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  • andytheadequate 25 Jan 2013 11:05:14 8,980 posts
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    Lies. He pretends there is a 20 wolf limit just so he can murder even more helpless pets...

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  • AcidSnake 25 Jan 2013 11:11:27 7,929 posts
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    andytheadequate wrote:
    Lies. He pretends there is a 20 wolf limit just so she can murder even more helpless pets...
  • andytheadequate 25 Jan 2013 11:21:17 8,980 posts
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    With that womanly voice I just assumed :D

    Or I'm just rubbish at using my phone.
  • HandsomeCrab 25 Jan 2013 12:02:17 279 posts
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    Just tried recreating my seed and pretty much the whole centre of the map is water so I think Ubergine's assumption is correct. Going to be a long journey leading cattle from the far corners of the map to the centre!
  • teamHAM 25 Jan 2013 13:35:42 3,777 posts
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    The last time I played was just after they brought in Ravines and Endermen, having been told to wait until this patch because Clay wouldn't generate in an old world etc. Also the last time I played there were almost no wild animals. You could scour the whole seed and find one animal.

    AFAIK the enchanting and XP is now in the game since then and I haven't played yet. With more problems you are pointing out I am not sure whether I should get back into it now or if I am better off just waiting for an unspecified time period for them to sort their shit out.

    Obviously if I start now and the seed has problems and next week they patch it I might aswell just wait.
  • agparrot 25 Jan 2013 13:44:41 11,902 posts
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    ubergine wrote:
    @teamHAM It really depends on how much time you have. I think I explained in that earlier post how volatile the seed generation is at the moment (IF you want a nether fortress that is fully stocked, for potion making) as even using a "guaranteed" seed you still have a chance of having no blazes.
    I've been living in another seed from the excellent MC forum post about Title Update 7 seeds. The chap who posted it on the MC forums has since updated his post to say that his blaze spawners don't appear in Survival mode, but they do for me.

    I tried a bunch of seeds, from the MC forum thread, in Creative mode, followed by trying them in Survival mode and in pretty much every case the blaze spawners appeared in Creative, but then didn't show up in the world when I switched it to Survival, or even when I deleted the world entirely and recreated it as a Survival seed.

    However, in the case of this particular seed - 7227138439463342958 - I decided that I wouldn't even test it out in Creative first, that I'd just fire it up exclusively in Survival, and having done this, my blaze spawners have appeared intact. It's a great seed, albeit containing a little more water than I'd ordinarily choose.

    So I'm wondering if some seeds cannot retain blaze spawners if they are loaded in Creative first and then in Survival. I found this to be the case for a number of seeds from the MC forums, but for seeds I loaded in Survival without going Cretive initially, everything has been intact. Perhaps this doesn't happen for all seeds, or there is some other 'thing' going on that makes the blaze spawners not appear for some people.

    The seed I posted above has a bit of absolutely everything in it from TU7, indluding an enormous complex of abandoned mineshaft/minecart rails. Huge. It's meant that a lot of my late night play time has been spent meandering around in it with haveasafeday.

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  • Deleted user 29 January 2013 01:03:19
    Sounds good good. Been starting over many times recently and so i've still yet to build a portal to the Nether. Might just start again once i've got the patch tomorrow.

    Edit - Hold on. The patch came out on the 28th? Played it this evening, but didn't download an update.

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  • agparrot 31 Jan 2013 10:28:19 11,902 posts
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    They left out detailing the best bit of the TU8 upgrade in those notes...

    Picking up green XP bubbles now makes a dinky little tinkling noise, it's great!

    I had no idea that Blaze Rods were supposed to be usable as a fuel - I have a stack of them, sat there doing nothing, so they'll be put to good use now. Not that I'm short of fuel, as my Fortune III diamond pickaxe means that I mine a nearly obscene amount of coal.

    Spent an hour or so with haveasafeday last night - just hollowing out another section of our underground dwelling. It is so relaxing.

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  • glo 31 Jan 2013 14:08:55 3,579 posts
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    This new patch might finally be the incentive I need to get back into playing minecraft again...

    /awaits inevitable reports of game breaking glitch/bug/feature in TU8
  • kingcrowbar 24 Mar 2013 08:27:56 958 posts
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    How is it these days with updated stuff going into old maps?
    Started a new world with my daughter a couple of weeks ago and she would rather not restart again.

    From that list it looks like we would just be missing out on blacksmith chests, beaches and smooth biome transitions, would that be right?
  • daz_john_smith 26 Mar 2013 07:16:05 1,636 posts
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    I was hoping for upside down stairs in this update :(
  • S.J.Rogers 26 Mar 2013 10:00:35 3,593 posts
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    Upside down stairs, jungles and Cats are needed ASAP.

    Oh, and more Endermen would help too, can never find them and i need pearls.

    Oh, and Slime's, i need MANY more Slime's please...
  • SomaticSense 26 Mar 2013 10:18:39 15,110 posts
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    Still no upside down stairs?
  • S.J.Rogers 26 Mar 2013 11:58:23 3,593 posts
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    That's a good idea. I better get enchanting...
  • Deleted user 4 April 2013 17:25:48
    Just spent an hour trying to find a good map for the patch, but no luck. Damn my fussyness...
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