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  • Darren 5 Mar 2012 09:56:28 9,526 posts
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    THFourteen wrote:
    thats wierd. i copied about 3gig of video files in 10 minutes
    It took 3-5 minutes to copy 22 MP3 songs (roughly 250 MB @ 320 Kbps quality) but those would have taken 20 seconds to copy from a USB hard drive to my PS3. Are these files being encrypted or something when they're copied to the PSV (which there's no point in doing anyway)?
  • Deleted user 6 March 2012 00:03:43

    If your PS Vita was having trouble communicating smoothly with Sony's PSN servers to inspect the files then that might hamper the transfer I suspect.

    No matter how impressed I am with the gaming on this device(that arrived today), in the first five hours of owning it, I already think it is a shit console (overall).

    The oppressive and intrusive system software by which everything gets inspected and interrogated, requiring PSN access before transfer has put me in two minds to abandon the device already. If they don't at least add mass storage device mode for Pictures, Music and Videos then I can't see me being a Vita customer this time next year. Do they realise they are selling the device in democratic countries?

    How they gained no wisdom from the demise of Walkman through DRM back in 1999 really surprises me, and they must have forgotten PSN went offline for two whole months last year.

    Are they really going to risk deny people access to transfer pictures, music, video and backuped content should that happen again?
  • Progguitarist 6 Mar 2012 00:46:56 10,780 posts
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    Lets hope you trade/ sell/ burn/ nuke the fucking thing.
  • yegon 6 Mar 2012 07:01:24 6,175 posts
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    The Vita is purely a gaming beast for me, all the other stuff relating to media/net etc are far better accomplished on a phone imo.

    Vita's been an excellent purchase. The initial shiny shiny lust stage has passed now, yet I still think it's a great piece of kit. Aside from the screen and possibly the best array of launch titles I've experienced, my lasting positive impression of it is down to the buttons, glorious glorious buttons. Other than the sticks ideally being a little stiffer it's the first time I've had a handheld that doesn't feel horribly compromised in comparison to a controller and doesn't give me the slightest hand cramps.

    The only negative was swallowing the cost of a 32gb card, which I can live with due to the massive convenience of no cart swapping, having a nice selection of previously purchased PSP games on there and being one of the lucky few to grab Uncharted at 79p - my least played game funnily enough. No issues with the battery either, tend to play at lowest brightness and I reckon I'm comfortably getting 4-5hrs at least. Seems fairly fast to charge too, which helps.

    In almost all respects it's been the complete reverse experience to the one I've had with the 3DS, which I still own and will no doubt experience occasional Nintendo brilliance on.

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  • Darren 6 Mar 2012 07:59:09 9,526 posts
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    vizzini wrote:

    If your PS Vita was having trouble communicating smoothly with Sony's PSN servers to inspect the files then that might hamper the transfer I suspect.
    The PSV doesn't use PSN to transfer files over from/to a PC though as far as I'm aware; it is just like any other transfer that uses a USB cable, only from some reason much slower than it should be. :confused:
  • Popzeus 6 Mar 2012 08:04:37 8,425 posts
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    neilka wrote:
    Popzeus wrote:
    Sick of being told "You can't add any more friends", anyone have any idea why this happens? (It isn't because I have too many friends - I have 18).
    I know it makes no sense, but you also get that message if the person you're trying to add already has a full friends list.
    Turned out that was the problem - Cheese is just too popular - so managed to add a load of youse last night.
  • Ignatius_Cheese Moderator 6 Mar 2012 09:55:33 11,048 posts
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    I'm not sure what the capacity of the friends list is. I'll have to clear out a few unknowns that I have cluttering up the place.

    Will add you later, Pop.
  • Deleted user 6 March 2012 10:15:31

    Yeah you are right about the PC/PS Vita transfers not requiring PSN for the content manager (unlike the PS3 transfers). But the minute I tried a transfer using the thinkpad(win7 64bit pro) and PS Vita both in flight mode, it seemed like the transfers went much slower, just one small 1MB jpg took about 10secs, and even transferring the Modnation racers demo back from the PC(484MB) took 160secs.

