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  • muey 3 Aug 2012 07:00:10 24 posts
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    Cheers owopeie!

    Also, todays tweetathon day, any support is much appreciated

    Thanks guys and gals
  • varsas 3 Aug 2012 16:59:48 2,495 posts
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    I just came across this while looking at Shenmue videos, GDC 2000 presentation introduced by Peter Molyneux:

  • muey 3 Sep 2012 19:51:23 24 posts
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    ^ Great vid that!

    Anyway guys, once again I would like to say that all of your contributions over the last months (especially last month's, which had a huge turnout!) have been invaluable. This month's tweetathon is currently underway, so if you can find time to squeeze in a tweet telling SEGA to #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense that would be ace.

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  • muey 24 Sep 2012 00:32:46 24 posts
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    Hi again. Just a quick update on the campaign as the next tweetathon isn't very far off.

    After the recent announcement that Nintendo has saved Bayonetta 2 from the certain non-existence it would have faced under Sega, we at Team Yu haven't been able to get one ponderance out of our heads: "If Ninty can do it for Bayonetta, then maybe just maybe they can do it for the worlds most requested video game sequel- Shenmue 3?"

    So we've decided to expand our tweetathon as of this month. The #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag will still remain binding agent at the core of the campaign. but we're now suggesting that tweeters incorporate a message to @Nintendo into their tweet too, e.g: "@Nintendo please do what @Sega won't and save Shenmue 3 #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense"

    Alas, if that all sounds a bit too much effort, a simple "#GiveYuTheShenmueLicense" will always suffice and be appreciated. But we think this two pronged tweetathon is worth a go.

    The last two tweetathons have received overwhelming supports, so please help us keep the fight for Shenmue 3 going strong. Eurogamer forumites, please help spread the word!

    Ah and lastly, feel free to check out our website which is currently a work in progress:

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  • neilka 24 Sep 2012 00:56:52 21,208 posts
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    Done, the tag was #FreeNelsonMandela right?
  • Sid-Nice 24 Sep 2012 01:06:44 15,848 posts
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    If it wasn't for Shenmue I'd have never got a job as a forklift truck driver.
  • muey 28 Nov 2012 23:45:21 24 posts
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    Hello again you lovlies. I just wanted to take advantage of the nostalgia generated from the recent Shenmue Retrospective, and bring this vote to include Ryo in Sega All stars transformed via DLC to your attention. The idea came from Steve Lycett from Sumo who has said that while he will make no promises about included any characters, he will present the list of the top 3 most voted characters to Sega and give them a good fighting chance. You can vote for Ryo here:

    He's currently in second behind Miku Hatsune (who stands slim to no chance of making it into the final game, due to the fact she's a 3rd party character), but we at Team Yu would like Ryo to come in at first place, so to give Sega a clear message: We want Shenmue 3, and there's a lot of us!

    Thanks for the continued support EG!

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  • muey 3 Jan 2013 20:43:31 24 posts
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    Hi all. The twetathon is today! It's going well so far, any additional tweeters tweeting the #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag now would be the much appreciated icing on the cake. Let's go all out!
  • RichieTenenbaum 3 Jan 2013 20:51:07 2,736 posts
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    Post deleted
  • muey 3 Feb 2013 14:30:10 24 posts
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    Hi again, sorry for my on cue monthly bump, but we really appreciate the support the EG forum has given the campaign. We've had some recent breakthroughs in the Shenmue online community, and are now recieving support from more fan groups and websites than ever before. It is genuinely heartening to see this diverse community of fans start to actively unite again after so many years.

    As I'm sure your all aware, it is the 3rd of the month today, and if you would still like to see Shenmue 3 one day and have twitter, you can help by just sending a tweet with the hashtage #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense in it.

  • muey 12 May 2013 01:22:09 24 posts
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    Hi again. I thought I'd give you good Eurogamers a long overdue update (for those that aren't already following the movement). The tweetathon has really gained traction in the last few months, producing record turn outs proving that our persistence is paying off, and that this movement is resonating with Shenmue fans across the globe, and maybe just gamers in general. During this month's tweetathon, we were even honoured enough to have French electronic musician Kavinsky participate :).

    We are also now utilising thunderclap to ensure that participation is even easier for those forgetful types who may want to participate but let it slip their mind on the day

    And here's a write up on this month's gone tweetathon:

    And as even, please help us spread the word of the campaign, because if we keep reaching a larger and larger public through our efforts, Sega will have to acknowledge us and budge one way or another.

    As always, thanks for the support.
  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 08:09:17
    No one gives a shit. Quit spamming the place with this nonsense, give up on Shenmue and go live a full and productive life.
  • Mola_Ram 12 May 2013 08:23:50 17,586 posts
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    Ryo never got to live a full and productive life, because of Lan Di. And his story will never finish, unless we keep up our eternal vigil.

    Go, mighty petitioners.
  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 10:24:46
    Why don't you instead focus on raising enough money to buy the license then give it to this Yu person yourself. Asking companies to give away IP is pretty fanciful.

