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  • andytheadequate 4 Oct 2012 12:25:23 8,980 posts
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    Acid did enjoy murdering old Rover a bit too much...
  • AcidSnake 4 Oct 2012 12:53:39 7,929 posts
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    Poor bastards...I liked having a few wolves at all my projects...
  • Deleted user 5 October 2012 10:32:04
    That's a lovely looking little farm you've got there! I am building a sort-of floating village, so it's taking more time gathering soil blocks but it's getting there. I shall certainly be trying something like your farm, eventually. Did you flatten all that land yourself? I did something similar on the PC version a couple of years ago, got the wrong kind of world this time, lots of water.
  • Deleted user 5 October 2012 21:00:10
    I was thinking of an economy system the other day where you could sell things to friends on live. How would you make money though, beside selling things?
  • andyc1980 5 Oct 2012 21:12:48 1,620 posts
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    If u put fences underneath the block the crops are growing on it can't be trampled anymore.
  • Deleted user 5 October 2012 22:48:59
    Ah, nice tip! Could be a bit tricky where I was going to grow crops, will have to relocate somewhere easier to do that.
  • AcidSnake 10 Oct 2012 13:51:14 7,929 posts
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    I haven't found your portal but I did find a lot of netherrack so I'd assumed you'd built one...

    Our original portal is semi-hidden near where you made the stringfarm...I'd say it's about halfway between your ice-area and the bottom of the map...
  • Red_Bool 10 Oct 2012 14:02:36 1,632 posts
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    Question: I'd like my 2 kids to be able play around in our world (local MP) using their own (offline) profiles. The world is created by me, but when I sign in as one of them, the world doesn't show up (which can be explained of course). Is there another way?

    Right now one of them will be using my character and inadvertently use/loose parts of my inventory :)

    I did some searching but either my search terms are useless or I have a real corner-case here.

    And before someone mentions it: my TV is not big enough for make 4 player split screen playable - at 32" WXGA split screen is already pushing it.
  • AcidSnake 10 Oct 2012 14:31:33 7,929 posts
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    I'm not sure if you can simply copy and paste your saved world (doubt it TBH) and even if you did the two world would then be different depending on who plays it...

    Best bet is to put all your valuable stuff in a chest somewhere and let one of them join with your profile...
  • 4gate 10 Oct 2012 14:56:23 362 posts
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    You could cloud-save your world, then when they play and save the offline copy on the 360, you can check to see if they've trashed anything, and if so overwrite the local version with the cloud copy.
  • Red_Bool 10 Oct 2012 15:00:47 1,632 posts
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    Cheers guys! Unless someone puts in a better solution I'll go with Acids' suggestion and make sure my valuables are safely stowed away somewhere (including a spare map) :)
  • AcidSnake 10 Oct 2012 15:06:03 7,929 posts
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    I have a hidden storage room in the middle of nowhere marked by 4 flowers...Remove the block of dirt and you'll uncover a ladder heading down to a simple room with some chests...

    Of course if anyone ever picks the flowers I'm going to have to start digging at random in that area...
  • S.J.Rogers 10 Oct 2012 15:11:19 3,593 posts
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    He He He... o_O O_o
  • Capn_Franky 14 Oct 2012 19:15:37 61 posts
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    My mine cart system, the top button calls for the cart, the bottom one sends it. We use it to quickly send/receive items to people deep in the mines without having to travel all the way to them.

    I tried linking it with just one button that reacts according to where the minecraft was, but despite the correct rails lighting up, I believe the redstone repeaters sent signals the wrong way, does anyone know if it's possible to create a one button minecaft system for future knowledge?

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  • Deleted user 14 October 2012 20:12:56
    How does it call for a cart? do you send a signal all the way from one end to the other?

    I remember finding a 2 way repeater design when I was coming up with the Brett solution, I lost the link but I did try it out in my practice world:
  • Capn_Franky 14 Oct 2012 21:35:19 61 posts
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    Indeed, the exposed redstone that is touching the powered rail goes directly to a button at the other end via a long path of redstone and circuits, it's simply mirrored.

    I desperately tried to hide the redstone but couldn't get it to work so settled with what I have now.

    Did the two way repeater work properly then, and I'm guessing it would require a lot of space and concentration to commit the design over a long distance?
  • Deleted user 15 October 2012 12:55:01
    Yeah the two way repeater works. It does require a 4x3x2 space and 6 redstone, 4 redstone torches and 2 normal repeaters so it's quite expensive with resources too. The design is fairly simple though, after making it a couple of times I'm sure it wouldn't be much trouble.
  • AcidSnake 15 Oct 2012 13:22:29 7,929 posts
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    I'm quite pleased with my small rail junction near Andy's farm and had indeed thought about simply sending a redstone signal to the other end but ruled against it when I realised I needed hundreds of redstone which I don't have...
  • robthehermit 15 Oct 2012 14:18:17 6,473 posts
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    Any official word on when the update is coming? Me and Mrs Hermit want to start a new world and play it with monsters and peril and stuff (in other words, properly). Seems pointless doing it at the moment if the update is imminent.
  • AcidSnake 15 Oct 2012 15:18:05 7,929 posts
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    Sorry about not starting up the game yesterday ubergine, but I was totally sucked into Vanquish at that time...
  • robthehermit 15 Oct 2012 15:26:58 6,473 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago

    Cheers, hopefully it won't be too much longer. Looking forward to some new discoveries.
  • McGeeza 15 Oct 2012 21:27:50 1,887 posts
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    Update coming tomorrow. Woo and indeed hoo.
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