Naruto Clash Of Ninja Rev Series

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    So managed to pick up Naruto CON revolution 2 on ebay after selling rev 1 eons ago and i must admit, im a bit of a fan of the series, ie the games, ive never watched the anime before. Anyone else a fan of the naruto fighting games?

    The fighting system is somewhat simple with only a light and heavy or special attack, a super move and a throw. The game focuses on basic combos which dont need any fancy half controller movements.

    The depth there is comes on the form of a dodge move that as long as you have enough chakra, you can come out of any combo behind your opponent and start smacking them from behind. The catch is that you want to fill your chakra meter so you can unleash your super attack, which again is as simple as pushing a button. You can link your super attack in a combo making it unavoidable.

    Other things while i like the series, to block you dont push any button, just stand there, if someone blocks for too long the block stance can be broken and therefore your left open for a combo.

    Another thing that adds depth is the chance to cancel a combo your in the middle in by pushing the throw button, because in CON you opponent during a combo will more than likely bounce up in the air, this is a chance to start another combo quickly either by cancelling the combo or stop inputting the remainding combo buttons, allowing time to start another, i guess its basically juggling as like other fighting games.

    The characters themselves, the majority of them control similar, so you could pick up a character and start dishing out combos immediately, but theres just enough variety between characters to stop characters feeling like copycats. Some have different weapons and others are slow and powerful.

    As for the modes, theres 2 vs 2, tag or at the same time and you can combine super moves as long as both chakra meters are full. Other modes include a story mode, vs mode is where youll find your fight 10 fighters in a row setup. Mission mode gives each of the 30+ characters 10 missions each, ranging from beating opponents in a certain way to achieving a certain number of hits during a combo. The only downside in rev 2 is that theres no online play which was rectified in the 3rd installment.

    Anyway, other things such as the animation which is superb, as youd expect coming from an anime series, quite surprised that the english voice acting is quite good as well.

    For a simple beat em up with a little depth, you could do worse than pick up the clash of ninja rev series on the wii. Anyone else played them or a fan of the series?
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