this, is there again no visual icon to show before hand which enemies can attack twice?

    6# Sometimes my supporting characters also sneak an attack in as a freebie, does this happen just purely random? And can it happen for the enemies as well?

    7# Every character only has one eguipped weapon/spell? Is this just in the beginning of the game? Bought some spells when I could but I can only eguip one of them per person?

    Not playing the previous games I think this one really didn't explain enough, as it didn't actually explain anything. Need to check the manual if that helps.

    Like I said, like the game and like the permadeath-system as it keeps you on your toes. But I have had characters killed by what I would call as "cheap kills" where I never really had a chance, which has lead me to guestion my choise for the classic-mode.
    I also don't want to reset the game after every killed character, I feel like your actions should have consequenses, which keeps you even more so on your toes. I feel like resetting after every death is pretty much ruining the whole point of the permadeath-system in the first place. :|

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    1. I can't comment too much as I didn't use the random battles until much later. The first time I did my experience was similar to yours.

    2. True, but there are ways to level up other characters so they can keep up. Such as the random battles mentioned above, plus DLC content

    3. Bows, hand axes, javelins, all magic can fire 2 spaces.

    4. Always pair up, especially on Hard mode. They boost stats, rather than just hit and avoid etc. Pair up Chrom and Sumia and you should see the difference.

    5. Compare Speed stats, if the enemy is a lot higher (I don't know what the threshold is) then they'll get 2 attacks

    6. It's random but the percentage increases with better support level. Enemies don't do it, that I recall.

    7. Each character can carry 5 items. You can auto-equip from the menu. Might not be available straight away.
  • Mola_Ram 30 Jan 2014 12:43:45 17,566 posts
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    You should be playing on Normal difficulty, at least until you have a handle on everything. Hard is not good to start with If you're new to the series.
  • Mola_Ram 30 Jan 2014 13:08:53 17,566 posts
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    1. You can see how strong enemy groups are from the set-up screen before a battle. If they are too strong, you are more than welcome to exit the battle. It's not like you have to fight them. And yeah, some groups are way too high level - this just happens sometimes.

    2. Some units need to be babyed and protected until they're strong enough to fight for themselves. Many of those seemingly weak units are absolute battle gods when leveled up. You can stick with the same team, though, particularly on lower difficulties.

    3. If you press hover over an enemy character, you can see their movement range (the blue squares), and their attack range (the red squares). If the red squares go out further than one space from the blue squares, it means that they have a ranged weapon. Pressing 'A' on the character shows their effective attack range (you can do this for multiple enemies at the same time), and pressing 'X' shows the effective attack range of all enemy units at once. Useful for keeping units out of harm's way.

    4. Enemies only attack the unit that you have 'switched on'. Keep this in mind if you are using Lissa or whoever to heal someone. If she is within enemy range, they WILL target her.

    And yes, you should pair up, unless you have a very specific reason not to. The stat bonuses a unit gets from pairing up are much greater than simply standing beside them.

    5. When you move up to start an attack, you can see a 'battle forecast' on the top screen. If the enemy has a 'x2' next to their attack statistic, that means they will attack your unit twice. Which can be bad.

    It is affected by the Speed statistic; I think if the enemy (or your) Speed is 4 or more than the opponent, a double attack ensues.

    6. This is not random. When you pair a character up with another and attack with the pair, you can see the percentage chance that the partner will help out in an attack (the sword icon), and the percentage chance that they will block damage from an enemy attack (the shield icon).

    7. When attacking, you can choose which weapon to attack with, thus 'equipping' that weapon. Sometimes, it is best to attack in melee with a melee/ranged weapon (eg. a javelin), so that you can counter-attack both melee and ranged enemies on the enemy turn. If you are not attacking on your turn, you can choose which weapon you want to defend with by selecting it and choosing 'equip'.

    As far as permadeath goes, most Fire Emblem players reset after the loss of a character. The point (at least for me) is not to make you live with character deaths, but to make you more careful. If permadeath were not on, I would be far more reckless.

    But do whatever you like, really. There's more than enough characters in the game to replace ones that die.

    But again, I do not recommend Hard difficulty for you at this time. I, for example, have played many Fire Emblems, and I found Hard to be very tricky at times. It is not meant for newcomers.

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  • mal 30 Jan 2014 13:18:20 29,326 posts
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    To extend point 4, the only reason *not* to pair up is if most of your characters are strong enough to take multiple hits by themselves, and you want more units to clear up the immediate area around any weaker units you have. But if all your units are weak, pair them all up.
  • Mola_Ram 30 Jan 2014 13:23:29 17,566 posts
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    The benefits of pairing up more than outweigh the drawbacks, imo.

    The only time I don't is when I'm trying to put units on forts so that reinforcements don't spawn from them. Or in a couple of specific maps later on in the game, where you have to protect something (or someone) and do not have the manpower to block all avenues of attack if everyone is paired up.

    Aside from those situations, I almost always pair up.
  • Decap 1 Feb 2014 15:08:43 132 posts
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    Started a new game with normal/classic. It seems to be a lot easier, perhaps even too easy. ;|
    Then again might as well play it like this and once I finish just start with the hard mode again.

    Btw: Is there some silver-rules to pairing up? Like is it generally just wise to pair up a weak character (mage, archer etc) with a beefier guy that can take a few more hits, and that's it?
  • smurphs 1 Feb 2014 22:05:24 146 posts
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    I found normal way too easy and got bored. have restarted on hard, and am finding it much more fun. I'm no expert but I've found that equipping an iron lance with frederick means you can damage the bad guys rather than kill them out right, allowing your weaker members to get the kill and subsequent xp. I also make sure Frederick is the only one in range to lure them towards my team.
  • Mola_Ram 1 Feb 2014 22:59:30 17,566 posts
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    Yeah, difficulty is a significant problem with the game. Normal is too easy, and Hard is a bit too difficult (especially on maps with reinforcements). There's no middle ground. But imo it's better to start low until you have a handle on things. Then you can reload your Hard save if you like, or start over again.

