The best off road PS3 racing game

  • Picnic 27 Feb 2012 20:50:55 36 posts
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    Motorstorm Pacific Rift?

    And why?

    I suspect that Pure is the best bet of all (I didn't really like Motorstorm but I hear that the second of three in the series, Pacific Rift, is the best and the theme of it appeals to me most of that series) but I would like the opinions of anyone who has paid any or all of these games before I decided whether to break the seal on Nail'd on the basis that some reviews say that it is really fun or take it back to the shop on the basis of some reviews that say that it feels like a relic of 2003 with just the novelty of some huge jumps to recommend it.

    Or should I forget them all if they are not a patch on SSX which will satisfy my desire to make big jumps in pretty surroundings?

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  • Deleted user 27 February 2012 20:59:46
    Well there's huge jumps in MS and Pure too.

    You're correct in saying Pacific Rift is the best in the MS series (and it's the best by some margin too, imo). The first MS was good, just superceded by Pacific Rift. Apocalypse partially flopped because of the unfortunate events in Japan last year, but i think that's mostly used as an excuse because it was a bit shite (Evolution missed the whole point of their own series with that one).

    Pure is jolly good fun (actually playing it myself at the minute), kind plays like a cross between SSX (trying to get huge air to pull off tricks) and Motorstorm (um, offroad racing) and the sprint tracks are a cool idea, although you do loose the variety of vehicle types found in MS.

    Pacific Rift has a wealth of epic tracks (16, with 4 in each of 4 locations, different times of day too), good selection of vehicles (and hence play styles), still looks bloomin' fantastic and has that rudimentary custom soundtrack (open XMB, play music direct from it).

    Nail'd i haven't played, but have read mixed reviews. You could probably pick up both Pacific Rift and Pure for under a tenner each, so why not both? (at a push i'd plump for Pacific Rift).

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  • Deleted user 27 February 2012 21:03:55
    I got Pacific Rift for 8 in cex, MS Apocalypse was 12 enjoy them both.

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    Fuel is worth a look purely on the basis that you have such a huge playground to play in. Dirt cheap as well.
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