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  • Deleted user 19 May 2014 14:48:15
    Oh crap, why you need to save worlds to memory stick.
  • SomaticSense 19 May 2014 19:47:26 15,110 posts
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    Seems fine.

    Loaded up an old world as a tester, and it seems everything is ok. Bizarrely none of the DLC is actually corrupted, or at least none of the texture packs or any of the skins I tried out. So I didn't have to suffer the ballache of deleting/redownloading in the end. Strange.
  • barchetta 28 May 2014 06:27:04 1,695 posts
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    My lads will be happy today. Halo mashup is apparently released a little later:
  • acousticwilliam 9 Aug 2014 10:28:57 812 posts
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    Hi all,

    Not to want to repeat myself, but please do come and check out this thread for a special Minecraft project for Save the Children.

    Fronted by that handsome dynamo Dan Maher (Mr.PointyHead) and Chris Doney, we've launched Clinic Craft to help Save the Children build a REAL building, using Minecraft as a way to raise money for Save the Children.
  • barchetta 21 Oct 2014 16:03:18 1,695 posts
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    Anybody able to shed any light on this?....

    My son's friend has Minecraft and they have been playing together online happily for a few months. However, in the last week or so his digital copy of Minecraft has reverted to a 'trial' version and he lost access to his saved worlds etc.

    I'd hazard a guess this relates to Minecraft DRM or licensing somehow. I wonder if removing his profile from the console and then retrieving it from XBL would 'refresh' licensing?

    He has other such XBLA purchased games, such as Terraria, that show no issues whatsoever and he can load his existing games/play on line etc. The issue appears only related to his digital Minecraft.

    I also tried from a disc-based Minecraft - lo and behold that works and he can get to his existing stuff - so everything is there, it just looks like he lost privileges/licensing somewhere along the line.

    I checked his download history but even there it appears to read 'Trial version'.


    Would be grateful if Anyone has seen similar issues and worked a way to fix it.
  • Deleted user 21 October 2014 18:28:04
    This happens to me with particular games if i'm not connected to the internet, even though i've purchased every game under one account. Was the game definitely purchased with his account and not somebody else's?
  • barchetta 21 Oct 2014 18:40:59 1,695 posts
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    Hmm.. it is difficult to say as I wasn't involved... and have been dragged into it cos 'he's into games... he'll know'! :D

    Apparently so - they have also been on to Xbox support but that didn't seem to get very far.

    I tested Minecraft, then Terraria. Both were digital purchases and Terraria ran without issue so connection to Live seemed fine.
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