Kinect Star Wars, this generations ET?

  • InvisibleCrane 14 Apr 2012 22:40:21 87 posts
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    So I'm watching videos of the galactic dance off mode from Kinect Star Wars and in amongst all the "my childhood has been raped!/this is the worst thing I have ever seen" comments are are flooding just about every video I came across one that reminded me why I hate current gaming these days. I can't remember how it went but whoever made it said that the galactic dance off mode is this generations eqivilent of ET for the Atari 2600 (in that KSW will cause the next video game crash)...are people really that serious?!?
  • Deleted user 14 April 2012 22:44:49
    No one cares about Star Wars anymore and anyone that does is a massive mong who doesn't know how to give up on something after 20 years of this sort of thing.
  • Deleted user 14 April 2012 22:46:50
    It's selling through the wazoo as far as I know, so no, it's not.
  • DaM 14 Apr 2012 23:08:18 17,063 posts
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    I liked ET on the Atari....I know...
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