    As for pairing up, yes, it is generally a good idea to pair characters who address each others weaknesses. eg. Lon'qu has horrible Strength, Vaike horrible Speed. Paired up, Lon'qu might actually be able to kill something without a Killing Edge, and Vaike is less likely to get double-attacked. In many cases, smart pairing could be the difference between killing an enemy or just wounding it, or defensively the difference between survival and death.

    Otherwise, pair characters who have supports. On the map screen (and preparations screen) you can go to the support menu and see which characters can have those relationships. If you keep them together long enough, their support will gain a rank, and bonuses will increase. Many characters can even get married!

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  • mal 2 Feb 2014 01:58:25 29,326 posts
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    I've only come across two characters so far that can't get married - both men. That said, a few of the female characters can only get married to your avatart, so a few of those have to end up disappointed.
  • Mola_Ram 2 Feb 2014 02:07:13 17,566 posts
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    Most of the hidden/bonus characters only have one or two supports. See: Anna.
  • mal 2 Feb 2014 02:40:15 29,326 posts
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    I guess if I was rocking a female avatart, those male bonus characters would have someone to marry.
  • Mola_Ram 2 Feb 2014 03:40:55 17,566 posts
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    Yeah, my Lunatic avatar is female.

    It's going to be difficult to resist marrying her to Chrom though. The offspring would break the game with their godliness.
  • Alastair 2 Feb 2014 07:04:46 21,887 posts
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    Yep, he's so dreamy.
  • Deleted user 5 February 2014 17:42:05
    I'm finding i'm becoming incredibly addicted to these random battles that keep cropping up every time I turn on my 3DS. So far, i'm only using them to level up and experiment with characters that i've neglected for the Story missions, but i'm wondering if i'm over doing it.

    Are they actually easier than the main campaign missions, or have I been over-developing my team? I don't want to ruin the game by making things too easy, but i'm just using them to try out weaker characters I haven't made much use of.
  • Mola_Ram 5 Feb 2014 23:29:10 17,566 posts
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    They can be easier, but it depends what map they're on. Some maps only seem to spawn high level teams, with a few in the early game that are pretty much impossible to beat (unless you use Freddie).

    They don't have reinforcements, though, which is nice.

    What story chapter, difficulty are you on?

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  • Deleted user 5 February 2014 23:36:38
    I'm only on Normal difficulty and i'm only chapter 8. I've completed all 3 side missions and i've had at least 5 or 6 battles, too.
  • Mola_Ram 5 Feb 2014 23:46:20 17,566 posts
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    Well, you don't really need to do any grinding at all on Normal. It's already pretty easy. So yeah, I'd be wary of abusing the random encounters too much.

    But if you're just letting your weaker guys catch up, I don't see as much a problem.

    If you're worried about being overpowered, start up a story mission and compare the stats of your armies. If yours are massively higher, then it might be time to stop grinding! :)

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  • Murbs 6 Feb 2014 08:30:28 23,867 posts
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    Oh gawd, I should be carrying on with this but I went and bloody started Bravely Default. Now I have that, this and Etrian Odyssey on the go!

  • Deleted user 6 February 2014 10:12:48

    If you're playing 3 rpgs at the same time you're not reality playing any of them. Nothing good will come of it (and I should know as I've done this in the past).
  • Daryoon 10 Feb 2014 01:22:53 5,916 posts
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    Been playing this for a few weeks now. Particularly enjoying the translation, which seems a step above the previous games. Spotted a Shaun of the Dead reference earlier...
  • Deleted user 12 February 2014 15:20:43
    You've got to love feeling like you're on the brink of victory, only for a complete random to get a critical hit in on one of your units, wiping them out instantly.
  • Mola_Ram 12 Feb 2014 22:40:13 17,566 posts
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    Yeah, this is a common feeling in Fire Emblem. :)

    Remember: it pays to be cautious. Even overly cautious.
  • Deleted user 13 February 2014 09:26:06
    Just finished a particular chapter, at a dock, and found it to be a rather odd experience. My girlfriend, having played through the game before me, warned me that it was quite difficult, but I found it hard to do wrong.

    The levels of the enemy and my units were comparable. I had a couple of stronger characters, but they were the stronger team overall. However, their chances of hitting me were ridiculously low. We're talking 30% for most enemies. As a result, I didn't really have to do much hiding. Miriel wiped out four units without taking any damage, during the opponents turn.

    Anyone else had that? My girlfriend honestly thought I was playing on easy.
  • Mola_Ram 13 Feb 2014 13:30:20 17,566 posts
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    Levels don't really matter. It's all about the stats. You could be really high level and have crappy stats, or vice versa.

    As for hit percentages, 30% isn't really that low. I'd still class that as dangerous, although it probably doesn't matter on Normal difficulty.
  • Mola_Ram 14 Feb 2014 06:00:56 17,566 posts
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    Hrrr, seriously thinking about giving up on Lunatic now. I just can't see any way to do some of these missions without grinding the shit out of DLC. And that's just not fun, at all, and comes really close to the whole "pay to win" business that affects mobile gaming.

    I would like something that's a bit more difficult than Hard. But this is just silly, starting a map and having pretty much everyone face certain death unless they're really lucky.

    If/when the next game comes out, I hope they do some serious rebalancing.

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    So the mrs just bought me this as a
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