    The ability to transfer music/picture/video and saved downloads with a PC in flight mode is a least a less draconian situation than I was angry about yesterday, but it still isn't good that the ps3 transfers are so paranoid to require the PS3 signin, making PS Vita/PS3 transfers impossible on a broadband or PSN outage leaving consumers high and dry.
  • RyanDS 6 Mar 2012 12:20:12 11,777 posts
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    This whole save game thing is still confusing me.

    I think I get why they did it, what with the save game exploits on the PSP, but I wish there was a way of just backing up save game data.

    I don't want to have to backup Uncharted 3.5 gig every few days when I should just be able to upload the save to my PS3 or the cloud.

    And worse I don't even know where my Virtua Tennis or EG save is at all. Are they stored on my card? So if I lose it I am fucked. Or are they stored on my console and can be backed up?

    If I sell my EG game to buy the digital copy can I copy saves across?

    It's all a bit cack really.
  • Darren 6 Mar 2012 12:29:29 9,526 posts
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    Any game that doesn't state that it needs a memory card on the front cover stores the saves on the card itself, e.g. Virtua Tennis 4. I think you can back these up but only if the card is in the PSV at the time you do the backup (obviously, otherwise the save data would not be accessible if the card wasn't inserted). That's my understanding of it anyway.
  • mrpon 6 Mar 2012 12:57:53 34,280 posts
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    Why does my Vita randomly bounce icons that I have already installed?
  • Deleted user 6 March 2012 14:24:54
    I think it is caused by the messages in the notification area (tap the top right half circle, then tap more).

    There are three notification tabs, All, Notification, Download and a trashcan to the far left(that will delete all messages in the active tab). If there are any activities relating to that game in one of the three tabs then the icon should be jumping, to draw your attention.
  • mrpon 6 Mar 2012 14:25:44 34,280 posts
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    Ah, cheers.
  • Deleted user 6 March 2012 14:35:33
    Just to explain that situation, I started downloading the small 12MB facebook app to add a notification, which paused at 5MB. But for the life of me I couldn't find a way to cancel the download and regain the 5MB without installing the whole thing.

    Is that just a huge PS Vita function oversight, or is there a way I just missed completely?
  • Deleted user 6 March 2012 14:36:18
    I know watching video is not the primary concern here, but I'd so want a universal video player on the Vita that can recognize most common formats. Having to convert everything is so... PSP.
  • Bealsy 7 Mar 2012 11:25:28 817 posts
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    not telling me how big a demo/game is on the store is a pita
  • Deleted user 7 March 2012 11:42:09
    It does it for me.
  • dominalien 7 Mar 2012 11:43:57 8,497 posts
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    mrpon wrote:
    Why does my Vita randomly bounce icons that I have already installed?
    It wants you to touch them.
  • Deleted user 7 March 2012 12:06:50
    I discovered the answer to my question yesterday. You can cancel/delete a Ps Vita game download while in progress(on the Vita), via a greyed out road sign styled icon in the notification download menu; the icon on the right hand side of the pause download button.

    When I initially tried this before, I must have pressed down for slightly too long, forcing it to ignore the input completely, and as the icon isn't animated/raised like a typical UI button, I assumed it didn't do anything until the download completed.
  • Edtuckerartist 7 Mar 2012 16:29:08 160 posts
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    So many small things that take the brilliance out of the PSV, quick list:
    1: Camera resolution is so bad, there are kids £10 toys with better cameras!

    2: I can't manage my content using the content manager as its just useless! Tried to delete an album (music) but has to search through hundreds of songs to find the ones I wanted to delete and also there is no way to sort the list!

    Other things are minor compared to those.

    PS what's the expansion port for and what type of connector does it use any chance audio or video is output from it?
    Taking a screenshot could be easier as I keep getting screenshots of the live screens or start menus lol

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  • Darren 8 Mar 2012 12:09:02 9,526 posts
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    Edtuckerartist wrote:
    Taking a screenshot could be easier as I keep getting screenshots of the live screens or start menus lol
    I used to do that but the trick is to hold down the PS button first for a fraction of a second (not too long otherwise it too brings up a menu screen) before pressing START. If you press START too early then the game pauses and then the PS button takes the snapshot.
  • Deleted user 9 March 2012 11:08:56
    Just out of interest, has anyone else noticed that the firmware in the device at the moment is a little bit buggy? Getting it to recognise with the PS3 when connected has been iffy from time to time. And after bulk transferring all the PSP games, minis, Ps Vita trials and demos from both stores to the laptop via the Vita, I've experience the firmware crash the front or rear touchscreen controls; requiring a full power off reboot. First it happened with Welcome Park, and once in the Dynasty Demo (which managed to kill all controls including the sticks/buttons).

