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  • Khanivor 15 May 2012 00:03:15 43,671 posts
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    Visiting my mum which means let's look for a new PC. She was quite taken with the All in one offerings, which seem like a decent idea considering the desk space at her home.

    Thing is, I know feck all about them. Does anyone have any experience with them, (not Apple) and is there anything I should look for/avoid which is not comparable to a regular desktop?
  • Sandbox 15 May 2012 00:23:56 364 posts
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    Lenovo seem to make some of most popular AIO's. Assuming Ma is not a Fragg Queen, then any modern chip will do, just watch the quality/resolution of the screen and exactly what you get with it. Some have duff cheap wire less keyboards and mice, some even have nasty USB sticks for them (Acer).

    Amazon is ok to check out the reliability/some of the more sensible reviews can be useful.

    If not AIO, then perhaps an ITX based PC sat behind a nice monitor?
  • Khanivor 15 May 2012 00:45:09 43,671 posts
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    Aye, me Ma's twitch days are over, although she can still pwn the best Koreans at SC2...

    Part of the attraction is to pick something up from a shop while I'm down here so I can set it up and sync her laptop, (I should be getting paid by whichever company's support line I'm saving a few days of work for :D)

    Looking at Lenovo, Asus and Dell.

    I'll look into the idea an ultra small desktop but she saw these AIOs and, bless her, fell victim to teh shiney.
  • Dirtbox 15 May 2012 01:07:18 90,175 posts
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  • RyanDS 15 May 2012 07:05:51 11,777 posts
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    I had a look at them a few months back. To be honest they all really underwhelmed me. In the end I got a iMac and dual booted. (Work paid, so money wasn't really an issue.) The iMacs are WAY WAY WAY overpriced, and I know you said you don't want to look at apple, but I think they are the only semi decent all in ones around.

    Otherwise I'd say push her towards an ultra small desktop or something.

    Sorry an't be more help.
  • FutileResistor 15 May 2012 21:19:51 1,243 posts
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    Doing a quick search, the cheapest all-in-one I've seen is this MSI. It's 345 for a terrible spec. 18.5inch screen, intel atom CPU, 2GB of ram. It does include Windows home premiuim I suppose.

    All-in-ones have all the disadvantages of laptops, difficult to repair, difficult to upgrade, uncertain screen quality, overpriced for spec and none of the advantages err ... advantage (mobility).

    You can get this mini-itx case and build a 4GB sandy bridge celeron system for under 200.

    If you want pre-built, just get a mini-tower and stick it under the desk. Something like this would be fine.

    Pair it with probably the best screen you can get for under 200. Bargain for 111.

    Get a decent mouse and keyboard and you'll have a far better system for about the same price.

    Windows 7 Professional 64 for 43.50.

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