    You could ask Sega how much, then have a kickstarter to raise the cash. That would prove once and for all whether people actually care.
  • muey 12 May 2013 14:46:52 24 posts
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    Well, putting aside the issues over whether an officially Sega endorsed kicktstarter for the Shenmue license is even a realistic prospect ( I personally don't think Sega would ever endorse that), that would also to be missing the dual purpose of this campaign. Yes we say we want Sega to give Yu the license, and we genuinely would rather have Yu be in full control over the franchise's fate, if the only other option is Sega letting it wither and die on their watch. But the most optimistic hope for this campaign, is to galvanise Sega into taking productive steps towards Shenmue 3 themselves. The hashtag doesn't have to be taken quite so literally.
  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 17:08:44
    Post deleted
  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 17:15:59
    I'm talking about a kickstarter to just raise the money to get the license from them, nothing else.

    Yeah I'll admit I wasn't paying close attention to the exact demands of the campaign. So you're not so much asking for the IP to be given away, more for Sega to spend X million on developing a new game themselves?

    I expect they've crunched the numbers and realised that cult popularity doesn't equal sales and thus doesn't recoup costs.
  • muey 14 May 2013 21:42:52 24 posts
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    Or they could do what seems to be the perfectly sane thing and release the much rumoured and desired Shenmue HD. I'm pretty sure that would recoup the costs it would take to produce. And if that sells well and hits a certain quota, a reasonably budgeted Shenmue 3 would be a another perfectly sane thing to produce. The possibility of Shenmue 3 becoming a reality certainly isn't as quixotic as many like to make out.

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  • Deleted user 14 May 2013 22:22:49
    Repeating the phrase "perfectly sane" only projects the opposite image :)

    It *might* recoup costs, might not. Neither of us have any real idea and assuming that Sega are just choosing not to give you want you want when seems so obvious to you seems a tad naive. I'm not trying to be insulting here, I just couldn't really think of a better way to phrase it.

    If a HD remake or sequel would be an obvious hit then are Sega:
    1. Malicious, they hate the fans and choose to ignore profits just to spite you?
    2. Already doing it making your campaign slightly pointless?
    3. Aware of something you're not, for instance that it would actually be a huge flop?
  • muey 15 May 2013 18:27:27 24 posts
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    Don't worry I'm not insulted haha. I have to admit, I find it somewhat hard to rationalize just why Sega has thus far refused to give a much needed re-release to perhaps one of it's most fabled games. I don't think Sega are malicious, nor do I think the game would be a flop. The only rational reason I can come up with, is that Sega are worried releasing it would look like a tacit commitment to finishing the saga, and that if the don't finish it, they will just come under fire from a potential new generation of unsatisfied Shenmue fans. And I think that's a perfectly valid worry on their behalf to be honest. Which is why I think the tweetathon might be necessary in attempting to make Sega's seemingly preferred path of simply trying to forget about Shenmue, not an easy one.

    Of course theres also the other possibility: that Sega are completely incompetent. And looking at some of the truly baffling choices they've made in regards to some of their game's releases in recent years, I think this possibility is worth real consideration.

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  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 09:54:00
    Has everybody given up on this now? Last post was May.

    I belive the tweets should be aimed at Nintendo rather than Sega. If enough people get Nintendo on board who's to say ninty wouldnt approach Sega about funding Shenmue 3 and securing a much needed Wii U exclusive.
  • nickthegun 1 Aug 2013 09:57:26 73,350 posts
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    its-LegendOfGamer wrote:
    who's to say ninty wouldnt approach Sega about funding Shenmue 3 and securing a much needed Wii U exclusive.
    Common sense and logic.
  • Deleted user 1 August 2013 10:23:47
    Bayonetta 2 says hi.
  • Zomoniac 1 Aug 2013 10:29:25 9,650 posts
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    So they made a game so expensive that even if everyone who owned the failed platform it was exclusive to had bought two copies it still wouldn't have broken even, and your solution is for them to exactly the same thing again?
  • Ashleyfiddes 1 Aug 2013 10:32:50 980 posts
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    @Zomoniac or at least make a movie showing the ending!!!!
  • elstoof 1 Aug 2013 10:38:23 19,822 posts
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    Roy finds Lan Di and avenges his fathers death before returning to the family dojo and continuing his legacy.

    The end.
  • nickthegun 1 Aug 2013 10:40:17 73,350 posts
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    its-LegendOfGamer wrote:
    Bayonetta 2 says hi.
    Bayonetta didnt virtually bankrupt sega.
  • elstoof 1 Aug 2013 10:41:41 19,822 posts
    Seen 8 hours ago
    Registered 13 years ago
    its-LegendOfGamer wrote:...funding Shenmue 3 and securing a much needed Wii U exclusive.
    It would take so long to make that I'd wager the Wii U would be long dead if they were waiting for this exclusive to help them turn the corner.
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