    Having tried to transfer all my music collection to my Vita, I know exactly what you are saying about the mp3 audio level now. I noticed this yesterday (while testing converting my music) it is the exact same on PSP Go with mp3 format files (compared to Sony's superior lossless ATRAC format that 99% of my music is in).

    Mp3 is just a worse format for sound quality, regardless of bit rate on handheld/portable speakers from what I've found, and still isn't great on headphones or amplifier/stereos compared to ATRAC in my opinion.

    Before I noticed the problem with the PSP/Vita I was going to endure Media Go requiring 8hrs to re-encode my entire music library to mp3 (while it transferred to the PSP go), to allow me to copy/transfer to the PS3, then Vita.

    But I think complain to Sony about the lack of ATRAC codec support, to force them to add it, is now the better option.

    I can understand that Sony, Google and a few others now wish to pursue the use of less patent encumbered file formats and technology, thereby reduce device costs and improve technology openness in mobiles, etc. But lossless ATRAC is Sony's own patented technology, so its use should be free to them for PS Vita, and if they are concerned about it not being patent encumbered, then they just need to change licensing terms of their patent.

    After thoroughly enjoying playing cliff diving and table football yesterday and liking the new Augmented reality genre on it, I do think the console is great for new gaming. But in a few ways like music quality the PSP kicks the Vita's arse.
  • INSOMANiAC 10 Mar 2012 17:19:11 4,477 posts
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    They really need to have a contents Section on the instructions manuals.

    True they are pretty short and crappy but on the rare occasion I've used them
    I've had to scroll a dozen pages of shitty precautions and warning. Even if they just made the above it's own skippable section. If your going to make me use digital manuals add some functionality, it's a touchscreen ffs!
  • Ziz0u 11 Mar 2012 22:10:59 11,006 posts
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    I'm stuck with a 4gb memory card for a while, so I wish when I transfer content downloaded on my PS3 to my Vita that it didn't delete itself. I want to be able to put what I want on when I want it rather than having to redownload something if I feel like a quick whirl.
  • johnson81 11 Mar 2012 23:11:23 392 posts
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    Oh my god, I'm a moron. After 2 weeks of owning the Vita, I've only just realised you can hold the PS button and adjust the brightness. I've been leaving the "Settings" app open to I can adjust, depending on the time of day. I know the Viat is new, but I can't remember the last handheld that made me feel like I was playing a full blown console. The Vita is awesome.
  • dominalien 20 Mar 2012 09:23:26 8,497 posts
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    There's lots of little niggles with the Vita, but the single one that annoys me the most is how when I'm playing Motorstorm and I put the console down for a bit and it goes to sleep, when I wake it up it'll say "lost connection to server" and I have to go back all the way up to the top menu to sign in again before I can resume playing (if I want all the online stuff, that is).

    Seeing as the Vita disconnects from all networks at a whim, they really should have implemented some sort of "wait until connection comes back after resume from sleep" routine.

    Hm, now that I'm looking at what I've written, it's more of a problem with Motorstorm than the Vita itself. Although if Sony first party can't get it to work better, it'll probably be the standard for all games.

    Still a great console, of course :-)
  • mrpon 20 Mar 2012 09:26:55 34,280 posts
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    Anyone know how long the battery lasts in standby mode? I've had Uncharted running in standby for a day without any loss of battery at all!! As mentioned before, just love the instantonability™ of it.
  • dominalien 20 Mar 2012 09:35:02 8,497 posts
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    Been playing it too much these past few weeks to make a meaninful observation, but yes, it's pretty good in standby.

    That said, if you leave it downloading something, it'll eat up the battery at an alarming rate (much better than the PSP, though, that's for sure). Once not downloading anything, it obviously disconnects from 3G/Wifi, which saves a lot of battery. It'll still use some to keep memory powered, of course.
  • mrpon 20 Mar 2012 09:57:29 34,280 posts
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    Hmm, I thought it stopped downloading in standby mode?

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